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L.L.H: Chapter 175: Figures for Everyone

Masahiko was robbed of fun by his Shadow Clone. After that incident, he thought he would be bored to death, but suddenly, his shop went viral.

He doesn’t know if someone advertised him, or the word about his skillful sculpturing was spread, but many people started to come, ignoring the price.

A few days later, Masahiko actually earned more than 30 million Ryo, almost the bounty of Asuma’s… the price of 20,000 bowls of ramen.

“Sure enough, the new generation is replacing the old one. People bought Sarutobi’s figure more than Hashirama. Good things I didn’t carve myself, none would’ve bought it…”

“Boss Hagoromo, I’m here again!” Just when Masahiko thought, a familiar voice emitted, it was Jiraiya.

Masahiko sighed helplessly, “Give up, I won’t sell it to you.”

Jiraiya’s purpose was very cleary, he wants Tsunade’s… figure.

“You old stubborn,” Jiraiya murmured, then he pulled out the kids behind him, “I’m actually here with my disciples this time.”

Masahiko was a bit taken aback. Minato has been training hard and doing many C-Class tasks lately, so he didn’t see him for a long time.

With a sunny smile, Minato took out a photo and handed it to Masahiko.

Masahiko took a pause and looked at it. There was a group of children in the photo, Masahiko only knows Minato and Kushina, it should be their graduation photo.

“Old stubborn, did you see that red-haired girl, is it okay to help my disciple by carving one for her? You won’t do it even for the sake of a little girl?”

Masahiko hesitated then looked at Minato’s innocent expression. At that time, for Minato’s sake, Masahiko ended up separating the couple, now every time he sees his sad reaction, he feels guilty.

“Alright, I’ll carve one for you!”

“Thank you, grandpa!” Minato was much more polite than Jiraiya.

Masahiko pretended to observe the photo for a long time, and then he began to carve little by little. It took him about half an hour to finally finish it.

“Here you go, One Million Ryo!”

Of course, Minato wouldn’t have that much money, and Jiraiya had to pay it for him with a sad face.

“Old stubborn, carving a child should save you much wood, don’t you think it should be cheaper.” Jiraiya tentatively said.

Masahiko rolled his eyes, ignored it all, and took the money from his hand directly.

Watching the two of them walking away, Jiraiya’s voice still faintly rang out, “You’ve emptied you Sensei’s savings this time, but it’s okay. All that I want from you now is to practice harder, wait until you have enough strength, and then go claim your wife, if that Old Devil dares to stop you, I’ll beat him…”

Masahiko heard this and felt like rushing over and knocking him out.

Fortunately, the new customer that stunned Masahiko saved Jiraiya’s life.

“Boss, is it okay to watch?”

Masahiko nodded, then responded formulaically, “Look at it freely, but don’t touch.”


Masahiko looked at him feeling confused.

“So, he didn’t die…”

The costumer’s name was Tsunade’s lover, who was… the lover of Tsunade in the original. He later died in the Second Shinobi World War, which is also one of the direct causes of Tsunade’s phobia. Because of the changes in the course of the war, Masahiko had never seen him before, thinking that he had died on the battlefield in an unknown way, but it seems he was alive.

After hesitating, Masahiko said with a smile.

“You have Konoah’s symbol on your forehead protector, but I’ve been in Konoha for so long and have never seen you.”

Kato was stunned for a moment and responded mildly, “I have been out on a mission for a long time, but I didn’t see you before too.”

Masahiko nodded, and didn’t speak anymore, he already guessed what mission he was in charge of.

“Long-term mission, The Eighteen Guarding Ninjas? Because of me, that squad has six more people than the original, so he was appointed to join them?”

“Boss, I heard that every item in here is for one million, but do you take orders?”

Masahiko nodded, and Kato also took a photo out.

“Damn it, is Naruto World’s photographic technology is this advanced? Everyone has a photo…” Masahiko took it. The photo’s person was a bit familiar and looked very similar to Kato in front of him.

“This is my father.” Seeing Masahiko comparing the photo with him back and forth, Kato took the initiative to explain.

“Kato’s father…” Masahiko had a thoughtful expression.

“He was sacrificed in the previous war. I hope you can help me make a large wood sculpture for him. It would be even better if it could be as tall as me.” Kato said sadly.

“Oh!” Masahiko was silent for a moment, then he seemed like he remembered something.

He actually met Kato’s father before. It was when they first came up with the Shinobi Classification, his father wanted to be a Jonin, but Masahiko rated him as a Special Jonin.

“I remember that I even kicked his butt out of my soul space.”

“Boss, can you do it?” Kato asked, “As for the price…”

Masahiko waved his hand, smiled, and said, “It doesn’t matter, even if it’s a big the statue, it will still be one million Ryo, but you’ll have to wait for two days.”

The joy crossed Kato’s face, “Thank you so much, Boss!”

Watching Kato walk away, Masahiko mourned for Jiraiya in his heart. Since Kato didn’t get killed, Masahiko felt that the chances for Tsunade to fell for Jiraiya have become really low. After all, Jiraiya didn’t have the advantage in terms of character or appearance.

“It’s not necessarily. The plot took a different direction. God knows if Kato will even like Tsunade!”

Masahiko murmured and started to work.


The previous event was a microcosm for Masahiko’s life after opening the Amazon Store. For so many years, Masahiko has been revolving around the Senju and the Uzumaki. Unknowingly, many plot characters have been born, but Masahiko never interacted with them.

For a year and a half, Masahiko’s observation of Ichiraku Ramen made no progress, but as a figurine shop owner, he met all kinds of people.

For example, the 15th generation of the Ino–Shika–Cho asked him to carve all three of them into one piece of wood. But because he felt like they were trying to fool him, Masahiko charged them an additional 500,000 Ryo.
(T/N: the 15th generation: are the fathers of Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino. Ino-Shika-Cho: literally means Pig, Dear, and Butterfly.)

There are also the twelve Genin’s fathers, such as Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba, etc.… Although not all of them have visited Masahiko’s shop, he will still found them in Ichiraku Ramen… Most of them liked Teuchi more than him.

Although Masahiko’s main purpose wasn’t to open a popular shop, he felt like he was thrown away by Ichiraku Ramen, which made him sad.

“When I’m free in the future, I must find something that everyone can’t refuse even if it’s expensive.”

But now there wasn’t much time for this. A year and a half passed in a flash, Nawaki and Mikoto have already begun preparing for their wedding. The marriage of Senju and Uchiha is a big event for Konoha.

“This year and a half have been quite calm, Hiruzen and Danzo didn’t try doing anything funny, and the Akatsuki lost a member but didn’t respond.”

“I must keep the identity of the shop owner for now. And the Shadow Clone will stay where it is as double insurance…”