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L.L.H: Chapter 173: Instantly Exposed

“Hey, Tsunade, Orochimaru, there is no need to buy so much, right? Our mission funds for the past half month have been used up all at once.” Jiraiya sighed again and again.

In Masahiko’s shop, Tsunade bought, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Hiruzen, and now she has asked for a customized figure of her, which makes it a total of four. On the other hand, Orochimaru, in addition to buying a figure of him, bought Uchiha Madara.

There are six in total. Using the coupon code that Masahiko has provided them, they one figure out of the six for free, and Masahiko earned five million Ryo. They worked hard for the previous half a month, and all the funds for an S-Class mission were used up.

“Tsunade, something is wrong with that shop’s owner,” Orochimaru said hoarsely.

Tsunade nodded solemnly.

Jiraiya also looked left and right, with a dumb expression, then he became serious.

“Yes, something is wrong.” Although he didn’t know where the problem was.

Tsunade shook her head, then her expression got relaxed again, “I probably know who he is.”

Orochimaru paused and nodded, “Then, my guess is correct.”

After that, the two didn’t speak another word, and Jiraiya seemed extremely confused…

In the Amazon Shop, Masahiko watched the three of them walk away, turned around and took a few pieces of wood, and began to “restock.”

In the meantime, many curious villagers walked in, and after they saw the figures they wanted to buy, but the asking price made them all say, “Are you crazy?!”

Masahiko sent away a dozen people with an annoyed expression, took a piece of wood, and carved: “One Million for Each Figure, Come in if you’re The One.” Then he hanged it on the door.

Sure enough, no one came in until the evening.

Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry, he didn’t plan to be a successful shop owner. He deliberately chose this shop in the center of Konoha, so he could keep an eye on Ichiraku Ramen, and also be able to rush to the village as soon as possible.

As for the Akatsuki’s surprise attack, he wasn’t worried as much as before, Nawaki was no longer a weak kid that would be killed by a spike.

Calm days and days passed. Masahiko kept training on his Gentle Fist every day, sculpted his figures, and observed Teuchi, feeling relaxed. Until a slightly familiar figure, one day passed before his eyes.

“This guy…”

The visitor was covering his face, wearing a thick cloak, and carrying a big sword wrapped in bandages on his back.

“Is this supposed to be a cover?” Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh with tears in his eyes. From the shape of his knife, he could tell that it should be Kubikiribocho.

Of course, the one who’s carrying it wasn’t Zabuza, he wasn’t even born yet. It should be Juzo Biwa. He remembers that he was one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen that attacked the Uzumaki before.

Masahiko sensed the surrounding area slightly, and he could feel that some Anbu were following him, but they didn’t attack him immediately, fearing that some civilians will accidentally get injured. Also, Sakumo was one of them.

Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh again, “So this is the guy the Akatsuki chose to send? What exactly he thinks he’s doing? Sneak into Konoha blatantly?”

Juzo himself didn’t know what he was doing… After the battle with the Uzumaki, the Seven Legendary Swordsmen were defeated, three of them were killed, and the other four fled. Still, he alone chose to completely escape Kirigakure and become a rogue Ninja.

With his strength, life after becoming a rogue ninja was beautiful, especially after joining the Akatsuki. Although the leader occasionally sends them to do some weird mission, the funds are sufficient, and the mission difficulty is generally not serious.

But this time, on impulse, he took on a mission that he regretted later, dismantling a couple in Konoha, Senju Nawaki, and Uchiha Mikoto.

He originally thought it would be easy to break up this couple. He also believed that it had something to do with the leader, thinking that someone has taken his love. So he felt that it would be best if he killed the man and took revenge. But when he came to Konoha, he found out that Senju Nawaki was actually the Heir of the Senju Clan, and seemed to be close to the great elder of the Uzumaki Clan, Masahiko, who was also in Konoha.

After hesitating for a month and finally learning that Masahiko had returned to the Uzumaki, he gritted his teeth and sneaked into Konoha. But he didn’t expect to be instantly exposed by the Anbu. Moreover, one of the people who watched him seemed to be strong, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Juzo knew that the one thing that kept them from attacking him was the large number of people on the streets. Looking around, he gritted his teeth, then walked into Ichiraku Ramen.

Masahiko, who had been staring at him not far away, was also startled, “This guy can actually eat noodles with those teeth?”

Juzo ordered a bowl of Ramen carefully, while he was actually looking for a chance to escape. The more he procrastinated, the more disadvantaged he was.

Masahiko’s heart moved, Juzo seems to be knowing what’s going on around him. As soon as he concentrated, a strong wind blew up on the street, covering the Anbu sigh.

“My chance!” Juzo yelled inwardly, but as soon as he took two steps to the door, the wind stopped abruptly.

“Hey, you didn’t pay…” Teuchi shouted, gritting his teeth.

“I haven’t finished eating yet,” Juzo replied and returned back to his seat.

The Anbu glanced at each other, then Sakumo frowned, and decided to take action, but a gust of strong wind hit and almost made the other party out of sight.

When they were about to move, Juzo suddenly started swaying then fall into the bowl, splashing the noodle soup on the counter.

After two seconds of silence, a tumult came.

“Ah! He ate Ramen to death!”

Teuchi started running in circles, not knowing what to do.

The four Anbu rushed over and checked Juzo’s situation.

“Captain, it seems that he got food poisoned.”

Sakumo was obviously at a loss as well. It was sad that an S-Class Rogue Ninja would be arrested for food poisoning at a ramen restaurant in Konoha.

Sakumo frowned, looked at Teuchi, who looked troubled.

“The shop is temporarily closed, take the boss away!”

A farce came to an end, and Masahiko couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Sorry, Teuchi.”

The violent wind he set off allowed him to quickly add some ingredients to the ramen bowl, and give them the chance to catch Juzo without injury. As for Teuchi, nothing will happen to him, and maybe they will even give him a medal.

“Sure enough, the Akatsuki has taken a move, but why did they only send Juzo? Do they have a back-up plan?” Masahiko muttered, pondered for a while, and said, “Or maybe they don’t have anyone else…”

“And there’s also the Kubikiribocho…” Masahiko hesitated. Just now, the sword was taken away by Konoha Anbu. He actually wanted it. The Uzumaki have three. He wanted to collect the other four. It will be cool if they form the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Uzumaki.

“Maybe I should steal it…”

“I mean, take it over.”