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L.L.H: Chapter 179: Sailing to Onoki

“Raise slowly, be careful.”

At the beach of Uzumaki, Yuriko commanded a group of ninja nervously, loading boxes one by one into the ship’s cargo warehouse.

There are a total of fifty boxed, and each contains ten sealing scrolls, and each seal scroll stores a thousand explosion tags. This is already the limit. It’s not like they couldn’t store more, but in that case, the “package” will definitely worth more than the goods, and they will lose money.

Masahiko took the two disciples to watch. It has been more than a month since he founded “The Explosions Road,” and the deal with Konoha has also been concluded.

Konoha, who had won the two wars have really prospered. They bought 1.5 explosion tags from Masahiko at once, which cost them a hundred Asuma-heads…

After Konoha is sold out, there were still a lot of Explosion Tags in the Uzumaki Clan. Masahiko wanted to ship it out to the other countries. But he feared that this might encourage them to go to war. If he sells too much, he might even cause problems to Konoha, so he finally decided to go to the Land of Earth and sell them only half a million explosion tags. Earn money without causing any troubles.

After all, this is the first time for the Uzumaki to take the “Explosions Road.” To avoid accidents, Masahiko took half of the elite patrol team and his two disciples, preparing for the Naruto World big tour.

Everything was ready, Masahiko waved his hand to Yuriko who was standing there, nodded, then turned and directly gave the others a signal to start… rowing.

That’s right, they’re paddling. Masahiko originally thought that they would have better ships in these two years, but that was only normal since they didn’t need ships until now. Of course, it’s not completely primitive. For example, the oars are very advanced and can be channeled with Chakra…

“It still feels very slow.” Masahiko sighed.

Masahiko’s first and possibly only voyage in Naruto World has begun. After all, he could fly.

Masahiko had been on a boat in his previous life, and he also has seen the endless ocean before. Compared with the modern world, the sea in Naruto Wolrd is insignificant. Apart from pointing for them the directions, he had nothing else to do.

However, the ninjas on the boat were a little bit more excited, especially his two disciples. After all, they are only nine years old. They were still in a playful age. They practice daily, but the battle wasn’t suitable for training, and Masahiko wasn’t harsh enough to let them run and follow the boat on the sea. The two watched the fishes jumping from time to time from the water and laughed.

In the beginning, Masahiko was still somewhat energetic, but after two days, it became a little unbearable for him and felt that life on a ship was really boring.

“It would be great if a sea king could attack the ship and relieve the boredom.”

Masahiko smiled bitterly, a sea king would never appear in Naruto World.

A huge strange fish suddenly emerged from the seal and set off a colossal wave.

“Is there really a sea king? No, it’s some kind of a summoning beast.” Smiling bitterly, Masahiko used the gravity force to stabilize the ship.

“Nagato, Konan, this is your chance to try out your Ninjutsu.” Masahiko stopped the elite patrol team from attacking, and let his two disciples face it.

“Wind Release: Vacuum Wave!”
“Paper Rain!”

The two disciples shot simultaneously, but their Ninjutsu didn’t cause enough damage to the huge monster fish.

“Very powerful Summoning Beast.” The two fought on the water’s surface, and Masahiko kept stabilizing the boat and watching with the others.

However, this strange fish was strong, and the two kids couldn’t finish it off.

Masahiko frowned. Leaving such a thing here might cause some trouble for future shipments.

Masahiko drew his right hand into a pistol gesture, and a small Bijuudama suddenly went flying, blowing that fish.

Looking at the two disciples who were depressed, Masahiko smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you still can’t use a powerful Ninjutsu like this. You will be able to deal with such a thing in two years.”

The fleet continued to sail, but encountered several giant summoning beasts along the way, none of them were worthy of a contract, and they all were destroyed by Masahiko.

“No matter what is the world, there will always be some unknown danger in the vast sea,” Masahiko said. It seems that in the future, he must carefully pick a team to escort each shipment.

“I wonder if the Uzumaki will have someone who will conquer the sea in the future… Aaah, it would be nice if I hear him say, I’m gonna be the pirate king.” Masahiko laughed.

The estimated fifteen-day voyage took seventeen. The first shipment encountered a lot of problems, but it was not too dangerous for ninjas, and finally, they arrived smoothly in the land.

“Elder, shall we carry these boxes to Iwagakure?”

Masahiko glared at the idiot ninja, who asked this question. A group of elite ninjas from the Uzumaki carrying boxes to sell them to Iwagakure, how shameful.

Masahiko sensed a little bit, located the direction of Iwagakure, then with one hand sign.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The white crystal beam came out from Masahiko’s hand, across the sky, reaching the far clouds above Iwagakure.

The civilians and the ninjas of the village thought that it was a strange celestial phenomenon, only Onoki looked like he saw a ghost.

“This is… Dust Release!” Looking in the direction of the incoming message, he flew out quickly, then several Iwagakure Anbu also looked at each other and followed him.

After releasing the dust release, Masahiko landed on the ground and waited.

Sure enough, after a while, he felt Onoki’s Chakra approaching quickly.

“Elder Uzumaki Masahiko, what made you come here.” After he arrived, Onoki frowned, looking at the ship behind Masahiko, and tried to guess the purpose of his sudden visit.

“Don’t be nervous. I’ve come carrying goods this time.” Masahiko waved his hand and said with a smile.

At the same time, several Anbu appeared beside Onoki.

Onoki signaled them not to act rashly and waited for Masahiko’s explanation.

“I’ve told you, you don’t need to be nervous,” Masahiko said but didn’t rush to talk about business. “Onoki, I haven’t seen you in about 30 years, do you remember last time we met?”

Onoki hesitated, relaxed his vigilance, smiled bitterly, and shook his head, “Elder, can we jump right into the main subject?”

Masahiko paused; he remembered then that Onoki’s visit to Konoha wasn’t a fond memory.

Masahiko sighed, “Let’s talk business then.”

Masahiko pointed to the ship behind him and started talking.