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L.L.H: Chapter 171: The First Bowl of Ramen

The marriage between Nawaki and Mikoto was settled, and Konan’s medical Ninjutsu training with Tsunade came to an end. Masahiko took the two disciples to pack their clothes and set off on the road to return to the Uzumaki Village.

“Mito, we are leaving.”

“Grandma Mito, goodbye!”

Masahiko and his two disciples said goodbye to Mito, and the three set out on their way home.

Mito watched the three of them walk away, turned around, and walked back into the house, showing a bit of a helpless expression, “Second Grandpa, don’t hide, come out.”

Masahiko’s figure drilled slowly out of the ground, releasing Black Mode.

“Kyuubi’s perception is really stronger than mine.” Masahiko thought when he enters Black Mode, Mito wouldn’t be able to perceive him.

Mito shook her head, “It’s not that I perceived you, but the amount of Chakra on the one who left with the kids was obviously wrong. So I simply figured out that it was a Shadow Clone.”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, then he breathed a sigh of relief. He had to give that clone 50% of his Chakra to that Shadow Clone to be strong enough. Except for Mito, no one would notice it, even his two disciples.

“Don’ tell anyone about my stay in Konoha,” Masahiko said.

Mito nodded, “You want people to think you left Konoha, right? Is it to deal with the Akatsuki?”

“Yes, there’s still a year and a half before Nawaki and Mikoto’s wedding. During this time, I’m worried that something will go off.” Masahiko responded, but in fact, he has more than just this in mind.

In addition to worrying about the Akatsuki’s attack, he was also worried about what measures Hiruzen and Danzo would take. More importantly, the sudden appearance of Teuchi made him a bit suspicious.

“Transformation Technique!” Under Mito’s watchful gazes, Masahiko changed his appearance to the look he had when he watched the chaos before.

“I’ll spend the time in Konoha looking like this, it’s okay if you know it, but you must not tell anyone.”

Mito nodded, Masahiko activated Black Mode again, sneaked out of Senju Station, and lifted it in a deserted corner inside the village.

“First, let’s take a look at Ichiraku Ramen first.”

A few days later, with the funds Masahiko provided, Teuchi has successfully bought a shop in Konoha and was working hard to renovate and transform it into a ramen shop.

Seeing Masahiko’s arrival, Teuchi quickly greeted him.

“You’re here, thank you for the help, it would have taken me many years before I have the opportunity to open this Ramen Restaurant.”

Masahiko nodded and glanced inside the house. A variety of good materials were there, and a bar counter has been faintly formed.

“How come the counter is shaped this way? Why don’t you find a few carpenters?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Teuchi smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid that I’m out of money. If I hire a carpenter again, I’m afraid I won’t even have the money to purchase ingredients.”

Masahiko suddenly was startled. He didn’t feel any money when he suddenly put his hand in his pocket. There should be a lot, right?

After a moment of silence, Masahiko touched his arm again, where he usually stashes the money, and his face stiffened.

“Where did my money go?”

Masahiko has never been short of money thanks to Hashirama losing all of his money and using Madara’s more than 20 years ago. Unexpectedly, when he looked for money now, he didn’t even find a penny.

After a moment of contemplation, Masahiko’s eyes widened.

“Damn it, I gave him all my money to get information about the Akatsuki, but he said he didn’t know, then I forgot to take it back…”

“At that time, I’ve spaced out thinking about the Akatsuki. No wonder Kakuzu left in a hurry.” Masahiko thought, gritting his teeth.

“What’s wrong with you…?” Teuchi asked in confusion.

Masahiko suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head, helplessly, “It’s okay. I just thought of something, but it has nothing to do with you. Keep the hard work.”

Masahiko didn’t even think about helping, he was going to Konoha casino to “withdraw some money.”

“Mister, wait.” Teuchi chased him, “You’ve helped me a lot, but I still don’t know your name.”

After a pause, he continued, “My name is Teuchi.”

Masahiko paused, and with a smirk on his face, he said, “My name is Otsutsuki Hogoromo.”
(T/N: Otsutsuki Hogoromo: The Rikudou Sennin)

There wasn’t anything strange on Teuchi’s expression, he just nodded and said, “I will remember it!”

Masahiko waved his hand and turned to the casino.

He used the Rikudou Sennin’s name just to test his reaction, but the result wasn’t satisfactory.

“I really think too much, maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

“I shouldn’t be fooled by these netizens’ theories from my previous life…”

Time passed, and after half a month, Masahiko became rich again, and many people in the village became poor.

Masahiko was hiding in Konoha this time, but he planned to stay for a year and a half, so he couldn’t always walk around the street. With the money, he had an idea and brought the shop next to the upcoming Ichiraku Ramen. He hadn’t figured out what to sell, but he was free, so he decorated it himself.

“Uncle Hagoromo, what are you doing here?” Hearing the voice next door, Teuchi came to check.

Masahiko smiled, “I’m also opening a shop here. We will be neighbors in the future.”

Teuchi hesitated, then smiled and said, “You’re not opening a Ramen Shop too, right?”

Masahiko shook his head, “How is it possible.”

In fact, he really wanted to say, so he could see his reaction, but after thinking about it, it would be really unreasonable to bully an ordinary person like this.

So, without planning to sell anything, Masahiko started working on his shop. His speed was, of course, much faster than Teuchi, but the latter was always one step ahead. After all, the Teuchi started half a month earlier than him.

Just when he was steps away from finishing the work, Teuchi came to find him.

“Uncle Hagoromo, my Ichiraku Ramen, will open tomorrow. You can come to eat the first bowl of Ramen. You can come whenever you want. And you can bring anyone with you. It will always be open for you for free!”

Masahiko was startled and nodded with a smile.

“It will open tomorrow, don’t forget!”

“I will come!”

Sending away the joyful Teuchi, Masahiko’s heart moved, “I almost forget that witnessing the opening of the Ichiraku Ramen will yield me witness points.”

Konoha Village isn’t very large, and two new shops were renovated at the same time, which has long aroused the curiosity of most villagers.

Early the next morning, Teuchi hung up the plaque of Ichiraku Ramen and immediately was surrounded by a lot of villagers.

“It turns out to be a Ramen Shop, I’ve never had that before…”

“The price is quite low…”

“The place is so small…”

There were all kinds of comments. Masahiko is already sitting in the shop, waiting for the first bowl of Ramen.

At the same time, Chinese characters crossed in front of him, “Witness and drastically changed the main storyline of Naruto World: Ichiraku Ramen. Reward 50 (*5) Witness Points.”

Masahiko was taken aback and go overjoyed.

“There are so many! Ichiraku Ramen is really a pivotal place in the Naruto World.”