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L.L.H: Chapter 174: Shadow Clone

After being thrown in jail because of Masahiko, Teuchi was released in less than two hours, unscathed. Masahiko wasn’t surprised. He observed him for a month, and he couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Konoha’s Anbu wouldn’t humiliate their own civilians, not to mention the Anbu led by Sakumo.

Feeling guilty, Masahiko went to comfort him.

“It is a bit too much for an ordinary person, huh…” Masahiko murmured with a sad expression after he noticed how Teuchi’s hands kept shaking.

Masahiko found out that carving sculptures was also a way to put his thoughts on. So he kept carving various demeanors for Hashirama and Madara, which made him feel vivid again.

“Huh?” Masahiko raised his head, then smiled, saying, “Welcome!”

Since Masahiko hanged out the “One Million For Each Figure” sign on the door, his reputation spread far and wide, and no one visited him since. However, Masahiko wasn’t short for money and felt happy this way.

Yet all of a sudden, Hatake Sakumo decided to visit.

Sakumo nodded in response to Masahiko’s greeting, walked into the store, and looked around.

After a long time, Sakumo suddenly turned his head and said, “Elder Masahiko?”

Masahiko’s face became stiff, then he quickly acted as if he was confused, “Who?” Masahiko wanted to continue to conceal his identity, not knowing that Tsunade and Orochimaru have already guessed that it was him.

Sakumo put his hand on his chin then said, “It was you who put the poison inside the ramen bowl, and before that, you’ve set off that strong wind, so none of us can see you, right?”

Masahiko looked at how Sakumo seemed affirmative, and cursed inwardly: What are you exactly, Detective Conan?

“Shinobi-Dono, you’re joking, right?” Masahiko was struggling to death.

Sakumo glanced at Masahiko again, smiled, and said, “Except you and Mito-Sama, who else out there so familiar with the First Hokage to be able to sculpt him this detailed?”

Masahiko frowned, he seemed like he was about to say something, but he suddenly hesitated and sighed, “Well, it was getting boring anyway.”

Sakumo smiled bitterly, “Well, I had to investigate this matter, I hope you understand.”

Masahiko glared, “And what were your investigation results?”

Sakumo paused, “It might not satisfy you.”

“That’s okay.” Masahiko murmured, then pointed to a chair in the store, “Sit down and tell me what you know so far.”

Sakumo sat down and explained, “That person is an S-Class Rogue Ninja called Juzo from Kirigakure, one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen.”

Masahiko waved his hand and interrupted him.

“I know all of that, tell me about his purpose.”

Sakumo paused again, then said, “He seems to be a member of the Akatsuki. He has been tasked to ruin the marriage between the Senju and the Uchiha.”

Masahiko frowned, and sighed inwardly, “So it was the Akatsuki.” Juzo was so easily captured that he thought maybe it was another party.

“So the Akatsuki now is full of a bunch of idiots? I feel really sorry for the Akatsuki’s name, no wonder Kakuzu left them.”

Masahiko’s expression suddenly became solemn. Sakumo reacted quickly and also looked serious and kind of eager, thinking that Masahiko had discovered something important.

“There is one more important thing now,” Masahiko said word by word, “How about changing your son’s name again?”


Half a month passed, and Ichiraku Ramen finally got some improvement. Lately, because of rumors that someone has “ate to death” here, the business was in a downturn for a while, but because of the good quality and low price, it gradually returned to life.

Masahiko’s shop didn’t improve. During this period, apart from selling to the Sannin, only Sakumo bought a figure of his own to help Masahiko take care of his business.

Masahiko needed a “smart strategy” for the shop. So he decided first to identify the right people within the predetermined target market.

“At this price, only people who can do S-Class tasks in Konoha can afford it. They must be acquaintances.” Masahiko murmured, “It’s a bit boring, though.”

Although he was ready to stay quiet until Konoha’s thirty-eighth year, his inactive life was a bit unbearable, especially when there was no “interesting” event going on.

Just when he could no longer bear to be lonely, a new fun thing arrived.

“Another familiar Chakra fluctuation again, Sakumo is by his side, so it shouldn’t be from the Akatsuki, he should be a messenger.”

Masahiko’s shop is located right in the center of the village, so any visitor will have to pass by his door to get to the Hokage building.

“I remember that he was called Mangetsu Hozuki, but there are a few ninjas with him that I don’t know.” Masahiko frowned, recalling carefully.

“They should be here in Konoha to retrieve their Rogue Ninja, and the Kubikiribocho.” Masahiko’s heart moved the moment he had this new idea.

“If they redeem the Kubikiribocho, I will be able to bring it back later.” He was hesitant to “take” it directly from Konoha before, but if he was going to “take” it from Kirigakure, he wouldn’t have any psychological pressure.

Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry, when Mangetsu and his party return, they must pass by his shop again, and it will depend on the situation when that happens.

Sure enough, after more than an hour, Sakumo accompanied Kirigakure’s party to the gate. Mangetsu had a big sword on his shoulder. The others escorted Juzo, not knowing how much they ended up paying to just get him back.

Masahiko closed the shop’s door, put the “Closed” sign on it, then entered Black’s mode.

Sakumo escorted them to the gate, then turned around and returned, while Masahiko followed them quietly. He wasn’t in a hurry. If he does it so close to the village, they might be mistaken for him.

“This distance should be enough. If I wait any longer, they will accuse the Uzumaki afterward.” Masahiko murmured and prepared to start the action.

Suddenly a violent gust of wind hit, Masahiko’s face went dark as the scene became inexplicably familiar, but he didn’t do anything yet.

“Or maybe it’s me.” Masahiko murmured, then perceived the surrounding area, to find that it was his shadow clone. It seems that his clone came from the Uzumaki Village to take the sword.

“Sure enough, my clone had the same idea as me. What a waste of time.”

Masahiko watched his clone stun the Kirigakure’s party, then snatched the sword away and escaped.

“I’ll just go back.” It’s really frustrating to find something fun, then it gets stolen by his own shadow clone.

Back in Konoha, Sakumo was already waiting in front of Masahiko’s shop.

“Elder Masahiko, are you not going to take the sword?” Sakumo sighed and said. He became really familiar with Masahiko’s character.

Masahiko shook his head in denial, “How is it possible, I just went out for a walk.

Sakumo obviously didn’t believe him, but Masahiko continued to say anyway: “If it was me who robbed it, I would definitely admit it, but really not me.”

At the same time, he muttered inwardly, “My shadow clone took it, it really has nothing to do with me.”