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L.L.H: Chapter 180: Forming a Team

The process of selling Explosion Tags was unexpectedly smooth. When Masahiko explained everything to Onoki, the latter immediately ordered dozens of ninja to carry the shipment to the village and check it out.

After the deal’s conclusion, Masahiko didn’t want to remind Onoki of that incident again, so he only asked him to build a seaport on the coast, since the Uzumaki may send more fleets to sell various things in the Land of Earth from time to time. After that, the clansmen gathered their things and embarked on their journey home.

The journey back was obviously much smoother. After all, the ninjas already had seventeen days of sailing experience, and the giant summons beasts had also been cleaned up before. After only 14 days, they returned to the Land of the Whirlpools.

In the following days, Masahiko also used the same method to establish a route to Sunagakure. Although it takes about the same time to travel on land, it’s relatively safer. Dealing with the summon beasts is always better than dealing with cunning ninja.

In less than a year, the Land of Whirlpools successfully established trade treaties with many large and small countries in the Shinobi World, not only for selling but also for buying.

After solving the problem with the economic sources of the Uzumaki, Masahiko was idle again. He kept teaching the two kids every day, helping Kushina with her sealing techniques and practicing the Gentle Fist on the way.

At this time, the LV9 experience bar had passed the half by a little bit, and Masahiko estimated that in five or six years, he would be able to successfully achieve the first LV10 skill by training.

The training of the two disciples has also reached a bottleneck. At their age, I’m afraid it’s already at the limit. Masahiko decided to take them out to do tasks and gain some practical experience.

There are not many missions in the Uzumaki Village, and the difficulty isn’t very serious. After doing a few messy escort tasks, and some daily missions, not only that Masahiko felt bored, even the two children felt that it was useless to continue.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to Konoha to take a mission.” This was perfect, it was Konoha’s thirty-ninth year, and Kakashi was about to enter the school at the age of five, and Masahiko was hoping he’s gonna witness something.

The teams in Konoha are usually formed from three, or three plus a leader, and Masahiko plans on forming one. Kushina has been away from Konoha for two and a half years, so she and Masahiko’s two disciples formed a small team.

Nanako didn’t object to Kushina’s trip to Konoha this time, and Masahiko has even offered her to go with them.

“If you don’t want to be the First Lady for a while, why don’t you go to Konoha with us and have fun?”

Nanako smiled bitterly and shook her head without explaining.

Finally, a group of five people went to Konoha again.

“Kushina, are you happy that you’re going to see Minato soon?” Masahiko laughed.

Kushina, with red cheeks, shook her head gently. But her eyes revealed her real thoughts.

“Minato has even begged me to make a wooden sculpture of you.” Masahiko continued to tease.

As he spoke, Masahiko’s expression became a little serious.

“This time, I will take the three of you to Konoha. The main purpose is to train your actual combat ability, so I will let Hiruzen carefully select some A-Class Missions for you, but I will not take it easy on you. You have to deal with this matter seriously.”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa, I will take good care of them.” Kushina clenched her fist.
Masahiko glanced at her, shook his head, then clashed back: “You’re not stronger than Nagato, so you might be the one that will need protection.”

“How is this possible…”

Nanako could only watch with a wry smile.

Reaching Konoha, a little kid passed by them running.

“Seventeen remaining…”

The corner of Masahiko’s mouth twitched. It was Gai, who was just five years old. Masahiko shouldn’t be surprised to see that he has already started exercising at a young age, but the things he was carrying on his back is the thing he didn’t expect.

“Ichiraku’s takeaways? There’s always a surprising thing every time I come to Konoha. Delivering food at the age of five isn’t easy…” Masahiko smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect to leave Konoha for less than a year, to find that Teuchi has already gathered enough money to start working on his takeaway project.

“Wait, no…”

Masahiko has already guessed what happened, and later it was proved to be correct. Not only Gai, but Dai and Kenichiro also joined. The three of them took this as a practice and started delivering free takeaways for Teuchi.

“Sensei, Kenichiro hasn’t changed at all,” Nanako teased.

Masahiko sighed, “It’s my fault.”

Looking at the two little disciples again, he was slightly relieved. Both of them are somewhat introverted, but they will never grow up to be like him.

Although he felt a little embarrassed, Masahiko didn’t stop them, since the three seemed to be enjoying it.

Nanako went to find Mito in the Senju Station, while Masahiko took the three-children to the Hokage Building.

When Hiruzen saw Kushina, the joy on his face couldn’t be concealed. In the past two years, Masahiko kept her in the Uzumaki Clan. And Hiruzen was very worried about the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. However, when he noticed how Masahiko was glaring at him, he quickly tried to hide it.

“Elder Masahiko, how can I help you?”

“Uzumaki village is very poor. So I brought these three to Konoha to pick up some tasks.”

Hiruzen was startled and smiled bitterly.

Not long ago, Masahiko emptied half of Konoha’s treasury selling them explosion tags, and now he’s saying the village is poor, but Hiruzen learned not to push his luck too much with Masahiko.

“No problem, Elder Masahiko, do you want me to pick a Chunin to lead these three?”

Masahiko was startled and shook his head, “I brought them here to take on some tasks above A-Class, and you want a Chunin to lead the team?”

“A-Class?” Hiruzen showed a slightly embarrassed look. There are not many tasks like this in Konoha. He initially thought that Masahiko was just taking these children to do some B and C-Class missions.

“Don’t worry, I just want to train them. One mission every six months is enough, and you can take half of the commission of the mission.”

Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief, “One mission in half a year is fine, so you can keep the commission.”

Masahiko didn’t refuse, “Then it’s settled. In a few days, I will bring the children again to take on the mission. It’s best to have a task that involves a lot of battles but not much time.”

Hiruzen nodded in agreement.

Masahiko left with the three children, then glanced at Kushina with a smile.

“Okay, it’s okay to go to Minato. You don’t have to be this anxious.”

Kushina suddenly arrogantly replied, “I’m not going to see him, I’m going to find Grandma.” Then she hurriedly ran away, but the direction was obviously wrong.

Masahiko turned around, looked at Nagato and Konan, and said with a smile, “We’re going too. Let’s see how your brother Nawaki’s life after marriage…”