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L.L.H: Chapter 186: The Snake’s Slough

The expression on Masahiko’s face was ugly.

Although he had withstood everything that this world threw at him, ups and downs for a hundred years, a tight cave full of snakes was the limit.

The Ryuchi Cave’s landform was very hard to describe; caves within caves, and entrances and exits everywhere, it was simply a maze. More importantly, all of these caves were full of large and small green snakes. Masahiko had the repulsion force turned on all the time, so that these snakes are at least ten meters away from him.

Orochimaru was worth of their “kind,” he didn’t look bothered; in fact, he was looking around with interest.

“We’re going this way.” Masahiko perceived slightly and said to Orochimaru.

When he came to the cave, Masahiko hadn’t dared to maximize his perception, not because he was worried that the Sage Snake would find them, but because of how many snakes showed up in his perception before… it was creepy.

As for how to tell they were taking the right direction, Masahiko was simply heading towards the place where the Natural Energy was more concentrated.

As he walked deeper and deeper, Masahiko’s anxiety calmed slightly. Although the size of snakes is constantly increasing, the relative number was decreasing a bit too. For Masahiko’s intensive phobia of snakes… this was much more comfortable.

Although Ryuchi Cave looks small, because it was basically a maze, it wasn’t a short walk. Masahiko and Orochimaru were moving fast, but it still took an hour before Masahiko could sense relatively large Chakra fluctuations.

After walking for a few minutes again, a dozen giant snakes appeared in front of him.

Well, it wasn’t particularly significant, far less than Manda, which is only ten meters long, but Masahiko could feel that they have a lot of Chakra in their bodies, and they should belong to sage kind.

The snakes also saw the two of them, and immediately surrounded them.


Obviously not friendly.

Masahiko frowned, feeling surrounded by more than a dozen snakes wasn’t very relaxing, and just when he was about to do it, Orochimaru stopped him.

“Aoda, it’s me.” With a hoarse voice, Orochimaru came to the rescue.
(T/N: Aoda: is a summoning snake, who resides in the Ryūchi Cave, that has pledged loyalty to Sasuke Uchiha.)

“Orochimaru-Sama.” The dark blue giant snake nodded as if he had just recognized him.

“Take me to Manda.” Orochimaru didn’t directly state his purpose but asked to see Manda first.
(T/N: Manda: is the boss summon of the Ryūchi Cave snakes.)

There are small snakes that are easy to handle. But there are also these scary giant snakes who surrounded them, thanks to Aoda they let them pass.

“Ryuchi Cave… are snakes really more hierarchical?” Masahiko sighed. This feeling of encountering strong snakes as you advance is a bit like playing a game…

“But, I didn’t know that there are three giant snakes of Manda’s level!” As he moved forward, there were three larger Chakra reactions in Masahiko’s perception, all of which were probably on the same level as Manda.

After taking five or six corners, three giant snakes of different colors appeared in front of the two, the purple was Manda, and the other two cyan and red.

The three surrounded them, and Masahiko’s first thought was, “Shinra Tensei…”

Of course, he wasn’t gonna fight the landlords, and they seemed like they were waiting for them there.

“Orochimaru, you managed to find this place,” Manda said. It seems that Orochimaru told him that he was gonna come to Ryuchi Cave for practice.

“But!” Manda stared coldly at Masahiko, “Why did you bring another human with you!”

Masahiko looked at the snake’s mouth that was approaching quickly, and out of nervousness, he turned on the repulsive force… fully on…

Whether it was the three giant snakes, Orochimaru, they all flew upside down instantly, crashing into many caves.

Looking at the smoke and dust around him, Masahiko’s face turned black.

He wasn’t gonna let Manda bully him, he wasn’t a glass heart. Moreover, he’s usually the one bullying people…

“I’m not here to cause trouble…” Masahiko sighed. Just now, he has output all of his Chakra into the Shinra Tense, and he even subconsciously turned the Sage Mode on. Watching the initially narrow cave suddenly bigger, Masahiko felt that he might have overreacted. Fortunately, the three snakes weren’t seriously injured.

As for Orochimaru, he didn’t worry much; his escaping techniques were superb.

“Elder, we came here so I can learn Sage Mode…” Sure enough, Orochimaru’s voice came over after a while, but it was a bit trembled. He wasn’t sure if it because he was injured or angry…

Masahiko looked in his direction and waved his hand, “And I’m okay with it, but don’t forget to tell Manda to brush his teeth in the future before talking to me.”

As he was talking about Manda, the latter swam back and surrounded Masahiko with the dozen or so large snake they encountered before, watching him warily.

“Unexpected resistance.” Masahiko murmured. The other two obviously won’t come back for a while.

“Manda, calm down.” Orochimaru tried to comfort him, but obviously, it was in vain.

“Damn you, humans!” He roared and threw his tail towards Masahiko, but the latter condensed a lightning sword and nail it to the ground.

Manda roared and struggled in pain, Masahiko didn’t take advantage of this situation, after all, it was Orochimaru’s summoning beast.

He then turned around and looked at the dozen “little snakes,” which were still wary of him, “You figure out a way to pull out this sword, we’re going to find your master.”

“Orochimaru, follow me.”

As if nothing had happened, Masahiko too Orochimaru and continued on.

Masahiko had already sensed the White Snake Sage’s Chakra. It stands to reason that, with such a big movement, it should have come a long time ago, but it didn’t move, which made Masahiko a little curious.

Followed by Orochimaru all the way, after a few kilometers, Masahiko finally saw the last of the three Sages, Hakuja Sennin.

On a huge stone chair, a giant snake with snow-white scales sat “cross-legged.”

Hakuja Sennin’s eyes were unexpectedly “not scary.”

“Orochimaru, we finally meet, you’re here to learn Sage Mode?”

His tone was also very gentle, which made Orochimaru a little surprised and looked at Masahiko.

Masahiko smiled, “I guess he’s willing to teach you.”

Orochimaru frowned before nodding slowly, feeling that something wasn’t right.

Masahiko was actually a little confused too. He had injured a few snakes just now, but Hakuja Sennin seems to have no intention of pursuing it.

“Well, resolving this peacefully is better. Though I felt much stronger Chakra from him when we were coming here, this one feels weak…”

As soon as Masahiko thought of this, he was startled and subconsciously rose into the air.

Suddenly, a giant snake mouth emerged from the ground and bit towards Masahiko.

Looking at the colossal chair again, the giant white snake lost its solidarity and got flat.

“It was just a snake’s slough?” Masahiko sighed.

“Earth Release: Super-Fist Rock Technique!”
(T/N: Originally: Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique)