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L.L.H: Chapter 181: Increasing The Difficulty

In the Senju Clan, Masahiko was disappointed after he didn’t get the new he was looking for.

It has been nearly a year since Nawaki and Mikoto got married, but Mikoto still shows no signs of pregnancy, and the “monster” Masahiko was expecting is nowhere in sight.

“Itachi and Sasuke were born from Mikoto in the original, which proves that she should be fine. It’s not Nawaki… right?” Masahiko was anxious.

“Great Grandpa, here’s your tea.” This was Mikoto. After she married Nawaki, she also started calling him Great Grandpa.

Masahiko nodded, and then glanced at NAwaki playing with Nagato and Konan, and felt that the scene was a bit familiar.

“At the beginning, it was the same with me and Hashirama.” Mito’s voice that came from the side startled Masahiko.

“Nawaki and Hashirama are really similar, regardless of their appearance or character…” Masahiko sighed, and Mito nodded with a smile.

The quiet days didn’t last long as Masahiko ended up another New Year in Konoha. It was Konoha’s thiry-ninth year.

As soon as the New Year passed, Masahiko took the three children and found Hiruzen, but the result wasn’t very satisfactory.

“There’s no A-Class Missions?” Masahiko looked annoyed.

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “Elder Masahiko, the New Year has just passed, we have only received a few missions, a not a single one of them is an A-Class Mission.”

“Then do you have any from last year?”

Hiruzen shook his head, “The missions now are lesser than the number of ninjas.”

Masahiko was taken aback. Konoha is really much stronger than the Original.

“Why don’t you wait for another two months?” Hiruzen asked.

Masahiko hesitated then shook his head. After two months, it will be the time for Kakashi to enroll, and he’s afraid of missing it. Although he can use a Shadow Clone, he always feels that it’s more troublesome than the main body, so he doesn’t want to use if not needed.

“What about the Anbu? For example, investigating other ninja villages?”

Hiruzen was taken aback, “Yes, but there are some missions. But this kind of tasks is not suitable…”

“It’s okay, you won’t mind as long as I’m leading the team right?”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, and wanted to say: It’s because you’re the leader I don’t feel at ease.

In the end, Masahiko picked up an investigating mission for the three children. It’s rumored that Kusagakure has came in a contact with Sungakure recently.

“I don’t seem to have taugh you how to detect and collect information, right?” Masahiko realized on the way to Kusagakure with three children.

“It seems not, Sensei.” Nagato replied

“Well it’s not too late to learn, listen you guys…” Masahiko just wanted to say something, but realized that he wasn’t also good at investigating and collecting information.

“Well I never thought I would need it either…”

Masahiko glanced at the three children who looked eager to learn, and sighed helplessly, he can’t tell them now that he doesn’t know either, right?

“Okay, you will have to find a patrol team, then attack them, use the transformation technique to change to their appearance, then mix in and investigate.” Masahiko started spurting words indiscriminately, and came up with this plan, he won’t be far away so he could protect them, and nothing will happened anyway.

Nagato and Konan kept nodding again and again, but the fifteen-year-old Kushina didn’t buy a single word of that. She rolled her eyes secretly and whispered, “So we’re gonna have to rely on ourselves.”

Masahiko heard it, felt so embarrassed, but he still pretended that he didn’t hear it.

All the way through Masahiko kept randomly teaching them things, and when they came to place about five kilometers away from Kusagakure. Masahiko glanced at the surrounding environment, then confessed, “The rest from here is up to you, I will go first.” Then he sank underground.

The three of them glanced at each other, then big sister Kushina waved her hand, “Follow me and be careful.”

The three of them quickly concealed their appearance and moved forward. About three kilometers later, Kushina ordered them to hide and find a patrolling team.

“Sister Kushina, shall we do it?” Nagato said naively.

Konna pulled her sleeve, “No, I feel that something is wrong with Sensei’s approach.

Underground, Masahiko’s mouth twitched slightly.

Kushina glanced at Konan, feeling amazed of how smart she is, and crafully observed the patrolling team.

“They seem to be carrying something!”

Masahiko’s disciples also observed carefully when they heard this, Nagato then hesitated and said, “It looks exactly like the box we shipped last time by sea.”

Kushina was taken aback at first, then she looked happy.

“Oh! So Kusagakure and Sunagakure came in contact, because the latters are reselling the explosion tags? Mission complete guys, we can go back!”

Nagato and Kushina hesitated, nodded to each other, then prepared to leave.

Masahiko underground sighed. He didn’t expect such a coincidence. How could this be an A-Class mission, this is more like D-Class.

“No, these guys didn’t learn a thing, we can’t just go back like this. I have to make it more difficult for them.”

Masahiko concentrated, and a stone floated and hit one of the Kusagakure ninja patrol on the forehead.


When he shouted, the tree children got nervous and immediately exposed themselves.

“Sister Kushina, how did they find us?”

“I don’t know, let’s run!”

Masahiko smiled, who said he can’t be an Anbu, he’s really doing a great job. He then followed them. As for the Kusagakure’s ninjas that were chasing they were one upper ninja, three middle ninjas, and six lower ninjas.

“This lineup…” Masahiko nodded, “They should be evenly matched, I won’t need to intervene.”

Sure enough, the three children were still caught up. After all, they were still young. Although their Ninjutsu skills were very good, their physical strength was still not as good as an adult ninja.

With that, a fierce battle erupted, as Masahiko expected, the strength of the two sides was similar.

The Kuagakure ninja weren’t in a hurry to engage. After all, their village was close, and backup will arrive soon, so they even tried to buy sometime by talking.

“These three little brats, it looks like they’re from the Uzumaki, why are they trying to sneak in?”

To Masahiko’s relief, the three children noticed how the other were trying to buy time, and didn’t talk nonsense with them.

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!” Nagato used this large-scale fire release attack very skillfully.

Kushina showed her elder sister’s material, and defeated the upper level ninja.

Although Nagato didn’t have any actual combat experience, he was still a lot strong than any of the Kusagakure Shinobi, and with Konan assistance, he quickly gained the upper hand.

The fight lasted for ten minutes. Kusagakure’s Shinobi had been wiped out, and even when the three children were wounded, Masahiko resisted and didn’t make a move.

However the people inside the village noticed what’s going on outside, and sent some ninjas, who were quickly approaching.

Masahiko frowned underground, and whispered, “It’s almost done.”

Attentively, the last four ninjas from Kusagakure crushed on the ground.

Masahiko’s team successfully defeated the patrol team. The three children froze for a moment, then quickly reacted and fled in Konoha’s direction. Masahiko was also responsible for adding a little chaos to the ninjas approaching the scene and added some “roadblocks” on the way.

In the end, the task that was forcibly increased in difficulty by Masahiko, this time was successfully completed by the three children.