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L.L.H: Chapter 184: Orochimaru’s Request

“Gai really hasn’t passed the Exam?” Masahiko was surprised as he looked at the assessment report in Kagami’s hand.

Kagami smiled bitterly: “I’ve tried my best to help him and even gave him five points, but he only scored two points in the Ninjutsu test.”

Masahiko sighed, looked at Sakumo next to him, and shook his head helplessly.

“Forget it. Hiruzen will eventually see his potential in Taijutsu, and will specially recruit him to school, right?” Masahiko said, but he wasn’t too sure.

Looking at Sakumo and Kagami, both also seemed not sure. Masahiko’s heart moved at that moment, “Okay, if Hiruzen ended up rejecting him, I will take him back to the Uzumaki with me!”

“Elder Masahiko…” Hiruzen’s voice came from behind. He didn’t believe Masahiko hadn’t noticed his arrival. But it seems he was talking about him.

“What a coincidence, Hiruzen.” Masahiko turned with a smile.

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “Yes, it is. I know all about Dai’s son. Don’t worry, Elder Masahiko.”

“That’s good.”

Two days later, Masahiko accompanied Maito Dai and his son to see the admission list of the Academy, but Gai’s name wasn’t there.

Masahiko gritted his teeth quite a bit, “I shouldn’t have trusted you, it seems that I will really have to take Gai back with me to the Uzumaki.”

“But… this scene is quite interesting.” Masahiko murmured, watching Gai, who was riding on Dai’s shoulder weeping bitterly, and Dai’s face being washed with tears.

“It’s okay, son! You still have a chance before the final enrollment time.”


After that, the two, father and son, held each other tightly, crying bitterly, and shouting youth…

Masahiko stepped disgustedly, letting the two have their moment.

“Kenichiro is nothing like this… These two are really on another level.”

The onlookers around made Masahiko a little uncomfortable, he slowly took his distance and quickly walked away.

“What is Hiruzen trying to do? Does he want to see Gai’s potential?” Masahiko guessed.

It did have some effects. Gai, who failed the assessment, was more enthusiastic in training than ever.

Masahiko didn’t bother to pay more attention to this. Sure enough, the day before the official opening of the Academy, Gai received an alternate admission notice.

“Alternate admission?” Masahiko frowned, “Is there such a thing in the original?”

In short, Gai eventually became Kakashi’s classmate. Simultaneously, as the freshmen started their fist lesson, Masahiko went to their class, thinking that if he stayed a little bit, their teacher would start calling their name, and he will see how many characters he knows.

Masahiko was very surprised by the selection of the teacher; it was actually Kato Dan. This must be somewhat different from the original because Dan should have been dead at this time.

During the call, a slightly familiar little girl made Masahiko understand why Kato Dan was selected as their teacher.

“Shizune? So she was also Kakashi’s classmate. And Kato selected this class because of his niece?”

In addition to her, Masahiko has heard several familiar names, such as Yamashiro Aoba, etc. Although he can’t remember where these people appeared in the original, he must have heard their names before.

This time watching the enrollment also yield Masahiko unexpected gain; he earned more than 70 witness points.

Kakashi brought him ten points, Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, brought him five points each, there are also a bunch of three and two points, which should be divided according to the importance of these people in the original.

“Huuuh… It seems that I have lost a lot of witness points over the years. For example, when the Legendary Sannin enrolled in school, I must have lost 30 points at once.” Masahiko felt an intense headache. From now on, he decided to come here to watch every year.

Konoha’s 39th Ninja Academy’s little incident came to an end. Masahiko had nothing to do, and he began to consider the reopening of the Amazon Shop. Unexpectedly, two people came to find him.

“What’s happened…? Why are Tsunade and Orochimaru together? It would be fine if it was Kato or even Jiraiya, but Orochimaru!!!” Masahiko felt anxious for a moment.

Fortunately, this was just his wild guess, and Tsunade’s words made him relieved.

“Me and Orochimaru?!! Grandpa, pleaaaaase!”

Masahiko was relieved, so he smiled and said, “Where is Jiraiya? Why isn’t he with you two?”

“That idiot seems to be writing a book recently.”

“Writing a book?” Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, “Oh, Jiraiya is going to write a book, and the protagonist’s name is Naruto. What was its title…? Anyway, this book is essential, and it should yield a lot of witness points.”

Masahiko thought for a moment, then turned to Orochimaru, “How can I help you?”

“Elder, can you find the location of Ryuchi Cave for me?” Orochimaru said hoarsely.

“Ryuchi Cave…” After hearing these words, Masahiko immediately understood Orochimaru’s intentions. It seems that the latter wants to learn the Sage Mode, but he couldn’t find the location of the Ryuchi Cave.

After pondering for a while, Masahiko felt like he should refuse. Helping Tsunade to get stronger is fine. But Orochimaru… he was somewhat not sure about him. Initially, his various escaping techniques were strong, and if he let him study something like Sage Mode, Masahiko feared that he won’t be able to control him.

However, after pondering again, Masahiko nodded, he couldn’t just judge him based on the original.

“I probably know the location, I will take you there.”

Although slug once told him that three sacred lands are connected together, Masahiko didn’t want to take him there through Shikkotsu Forest.

“Senior, just give me the location, and I will go by myself.”

Masahiko shook his head, “I have been in two of the sacred lands, and I would like to go to Ryuchi Cave too. I’m curious about it.”

“Tomorrow morning, come to find me, we will go there together.

“Then, I’m sorry for troubling you, Elder” Orochimaru said thank you, turned and left, probably he went to prepare.

Masahiko looked a Tsunade, “Speaking of which, did you finish your training, you’ve never shown me your Sage Mode…”

Tsunade waved her hand repeatedly, “I haven’t fully mastered it yet, I’ll show you later.” And then she fled quickly.

Masahiko was startled, then remembered the weird paint Hashirama had on his face, and smiled, “It seems that she didn’t like how her Sage Mode looked.”