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L.L.H: Chapter 183: Canon!

Time flies, two days passed in the blink of an eye, and the 39th Enrollment Exam of Konoha Academy began.

Masahiko didn’t participate personally and stood beside Sakumo as a bystander.

The test is divided into three sessions. The easiest one was “Ninjutsu.” It’s all about how efficient you are at refining Chakra. Of course, if you want to get a high score, you must be able to use the Three Basic Techniques proficiently, which is very difficult for children.

“Taijutsu” is a pure physical skill assessment. Male and female candidates have different standards, and for boys, they were more stringent.

“Genjutsu” is the illusion assessment. Of course, none of the kids would be asked to use Genjutsu, this test was all about their ability to resist Genjutsu.

“Sakumo, what is the qualification for the assessment?” Masahiko generally understood the concept of the assessments but didn’t know the specific scoring criteria.

“The highest is ten, the average is five,” Sakumo replied.

Masahiko nodded, “And what if the candidate is particularly outstanding in one aspect?” Masahiko thought of Gai.

“If you score ten points in one test, you can ignore the others.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief and felt that Gai should be fine.

“But it’s difficult to get a full score.” Sakumo added, “Kakashi probably would only get 10 points in Ninjutsu, and maybe 9 or even 8 in the other two.”

Masahiko frowned. Since childhood, Kakashi, who had been trained by Sakumo, should have better physical skills than Gai, yet he doesn’t expect him to get full marks…

“Is it this strict?”

Sakumo nodded, “The Hokage-Sama is hopeless. There are too many candidates. This time more than 150 children signed up, and he’s hoping that only 60 people will pass.”

Masahiko nodded in understanding. He knew in his heart that those children will always get a second chance. The oldest entry age for the Academy is nine years old, and now many children are just over five years old.

Of course, all of the five-year-olds are obviously very self-confident.

“Sakumo, where’s your baby?” The students have entered the arena one after another, but Masahiko didn’t see Kakashi.

“Kakashi will be the last one to take the test.” Sakumo’s face seemed stiff.

“Like father like son, so he loves to show up too?” Masahiko laughed and teased.

“Alright.” Sakumo grew up dealing with Masahiko, and it seems like the latter’s teasing doesn’t work on him anymore.

Masahiko looked at the children who were at the forefront. As expected, there were no familiar faces. It seems that the stronger children were ranked behind.

The three examiners were, Nara Patriarch for the “Ninjutsu” test, Hyuga Patriarch for the “Taijutsu,” and Uchiha Kagami for the “Genjutsu.”

Masahiko thought for a while. If something like Genjutsu is misused, it may greatly impact the future of these kids. At this time, Konoha’s strongest Genjutsu user should be Uchiha Kagami.

“Sure enough, it’s rigorous. These three examiners look scary.” Masahiko muttered.

However, the “Genjutsu” he found most difficult was easily passed by the children. None of them seemed to have been trapped inside Genjutsu for a long time. Still, none managed to get a high score.

“Why does Kagami seem to be letting them pass?”

Sakumo hesitated for a moment and came over quietly, “I heard that the Elder’s daughter-in-law seems to be pregnant. He should be in a good mood.”

Masahiko gave him a smile, “When did you become a gossip person?”

“Wait, Kagami’s grandson?” Masahiko was startled. Isn’t that should be Uchiha Shisui?

“What’ wrong, Elder Masahiko?”

“Ah, n-nothing…”

Usually, the birth of one more kid isn’t that great of news, but those eyes are the things Masahiko was more concerned about.

Masahiko pondered for a while, then he came back to his sense after a time to watch the test. The children in the top ranks weren’t good, after all. Although they didn’t do too bad, Masahiko estimated that they wouldn’t pass.

“So, who will be the first Canon kid?”

Masahiko was excited.

After half a minute.

“Huh, it turned out to be Gai…” Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry, “I should have thought of what to expect.”

“Is he Dai’s son?” Sakumo asked.

Different from the original, Sakumo knew the Taijutsu proficient Maito Dai.

Masahiko nodded with a smile.

Sakumo hesitated, knowing how difficult the assessment is, “He won’t be able to pass this way.”

Masahiko waved his hand, “It’s okay, he will do it!”

Masahiko couldn’t remember anything about Gai failing to enter the Academy in the original. And he also knew that he and Kakashi will join in the same year, so he felt that it would be impossible for him not to pass.

Sakumo hesitated for a moment but said nothing.

Ten minutes later, Masahiko’s mouth twitched. Although he didn’t know his score, Gai will never pass this exam unless the examiner felt asleep.

“He will be fine.” Masahiko didn’t like to be proven wrong.

After him, another familiar face entered the scene, Masahiko temporarily put aside his attention to Gai’s score.

“This guy… I think it should be Ibiki Morino, but he doesn’t have that scar yet.”

“This is… Ebisu? Konohamaru’s Sensei is he also in this batch…?”

“Gekko Hayate, and Yugao Uzuki, this pair is also joining this year.”

“The one holding the straw stick should be Genma Shiranui, the one who loves to complain.”

“Rin Nohara…”

“Speaking of Rin, that’s Obito over there, this is the first time I see him.”

“Kurenai Yuhi, so she only managed to pass the Genjutu test? Still, she’s the first one to get a perfect score.”

“The living 35 million Ryo, Asuma…”

As the candidates took the tests, Masahiko kept recalling the familiar character one after another. In addition to them, there were also a few children who were familiar but couldn’t name. But there are at least thirteen or fourteen “Canon” characters that Masahiko remembers from the original.

As for Hatake Kakashi, he entered the field with a small sword, and the Ninja Academy entrance exam that lasted for a full day came to an end.

Kakashi’s three basic Ninjutsu were perfect, the best so far, and he got his full mark, but he didn’t pass the “Ninjutsu” test first. Instead, he took the other two tests, but he failed to pass them with full marks, making him look a little disappointed.

Masahiko hesitated for a moment, turned to Sakumo, and asked a question that had troubled him for a century, “Why is Kakashi is wearing a mask?”

“Because he’s insanely handsome.”

Sakumo turned around and left. Masahiko, who was stunned for a while, finally remembered Teuchi and his daughter’s reaction when they saw Kakashi’s face in the original…