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L.L.H: Chapter 168: Information About The Akatsuki

Masahiko took Nagato, and Jiraiya took Minato, then the four of them said farewell to Nanako and Kushina away. In the end, Kushina and Minato had to be separated for a while. After all, this Kushina had parents and a family in the Land of Whirlpool.

Minato needed to follow Jiraiya and train harder, Kushina has been dragging him behind for a while now.

“Old Devil, what are you doing here? Are you still thinking of taking my disciple?” Old Devil was still Jiraiya’s nickname for Masahiko even after all of these years.

Masahiko glanced at him, “Konan is still working on her medical Ninjutsu with Tsunade.”

In fact, Masahiko is more worried about Nawaki. Although he isn’t weak, his strength was on the same level as Asuma in the original. Which means any Path of the Pain can kill him.

Nawaki is now fighting Fugaku every three to five days. But the most important person, Uchiha Mikoto, has never opposed his actions, which left the two with the feelings that the final winner will definitely “win the beauty’s booty.”

However, this conflict has become now more like between the two clans, rather than just the two young men.

One of these two is the heir of the Senju, and the other is the nephew of the Uchiha Patriarch, and their status is basically the same. The outcome of their battle has become now more important to the two families. In other words, to the clans, to whom Uchiha Mikoto will marry was no longer important.

“My oh my…” Masahiko sighed, ignoring Jiraiya, then returned to the Senju Clan with Nagato.

“Wait…” On the street, Masahiko suddenly frowned, pulling Nagato while looking the other way.

Something was wrong with the person who had just passed by him.
“You must be Kakuzu, no one will cover his head on such a hot day.” Masahiko smiled.

The person stopped, then turned around, revealing his familiar face.

“Elder Masahiko, long time no see, I didn’t expect you to be in Konoha.”

Masahiko smiled, then looked at Nagato, “You go back first. Sensei has just met an old friend, and this might take a while.”

After leaving, Kakuzo followed Masahiko to a teahouse in Konoha.

When the two sat down, Masahiko said with a smile, “I heard that you’ve joined the Akatsuki, how did you dare to appear in Konoha?”

“I’ve left it.”

Masahiko was startled, “When have you left? Didn’t the leader of the Akatsuki try to stop you?”

Kakuzo didn’t answer that but said.

“I came to Konoha looking for the Hokage, but since you’re here, there no need for that anymore.”

Masahiko squinted, “So, you’re trying to sell some information about the Akatsuki?”

Masahiko was also interested to know more about the Akatsuki. He actually brought Kakuzo here to ask him about it.

“That’s right. Information about an Akatsuki member is 10 million Ryo per person, 20 million for the leader, and 20 million for their purpose. So what do you need?” Kakuzo said slowly.

Masahiko smiled, Kakuzo was still the same old greedy bastard he knew before.

“Well, I’m not in a hurry, some I’m more curious to know the reason you left them for. Didn’t they pay you enough money?”

Kakuzo paused for a moment, then shook his head, “After I joined the Akatsuki, I’ve earned more money than before, but this organization is a bit shady, none of its members seems normal, and its purpose isn’t clear.

“None of its members seems normal?” Masahiko carefully observed Kakuzo in front of him, then shook his head sighing; he himself wasn’t a normal person either…

“Then start by telling me what seemed to you abnormal, rest assured, I will pay.”

Kakuzo hesitated, but he didn’t have doubts about Masahiko’s morals.

“Every member of the organization communicates with a code name. I don’t know their true names, nor have I seen them. My code name was Beidou.”
(T/N: Beidou is a god in charge of lives.)

Masahiko was startled, but he wasn’t surprised, “What about the rings? Did you give yours back?”

“What rings?”

Masahiko didn’t know if he should cry or laugh, this version of the Akatsuki is so fake, that they didn’t even make rings.

Without understanding the angle, Kakuzo continued.

“The guy code-named Santai is a middle-aged man, a crazy weird man.”

“Santai?” Masahiko frowned. Hidan isn’t necessarily born at this time; thus, he had no idea who this crazy person should be.
(Santai: Is a character in Taoism. It’s a God in charge of wealth and power.)

“Besides, he never shuts up about how he wants to kill everyone who doesn’t believe in his god Jashin.”

Masahiko recovered, “So it’s Hidan after all? I’ve never heard of someone else who believes in Jashin…”

“It seems that you’re very satisfied with this information.” Noticing Masahiko’s expression, Kakuzo stretched out his right hand.

“What do you want? Did you learn a special handshake in the Akatsuki or something?”

“This information just now worths ten million.” Kakuzo didn’t like jokes when it comes to money.

Masahiko waved his hand, “You didn’t give me any useful information about this member, it only worths one million.”

Kakuzo immediately got up, turned, and left, but Masahiko quickly stopped him.

In fact, he could force him to talk, but after so many years since he tried to assassinate Hashirama, Kakuzo redeemed himself by helping Konoha on a lot of occasions. Now he’s even giving Masahiko information about the Akatsuki. Masahiko isn’t really embarrassed to do it, but the time and the location are just not right.

“Give me one more, and I’ll pay you.”

Kakuzo gave Masahiko an in-depth look, then sat back.

“The codename is Zero…”

“Wait…” Masahiko interrupted him.

“Talk to me about the other members. Leave the leader as the last one.”

Kakuzo replied, “Zero isn’t the leader. Although I haven’t seen him, I’ve heard his voice. It seems that he’s just a ten-year-old kid following the leader.”

“The leader’s code name isn’t Zero? A kid… the one who matches the age should be Sasori, but I haven’t heard any news of him leaving Sunagakure. Then is it Kisame? He looked old, but he shouldn’t be ten years old now.” After knowing that it was a child, Masahiko’s first suspects were these two.

Kakuzo stretched his right hand out again, Masahiko paused, then took out 20 million Ryo and handed it to him.

“Tell me now about the leader of the Akatsuki.”

The moment he took the money, Kakuzo started speaking much faster.

“The leader doesn’t have a code name, he hides his figure when he shows up, and never told us about his real name. But he always issues some strange and troublesome orders. In fact, that’s why I’ve left the organization.

“Strange orders, is related to correcting the plot?” Masahiko thought.

“For example, before, the leader ordered me to instigate Kirigakure to attack Iwagakure and prevent Amegakure from attacking Kumogakure.” Kakuzo continued.

“So, this is why these two ended up attacking each other?” Masahiko suddenly realized what was happening.

“The other members were also issued with similar unprofitable tasks, although the leader funds us generously…”

Masahiko nodded.

“It seems that it will be easier to deal with than what I thought.” Masahiko pondered for a moment, then took out some extra money.

“So, where’s the Akatsuki’s next?”

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