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L.L.H: Chapter 178: The Explosions Road

“Yuna, how is it, have you successfully connected Konan with me?” Masahiko asked.

Don’t get any wrong ideas, this was a serious question, Masahiko hasn’t yet reached the point of bullying a nine-year-old girl.

After returning to the Uzumaki, Masahiko first tested the practice of the two children. After that, he focused on the Konan’s Explosion Tag’s production speed. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Konan could basically make one in a few seconds, which means mass production.

However, Konan didn’t have the Uzumai’s special Chakra. Although she is as strong as a Chunin, the amount of her Chakra wasn’t enough. Therefore, Masahiko took her to Yuna to see if she could come up with some sort of device to solve this problem.

Of course, Masahiko thought of sealing some of his Chakra in Konan’s body like that time he did to Tsunade during the Jonin Exam. But after trying, Konan Explosion Tag was unstable; after all, it was mixed with Masahiko’s Chakra.

After coming to Yuna, the scientist tried a lot of methods. After collecting Masahiko and Konan’s Chakra samples, she was able to use some equipment to convert Masahiko’s Chakra into Konan as a raw Chakra. In fact, Masahiko couldn’t tell what exactly was happening. This was like the Chakra bracelet. Another big black technology has emerged.

“Grandpa Masahiko, it’s connected,” Yuna replied. “Now, you need to try and output a little amount of Chakra.”

Masahiko did what she said, and Konan, on the opposite side, suddenly looked uncomfortable. Masahiko was taken aback and stopped it quickly.

“Yuna, what’s going on? Did it fail?”

Yuna smiled and walked over, “It’s successful, Grandpa Masahiko. But Konan’s Chakra is worn out now. It will be a little uncomfortable for her to receive your Chakra, but that’s okay, it will be good for her.”

Masahiko, who got startled, nodded in understanding, then smiled.

“In this way, Konan’s Chakra volume may improve, this is an unexpected gain.”

“But Grandpa, “Yuna continued, “After the transformation, you will probably lose 50%…”

Masahiko waved his hand and interrupted Yuna’s words, “It doesn’t matter. This is normal.”

Then turned to Konan, “Little Konan, it’s okay. Get used to it first, and then we will start making explosion tags.”

“It’s okay, Sensei.”

In the next two months, Masahiko came with Konan every day to make explosion tags, until Yuriko came to stop him.

“Sensei…” Yuriko looked helpless,” You’ve made nearly 10 million explosion tags. Each Uzumaki Ninja can get thousands of them, there’s no need to make more!”

Masahiko was stunned. Only then he realized that the two months of their hard work had achieved such great results. Looking at the Konan and smiled at her, Konan was excited, but he still noticed how exhausted she was.

“Em… let’s stop here for the time being. You did a great job, little girl. But your hard work has not been in vain. Your Chakra volume has basically doubled, and this isn’t a small gain.”

Konan nodded, smiling, then went to rest.

Masahiko didn’t feel tired. After receiving his Sage Body, he never felt tired again.

“Yuriko, since there are too many explosion tags, we better find a way to sell some.”

This was Masahiko’s real goal. The country’s current source of income is the Land of Thunder, but it cannot always rely on the “protection fees” for prospering, and they must come up with their own source of income.

Explosion tags don’t weigh much, and it is suitable for sale. As for to whom they should be selling, the Land of Thunder probably has no spare money to buy, and the Land of Water is a little too close to the Land of the Whirlpools, so it will be, the Land of Fire, then Land of Wind, and the Land of Earth. As for those small countries, Masahiko doesn’t expect them to have the money to buy in large quantities.

Bust how to sell is a hassle. It’s easy in Konoha’s case, the two villages are so close to each other, and they have a great relationship. But Iwagakure and Sunagakure are not only too far away, but there are many countries between them as well, which will make them prone to danger.

Yuriko was the one who raised these questions, and after a long time, Masahiko came up with an idea.

“What if we go from the sea?” In the past few years, the Land of the Whirlpool has developed rapidly, and they already have ships capable of sailing.

“The Sea?” Yuriko was taken aback, “You can only reach the Land of Water from the sea, right?”

Masahiko frowned. He hadn’t paid attention to whether Naruto World was round or not. If he could reach Iwagakure from the sea, going to Sunagakure will also be safer.

“I’ll go out,” Masahiko said, then flew toward the southeast of the Land of the Whirlpools.

It is very important to know that when Masahiko extended the Uzumaki territory last time using the sea, it was only a short distance compared to the vast sea he’s watching in front of him. Otherwise, it would have taken him at least a year.

Watching the endless sea in front of him, Masahiko directly across it.

“This distance…” After half an hour, Masahiko frowned, watching the ocean in front of him. At this speed, he must have already crossed about two hundred kilometers.

“Is it this far?” After another half an hour, Masahiko finally discovered the continent, but not the new continent.

“Is this really the Land of Earth? Are you telling me that the World of Naruto is also rounded?” Masahiko let out a sigh of relief.

“It will take about half a month to get here from the Uzumaki side, which is similar to the transportation on land, but the sea is much safer.”

Masahiko didn’t go to the Land of Earth to visit. His Shadow Clone had already lifted when he was looking for Yuna before. And he wasn’t in the mood to find Onoki and relive the past, so he directly turned and head back.

But this time, his speed isn’t fast. Every few minutes, he had to stop and use the Earth Release to erect a stone monument up to 100 meters high, in order to prevent the people sailing at sea from losing their way.

It wasn’t until the sky was completely dimmed that Masahiko returned to the Land of the Whirlpools, and excitedly went to find Yuriko.

“Yuriko, this world is really round!”

Yuriko was taken aback, but she didn’t understand what it meant.

Masahiko explained, “From now on, if we sail from the southeast for the Land of Whirlpool. In about half a month, we will be able to reach the Land of Earth. We can also release mission in our village to allow the ninja to escort the Explosion Tags shipments.”

After thinking about it, Masahiko added, “This task will be classified as an S-Level. At least two elites must be leading the team. After all, there may be unexpected situations in the sea.”

Yuriko nodded, “Then we will have to negotiate with Iwagakure…”

Masahiko smiled, “The first time I will go with the ship, I haven’t sailed in the sea for a long time.”

“I marked the route so that the tribe would not lose their way. This route will be called the Silk… Well, the Explosions Road.”

Nodding, Masahiko, felt very satisfied with his naming ability.