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L.L.H: Chapter 177: Checking out the Progression

After the wedding of Nawaki and Mikoto, both Masahiko’s identities stayed in Konoha for a week, and the shadow clone accompanied Gensuke to help him get closer to the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind. After all, the Land of Whirlpools is basically becoming one of the five major countries in the Shinobi World, and that will never be achieved without diplomacy.

As for the identity of the Amazon Shop owner, he also maintained it for a week, and when he was sure that no accident would happen, he waited for an opportunity and released the shadow clone, and took its place.

“Nagato and Konan have made great progress during this year and a half.”

The Shadow clone lasted for a year and a half. At first, he had 50% of Masahiko’s Chakra, but because he lived for an entire year, only 20% remained when the technique was lifted. Also, because it was never canceled, Masahiko didn’t know anything about the Uzumaki for that entire period.

At that moment, all the memories the Shadow had in that year and a half were transferred to Masahiko, who seemed slightly confused. Fortunately, the Shadow Clone’s life for a year and a half was relatively monotonous, so he could quickly recover.

What Masahiko was happiest about is the progress of his two disciples. Nine-year-old Nagato already has the Strength of a Jonin. As long as he keeps the hard work, it’s estimated that when he’s fourteen-year-old he will be an S-Rank ninja. As for Konan, although she isn’t as good as Nagato, she’s currently a Chunin. And what makes Masahiko even happier is that she’s very skilled in making Explosion Tags.

“Elder, we should go,” Gensuke said.

“Gensuke, I haven’t seen you for almost two years, you look a lot older.” After all, Gensuke was already 64 years old.

“We haven’t seen each other for two years?” Gensuke looked blank; they’ve been seeing each other every day for the last year!

Masahiko didn’t wait for him to reply, and said, “Let’s go back to the Land of Whirlpools.”

Only the two of them came, so he wasn’t worried about the safety of the country. Everything was arranged correctly by the Shadow Clone, so it was fine to be relaxed.

It was easier to go back than when they came. After all, when they came, they were carrying a lot of sealing scrolls as gifts.

“Hashirama, your great-grandson may become a ninja who can even surpass you, and I hope that one day you will see it with your own eyes.” Masahiko thought to himself.

With the combination of the Senju and the Uchiha’s cells, gods know what kind of “monster” will be born. However, all the dust has settled, and Masahiko no longer struggles with the plot but looks forward to it.

“In this way, if I don’t work hard, I’m afraid I will be at the risk of being overtaken.” Masahiko felt anxious. It would be very shameful for a 100-year-old senior to be overtaken by a much younger generation.

“Kekkei Mora… The next thing that will easily yield me witness points is Kakashi, who graduated at the age of five, became a Chunin at the age of six, and a Jonin at twelve. There should be a lot of witness points to get.”

The plot has changed; Masahiko can only predict things now. These days, he’s also trying to figure out what kind of events that will probably be the same as the original, and which will change.

During year and a half, Masahiko succeeded to convince Sakumo to change Hatake Kakakeru’s name back to Hatake Kakashi, because it felt really awkward. Of course, the process wasn’t easy, and he even creeped Sakumo out, the latter thought that Masahiko was inexplicably and weirdly interested in his boy.

And since he agreed, Sakumo now had to convince his wife, using the same methods…

“My old mother said that the boy should be named Hatake Kakashi, but you said Kakakeru was a name that had Elder Masahiko’s approval and blessing. Now you want to change it back…”

Masahiko felt really sorry for Sakumo, he really missed his life a couple of times…

“Sensei, you’re back!” Nagato and Konan voices made him go back to his senses, only to realize this he already returned to the Uzumaki Clan, and several people came to greet them at the borders of the Land of the Whirlpools.

“You two little, you didn’t make that great of progress.” Masahiko sensed slightly, then sighed. It seems that the memory of the Shadow Clone isn’t as good as personal experience.

“Let’s go. We’re going to the training ground to check your practice.”

“Sensei, didn’t you just check before you went to Konoha a week ago?” The children resisted a little.

Masahiko smiled without explaining, “And we will check again, who knows maybe, you’ve gotten stronger.”

Masahiko has always felt that his shadow clones are slightly weird. The Shadow clone has actually built two tracks in the training ground, one for testing 100 meters, and the other for testing 400 meters, and other bodybuilding equipment such as fixed bars for pull-ups, and weights for squats… The scene was a little embarrassing, no wonder the two disciples didn’t want to do it.

The equipment was already available, so it’s a pity not to use it.


The moment he saw him, Masahiko had black lines on his face. On the fixed bar, one person was doing flying pull-ups, the guy had it easy that you could even see an afterimage between each repeat.

“Oh, Sensei!! You’re back.” When he saw Masahiko, he turned around one thousand and eighty degrees in the air, threw his body to the front, and landed in front of Masahiko, staggering.

Masahiko frowned, and squeezed out a smile, “Kenichiro, are you still practicing?”

“Yes, Sensei!” Kenichiro raised his head, “The equipment you’ve built it too good for practicing!”


As soon as he said that, the fixed bar collapsed, and Masahiko sighed helplessly.

“I built this for Nagato and Konan. What are you doing? If you’re that bored, you can go to Konoha. Dai’s son is five years old now. He will make up a great companion in practice for you.”

As Kenichiro walked away excitedly, Masahiko’s looked a bit depressed. He could sense that Kenichiro’s physical strength and stamina already declining. After all, he was over 60, and it’s impossible to stay at the peak forever.

“Now only two have left. You will use the four hundred meters track. One hundred meters isn’t enough. We will see how you will do, then we will check you Ninjutsu Practice.”

“Yes, Sensei.” The two children answered a bit weakly. They always thought it was stupid to run only 100 meters.

Of course, the way ninjas run in this world is by putting their hands behind them. Masahiko didn’t understand the principle, but he was used to it for so many years.

“Does this reduce resistance?”

Seeing the two children’s scoring seven seconds and five seconds, he slightly nodded. At the age of nine, this is actually excellent. After all, it’s completely dependent on physical ability. Chakra is not allowed to be used on the track.

“It’s not bad, but there isn’t much progress, and the results are about the same as the last test,” Masahiko said, then he realized that the last test was only a week ago.

“Does the shadow clone affect the memory if used for too long?” Masahiko frowned. No one has ever used it for a year and a half, nor there’s actually someone who has the right amount of Chakra to do it.

“It seems that I shouldn’t be using it for so long in the future.”

Masahiko turned to the two again, “The progress is OK, let’s see you how your Ninjutsu practice is going…”