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L.L.H: Chapter 172: Amazon

“Weird eating noises…” After he demolished the large bowl of ramen, Masahiko nodded in satisfaction.

As the first sample, Masahiko was very surprised at how good the ramen tasted. Looking at the Teuchi busy all of a sudden, Masahiko didn’t expect that he would have this many people on the first day. There were only five chairs in the shop, which was obviously not enough.

Over the years, as someone who ate in every restaurant in Konoha, Masahiko didn’t find Ichiraku Ramen outstanding among them when it came to the food, but in terms of the overall price, it was.

For one large bowl of Ramen that could fill the hunger of a grown man, only one hundred and fifty Ryo were needed. Asuma’s head could get you 20000 bowls!

“Hey, why do I always end up using Asuma’s head to measure prices? This isn’t right…” Masahiko muttered, “Speaking of Asuma, he should be born already.”

Masahiko looked around at this time, to find out that some people were really getting tired of him. A lot of costumes were waiting patiently, but he was still wasting even after he finished eating.

Some have even started mumbling curses, which made Masahiko laugh, order another bowl and eat is noodles one by one, with an enjoyable expression. Anyway, now that he has changed his appearance, nothing can stop him.

Teuchi quickly finished preparing what the other four in the store ordered and went out comforting the people, then asked them what they would want to order, so he could make it in advance.

However, Masahiko added fuel to the fire by turning around and coughing twice.

“Sorry, I’m getting older, I have to chew slowly, cough, cough, cough!!!!” He really choked on his food at the end.

Masahiko turned around quickly, and drunk a cup of water, “Huuh, I almost died, man, no kidding, I really need to eat slowly.”

Masahiko then continued to eat his ramen in slow motion.

It opened in the morning, and Masahiko kept eating until noon. Other customers kept changing, and the long queue outside slowly disappeared. Except for the lack of space, Ichiraku Ramen received a lot of praise.

Masahiko was finally about to finish his last bowl when he suddenly felt three familiar Chakra approaching.

“Boss, three bowls of ramen!” Jiraiya’s voice came.

Masahiko glanced at the three of them. They looked like they had just returned from a mission. Except for the tireless Jiraiya, the other two seemed beat-up.

“Where did these three go?”
Masahiko didn’t pay attention to anything this half month.

Finally, when their turn came, the three walked in and sat on the free seats. Teuchi took their orders, prepared really quickly, then came to Masahiko’s side with two extra ramen bowls in his hand and sat next to him.

The three Sannin obviously didn’t recognize Masahiko, who was using the Transformation Technique and wasn’t really paying attention to them, as he was looking at Teuchi.

“Business was good today. It looks like you would need a waiter soon.”

Teuchi ate his noodles, shaking his head, “There are only five seats in total, I can handle them by myself.”

Masahiko was startled, “Are you planning to keep on having only five seats all the time? That’s obviously not enough.”

Teuchi smiled bitterly, “We’ll see about that later. Currently, I don’t have money to expand the shop.”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, then said, smiling, “How about takeaway?”

Teuchi was obviously puzzled. There was no such thing as takeaway in this world, so Masahiko explained it to him in detail.

“You can even hire ninjas to deliver food to you.” After the explanation, Masahiko added.

“That’s actually a good idea,” Orochimaru said hoarsely.

Masahiko smiled and turned back, “Do you think so?”

The tone and attitude were relaxed, which gave Masahiko an inexplicable sense of familiarity.


“Shinobi-Dono, Hagoromo-Ojisan is the owner of the shop next door,” Teuchi explained.

“Hagormoro?” Tsunade, who was eating, raised her head questioningly. There are possible names for the Rikudou Sannin mentioned in the ancient book of the Senju Clan. Fortunately, Tsunade didn’t like reading very much, and she only felt that the name was a bit familiar.

“Weird eating noises….” Of course, no one would eat like this by Jiraiya. Tsunade and Orochimaru were only halfway, but Jiraiya has just finished drinking the noodle soup.

“Boss, it tastes good, gets me another one!”

Teuchi got busy again, and Jiraiya looked at Masahiko.

“Hagoromo-Ojisan, what does your shop sell? Is it food too?” Jiraiya also liked eating.

Masahiko ate all day, and he didn’t really think about that.

“My shop…” Masahiko hesitated, then said with a smile, “My shop is called Amazon, and I sell wooden people.”

When he mentioned the wooden people, he successfully aroused the curiosity of the three people.

Just by looking at these three, who were getting older and close to how they looked in the anime, Masahiko suddenly had an idea. In his previous life, there was a thing called anime figures, but unfortunately, he couldn’t buy them. Now when he thought about it, he has LV10 carving skills. He could make things like this. And it would be interesting to see their reactions.

A few days later, the three of them became the first costumers in Masahiko’s store.

Unlike the Ichiraku Ramen, the plaque outside of Masahiko’s gate had the words “Amazon Store” on it, and no one knew what it’s selling.

“Is this my Great Grandpa?” Tsunade’s voice came out in surprise, looking at little Masahiko figure.

“It seems…” Tsunade murmured.

Orochimaru also looked around, “Jiraiya, look, it’s you.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya quickly walked toward him and took a few glances, “Hey, why am I the only one who looks stupid?”

After muttering such a sentence, they began to look around.

“Is this supposed to be Uchiha Madara? There’s also Grandpa Hashirama.” Tsunade kept roaming around, “There’s also Sarutobi-Sensei, Orochimaru, Jiraiya…”

“Boss, how come there are Orochimaru and me, but no Tsunade?” Jiraiya asked.

Tsunade was taken aback; only then she noticed that she didn’t see her figure.

Masahiko smiled, glancing at Jiraiya; he knew that he would pay attention to this.

“My shop only sculpts men. Women will only be sculpted if they ask for a figure and purchased for themselves. Otherwise, I will have people like you all day wanting to buy ten…”

Jiraiya’s face flushed.

“Jir..aiya… you idiot!! DIE!!”

Masahiko sighed, looking at the big hole in his wall. He had to close the Business right away after the opening.

“Boss, how much is for my Grandpa…?” Tsunade said, feeling awkward.

“One million and two thousand.”

“So expensive!”

Masahiko smiled and nodded. Opening a shop was just a thing he tried to pass the time. He doesn’t want to be tied up here all day, so he simply set the price high.

“However, since you’re my first customer, you can use this coupon discount code, write this down G76G000R170A034N33D76P95A-1T61H79E57B13E038S812T229…”