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L.L.H: Chapter 169: Third-rated Drama Movie

Masahiko frowned as he saw Kakuzo leaving.

Kakuzo didn’t know where the Akatsuki’s nest was, or maybe they didn’t even have one yet.

Kakuzo has only worked with three members during his time at the organization, a madman, a child, and the leader. And he didn’t know much about their abilities.

The location where he met them was in Takigakure, which is Kakuzo’s country, where they took the initiative to find him. As for the other members, he didn’t even know whether there were others.

“Sure enough, the Akatsuki doesn’t want Nawaki and Mikoto to end up together…” Masahiko sighed. In fact, this was the mission Kakuzo was talking about. He wasn’t willing to middling in the romance life of three teenagers, even for money…

“Or maybe he didn’t dare.” Masahiko smiled; Kakuzo feared death after all.

“Besides, Konoha’s Police Force should be strengthened.” Kakuzo went in and out, but no one noticed it. “Or maybe because he was with me, so no one cared?”

Masahiko felt that it’s probably the second.

The unknown is truly the greatest fear. After learning more about the Akatsuki, Masahiko felt much relaxed.

Since the leader of the Akatsuki is temporarily working on revising the plot, Masahiko only needs to keep an eye on those changes. For example, he only needs to worry about Nawaki’s safety, since it’s unlikely for them to go after Mikoto.

Time went by, and Masahiko ended up staying for another half month in Konoha, and everything progressed normally.

Nawaki and Fugaku fought back and forth, and the two actually improved more rapidly due to this competition. Masahiko was worried that these two would also start showing “feelings.”

The Senju and the Uchiha were also waiting for the final outcome, and no further conflicts occurred under Hiruzen’s control.

Everything was so harmonious until Nawaki won for the first time.

In fact, it isn’t hard to figure out how this happened. Due to the Senju blood, his Chakra was special, and it was only a matter of time before Nawaki grew stronger physically. However, Fugaku had already awakened his three tomoe Sharingan, and unless he awakens them again and obtains the Mongekyou Sharingan, there was no way for him to make such significant progress.

Therefore, Nawaki managed to catch up to him quickly.

After he defeated Fugaku, Nawaki immediately went to the Uchiha excitedly, but he was stopped from entering.

Since the two kept fighting for a long time, by the time Nawaki won, everyone knew the reason they were fighting for.

Everyone thought that the Uchiha have also acquiesced that as long as Nawaki beat Fugaku, he can have Mikoto, but it seems that they never expected that day to come.

As the patriarch, Uchiha Kagami didn’t appear, but the three elders of the Uchiha Clan flashed in at the same time.

This has also detonated the Senju’s emotions. Unlike the original, the Senju didn’t wither during the Second Shinobi World War. And both clans were still known as Konoha’s strongest.

The scene appealed more people, and the crowd went bigger, even Tsunade ended up there by Nawaki’s side, as his older sister. And the situation seemed to be getting bad there in front of the Uchiha’s main gate.

There were a lot of onlookers. The Uchiha wanted to wrap things fast, but they were stopped by the sudden arrival of the Senju. And they were clearly trying to shame them in front of everyone.

Masahiko was one of these onlookers. He used his Transformation technique to get close and observe the situation.

Before coming here, he entrusted both Nagato and Konan to Mito to take care of them. He was actually prepared for the worst, and if things went wrong, he was ready to fight the Six Paths of Pain!

“Wow, even Hiruzen and Danzo came.” The two rushed to the scene to calm the situation down between the two clans.

“Kagami, come out!” Danzo yelled immediately.

Kagami walked out with a wry smile. Although the Uchiha is usually under his management, he really can’t do anything with this kind of “excitement.”

Masahiko watched this calmly, no matter what the final result, he was mentally prepared.

It’s either to comfort Nawaki or to desperately try to deal with it.

Hiruzen has been trying hard to persuade, but the matter wasn’t resolved, his effect on them was weak. However, Danzo was tougher and forced Kagami to bring Uchiha Mikoto and let her choose.

Things after that got weirder and weirder and developed into a scene from a third-rate drama movie that caused a dumbfounded expression on Masahiko’s face.

After Mikoto came out, her parents warned her that if she chose Nawaki, they would cut her off from the family.

Mikoto then squeezed Fugaku’s name out of her mouth with the exchange of the Uchiha Clan’s loud cheers.

However, the Senju was obviously not satisfied with this result, feeling that Mikoto’s choice was affected by external forces.

The conflict intensified, and things seemed about to get bloody. However, in order not to embarrass Mikoto anymore, Nawaki gave up and turned away.

“Life doesn’t always go as you wish, I’m sorry boy.” Masahiko sighed, watching Tsunade catching up to him.

Feeling that this matter was over, Masahiko was both sad for Nawaki and slightly relieved. Unexpectedly, a second later, more drama took place, watching Nawaki running away, and under everyone’s surprised gazes Mikoto gritted her teeth then threw off her parents, and run toward him, while Fugaku tried to catch up to her.

Masahiko’s twitched his mouth, he really didn’t know what to say and felt slightly vigilant.

“Am I under Genjutsu? I feel like things got really weird.” Masahiko murmured, watching a few Anbu sending him off along the other civilians.

The conflict between the Senju and the Uchiha was getting worse, and Hiruzen could no longer suppress it.

“I don’t think I should step forward…” Masahiko followed the crowd as the Anbu was asking them to leave.

“There’s nothing unusual. The Six Paths of Pain didn’t show up, nor any of the Akatsuki members. But why? Is it because the final result isn’t certain yet?”

“Mister, what is happening?” A young man’s voice came beside Masahiko.

“I don’t know, join in the fun.” Masahiko turned his head with a smile and was slightly startled. Opposite him was a young man of 18 or 19 years old with a smile on his face. He seemed a little familiar.

Looking behind him, he was carrying a basket filled with all kinds of ingredients.

The young man noticed his gazes and responded with a smile: “These are fresh vegetables that I just collected outside of the village, and I’m going to sell it to the shops around here.”

Masahiko nodded and replied, “It’s always nice to see a young man like you supporting his family.” Masahiko then turned around to catch up to the others and see the final outcome.

The young man continued, “It’s a little hard. My wife has just gotten pregnant. I’m thinking about saving some money to open a shop. However, I haven’t decided what to sell…”

Masahiko stopped, and the young man continued, “Mister, do you know what the villagers like the most? How about Ramen?”

Masahiko was startled, then turned his head slowly, while squinting his eyes.

“Ramen is good, I like Ramen…”

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