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L.L.H: Chapter 187: A Little Disappointing

“You’re a dignified immortal sage existence, yet you fight dirty, you’re really shameless!” After he avoided Hakuja Sennin’s attack, Masahiko yelled and struck him down with his Super-First Rock Technique. But Hakuja Sennin shrugged it off as if it was nothing.

He had no idea what kind of technique the Hakuja Sennin used, but just now, he managed to conceal his presence and hide underground. If Masahiko didn’t feel that something was wrong, he would have won a free ticket on a tribe to the snake’s stomach.

The White Snake Sage stood upright and stared at Masahiko closely with its pair of snake pupils.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, why did you attack the red and green snake? Aren’t you going to give me an explanation?”

Masahiko was startled; he didn’t expect Hakuja Sennin to know his name and felt secretly happy.

“It turns out that my reputation has spread well…”

“The green and the red snake?” Masahiko murmured, “Hold on a minute, the blue snake is called Aoda, and the red snake is called Akada, right? So the question is, why is the purple snake is called Manda, ten thousand snakes, not Murada?”
(T/N: Aoda: literally means blue snake. Akada: Red snake. Manda: Ten thousand snakes. Murada: Purple Snake.)

Hakuja Sennin was taken aback for a moment, then he got furious, but Masahiko waved his hand quickly, saying, “You can call it whatever you like, as long as you’re happy.”

He didn’t want to fight Hakuja Sennin. Although he didn’t think he would lose, he still didn’t believe it would be easy to win. The Super Fist Rock Technique he used just now didn’t break the opponent’s defense, and the escaping abilities of the snakes were too strong. Moreover, the main purpose of coming here is to see Hakuja Sennin with his own eyes… and also so that Orochimaru can practice the Sage Mode.

“Orochimaru…” As soon as he thought of Orochimaru, he looked around to find him examining the snake’s slough with interest.

“Orochimaru, are you using me…”

Masahiko was dumbfounded; he looked back to find that Hakuja Sennin has already fetched a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

As he thought, Hakuja Sennin isn’t very reliable. Someone was studying his skin, and he was in the mood for a cigarette.

After hesitating, Masahiko called him out.

“Orochimaru, stop licking that snakeskin, and come here to light up Hakuja’s Sennin’s cigarette.”

As soon as Masahiko talked, The White Snake Sage revealed his killing intent again.

However, Masahiko wasn’t too worried anymore. He felt that the Hakuja Sennin had never intended to do anything to him from the start. It was just a test.

Sure enough, he kept staring at him for a while, then slowly swam around, heading toward his throne.

Orochimaru let go of the snake slough and came to Masahiko’s side.

“How was the research?”

“The time is too short, but the hardness was very high, even a sharp sword won’t cut it.” Orochimaru actually answered Masahiko’s question thoughtfully.

Masahiko’s face turned dark, but Orochimaru continued anyway, “Did you get its blood?”

Masahiko: “…”

It seems that Orochimaru has never been interested in learning Sage Mode. All that he wanted was Hakuja Sennin’s blood.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, what the slug said is right, you really are a nonchalant person.”

Hakuja Sennin sat back on its chair and spoke slowly.

Masahiko was stunned. He didn’t expect the Slug Sage to tell the Snake Sage about him. It seems that the relationship between these immortals is unexpectedly good… However, couldn’t the Slug Sage say a nicer thing about him?

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!!” Masahiko didn’t say a word, and directly lit Hakuja Sennin’s cigarette, but he didn’t control it and burned the entire thing out.

Hakuja Sennin spewed out a puff of black smoke and said, “Sure enough, the Slug Sage was right to describe you that way.”

Masahiko scratched his head and said helplessly: “You are a divine creature. You shouldn’t smoke such a cheap cigarette. Orochimaru, give the master a good cigarette.”

“No problem, elder.”

After that, the atmosphere became a bit awkward, with both being quiet.

Masahiko didn’t know what Hakuja Sennin was thinking, and Orochimaru himself was at a loss.

Masahiko thought he should be sinister, cunning, and cruel. But after seeing him, he found that it wasn’t the case at all.

Masahiko injured many high-ranked snakes, but Hakuja Sennin didn’t retaliate and let him go with a silent warning.

Masahiko has always been straightforward and directly asked.

“Why aren’t you trying to do anything to me anymore?”

“I won’t gain anything from killing you.”

Hakuja Sennin’s words made Masahiko wake up. He was a wise immortal and the highest-ranked creature in this sacred land. Avenging three small snakes are not worth the efforts of the Great Snake Sage.

Masahiko’s got his answer, so he took two steps back with a smile. This trip wasn’t about him; the ultimate goal is to help Orochimaru learn the Sage Mode.

Orochimaru and Hakuja Sennin talked for a while after that. Masahiko ignored it and wandered around the place.

When he first came in, he noticed that there were many exquisite carvings around. After he came closer, he saw an unexpected thing.

“Is this a relic from the Warring States Period?”

He had never found such a thing in Mount Myoboku and Shikkotsu Forest.

“It’s more like a man-made sculpture. Maybe many years ago, Ryuchi Cave was inhabitant by humans.” Masahiko thought and looked at Hakuja Sennin behind him, but this time he didn’t ask.

After all, if it was really inhabitant by humans, and Hakuja Sennin took their land, asking him about it would be really awkward.

Hakuja Sennin was unexpectedly so easy to speak to, and he had already begun to instruct Orochimaru on how to practice the Sage Mode, but Masahiko didn’t plan to stay here and wait.

“Orochimaru, the Sage Mode isn’t so easy to learn. So you continue to work hard. The only thing I could help you with was bringing you here.” Masahiko said these words then turned.

“Thank you, elder.”

Hakuja Sennin didn’t stop Masahiko, and not a single snake disturbed him on the way back until he walked out of Ryuchi Cave.

The trip to Ryuchi Cave… How do I say it? Yes… a bit disappointing.” Masahiko muttered to himself after seeing the sunshine again. Hakuja Sennin was completely different from what he imagined in his mind. It’s been a long time since he got involved with new people. In fact, he was actually looking forward to fighting the Great Snake Sage.

“Speaking of which, the Toad Sage predicts, the Slug Sage heals, what the Snake sage actually do?”

Masahiko pondered. Initially, he thought that the snakes are better fighters, but when he fought against Hakuja Sennin, Masahiko felt that he was just a little stronger than the Slug Sage, and he should be able to defeat him.

“Good at escaping techniques and surviving? Or is it good at sneak attacks? Maybe he’s just good at taking advantage and avoiding dangerous situations?”

“Well, he really knew when to stop. Maybe he knew that he can’t defeat me…”

Masahiko thought narcissistically.