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L.L.H: Chapter 182: The 39th Enrollment

Konoha Hospital.

Masahiko smiled, looking at the three wounded children, and said: “Now you know that going out to do missions is not easy, right? Accidents may happen anytime, anywhere.”

“There shouldn’t have been any accidents.” Kushina gritted her teeth. It was evident that Masahiko is the one who exposed their disguise. If it were anyone else, she would have turned on her “red pepper” mode.

Nagato and Konan overlooked that and felt sad.

“It’s all my fault, I must have been not hiding well, and exposed us to the Kusagakure’s ninjas.” The two said in unison.

Masahiko and Kushina looked at each other and shrugged helplessly. The two kids felt guilty.

In fact, the three weren’t seriously injured. And since Masahiko was watching them, nothing wrong would have happened. It was only some bruises and scratches. Masahiko didn’t even need to summon the slugs, Konan could treat them. But to be on the safe side, he brought them to the hospital.

“Let’s go.” After the treatment was over, Masahiko left the hospital with the three children.

“Your job is finished now, I will go to Hiruzen to ask for the commission, you guys go and rest, we will continue our training tomorrow.”

The three split into two directions and left. The two disciples returned to the Senju Station, and Kushina went to find Minato. The latter was very busy during this period. Although there were no tasks, Masahiko heard that he was undergoing a tough training.

Although it’s possible that he was learning the Flying Thunder God, Masahiko didn’t rush to watch. Even if he’s a genius, it will take him at least a year of a half. Moreover, Masahiko couldn’t give him any guidance in this regard, so it would be useless to go.

“Elder Masahiko, can you sell the Explosion Tags only to us in the future?” After handing over the task, Hiruzen hesitated for a moment, then asked.

Masahiko smiled, exposing his negotiable expression.

Hiruzen looked happy until Masahiko said, “Nice try.”

Masahiko, who went out, shook his head helplessly. He knew that they might complain about selling the Explosion Tags to other countries, but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t make the Uzumaki lose its essential economic source for the sake of allies.

The explosion tags made by Konan were the perfect source, it costs nothing… well it cost her some Chakra, but that’s fine.

On Konoha Street, Masahiko hesitated for a while, and instead of returning to the Senju Station, he used the Transformation technique and went straight to Ichiraku Ramen.

“Teuchi, I haven’t seen you for a long time, did you really find someone to deliver the takeaways?”

Teuchi smiled the moment he saw Masahiko, “Boss Hagoromo, you’re back! Thank you for the advice, the business is better now than ever.”

Masahiko nodded and looked into the shop. There was also a female bustling around, with a one or two-year-old girl behind her back.

“You took the whole family to battle?”

“Yes, I can’t do it alone, so ask my wife to help me.”

Masahiko nodded, then was taken aback by a small kid who ran suddenly behind him.

“Boss, I already delivered the ramen to Nara’s house, where is the next one?” Gai, who isn’t 6 years old yet old, said.

“Nara’s house?” Masahiko was startled, “He’s delivering to the entire clan? Who thought that my advice would make Teuchi rich? This has become more like Ichiraku’s Consortium.

Masahiko smiled at Teuchi, “Don’t forget to take care of my business when you get rich.”


“He’s definitely becoming rich!” Masahiko murmured and walked to his Amazon store.

Because his identity got exposed, Masahiko simply asked Teuchi to put an eye on his shop for a year. There was still a lot of dust, and… “What’s the matter with these letters?”

Masahiko picked up a few and took a look, only to find that it was pre-orders. Because the shop was closed, Teuchi stuffed here.

“Sure enough, the Amazon shop is on fire because of Nawaki and Mikoto’s woodcarving. Each piece of these papers is worth one million Ryo. There are three to four hundred here. Are there this much of rich people in Konoha?”

However, after reading more, Masahiko realized that things weren’t as he expected. Only a few wanted to buy, and most of the other letters, where the people who already ordered urging him to finish the job…

“These people are really impatient, people should learn how to respect Rikudou-Sama.”

In the following days, Masahiko used the transformation technique to complete the orders during the daytime, and in the evening, he will return to the Senju Station in his original appearance to assign some training tasks to the three children.

It took Masahiko a month before he could complete all the “orders” and commissioned a takeaway from Ichiraku Ramen to deliver his figures. In total, he earned more than 300 million Ryo, which isn’t a small sum for Masahiko. Of course, he could “earn” more form the casino, but it may cause riots.

The job of one-year was finished by Masahiko in a month, and the shop became half-dead again, and it’s expected to remain half-dead. Because all the people who could afford Masahiko’s figures have already bought one from him, and I’m afraid there will be no one in a short time.

Masahiko wondered what kind of products or services he could add to the store when new suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Konoha Academy is about to enroll for the 39th time.

The importance of this year’s enrollment is second only to the time when they were picking the Second Hokage. Because when Masahiko thought about it, it wasn’t only Kakashi, all the infamous Teachers were getting to school this year.

Besides, Masahiko also wanted to take a look at the current Ninja Academy and see what kind of reforms Hiruzen has issued. It’s said that students now need to pass the three tests of basic Ninjutsu. The ability to refine Chakra is important, but it isn’t enough anymore. He had to do so because Konoha has an increasing population.

Moreover, in recent years, the original September admission was changed to March. It felt a bit awkward to Masahiko at first, but later, he realized that a thing related to memories from his previous life. Masahiko estimated that everyone here thinks that it’s better to start school soon after the New Year.

Walking around the Academy, he found a red flayer there, explaining in detail the registration time and the test time, and some children were already there with their parents to sign up.

For a while, Masahiko stayed there and saw a few “familiar faces,” but some of them he couldn’t remember what they were called.

“Many people, no wonder Hiruzen, issued those reforms,” Masahiko remembers that there were only 30 students in the first year of Konoha Academy.

“The assessment will be on the 20th of February.” Masahiko nodded, “Well, let’s hope that these kids will put up a good show when the day of the assessment comes.”