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L.L.H: Chapter 188: Elder

Although the trip to Ryuchi Cave eventually turned out to be a disappointment, Masahiko had some other gains outside, and the Libra Clan agreed to migrate to the Land of the Whirlpools.

“I’m very sorry, Uzumaki Masahiko-Dono, you’ve helped us again, and we were blaming you all of this time…” the Libra’s tenth patriarch said.

Masahiko waved his hand, “It’s okay. I won’t pursuit it… you’re already unlucky enough…”

Libra Patriarch: “…”

The guy suddenly looked so worried about the future of his plan.

Fortunately, Masahiko was only mocking him; he knew that taking them to the Land of Whirlpools is the best thing for them.

The Libra Clan wasn’t big, nor small; they had 120 people. Masahiko could easily fly them all up once he turns on his Sage Mode, but flying that number in the sky would attract a lot of attention.

However, when they started walking back, Masahiko felt that it was too slow. After all, only five of them were at the Chunin level. And if they kept this pace, it will take them a month to cross the Land of Fire.

“Should I let the shadow clone take them back?” Masahiko murmured. In fact, this is the best solution, but the shadow clone…

“Let’s fly back!” Masahiko gritted his teeth, then floated more than a hundred people in the air for the first time.

Because most of them were ordinary people, Masahiko didn’t fly too high, nor too fast. However, that meant that most people on the ground will see them clearly.

So on this day, many civilians thought they have crossed over to Dragon Ball Z world.

In the Land of the Whirlpools, Masahiko briefly explained the origins of these people, so she can help them settle down well, then returned to Konoha.

The trip took a total of three days, which is much faster than he thought. And since he arranged a one-month training course for the three children before, he had nothing to do.

What Masahiko was more concerned about is Jiraiya’s book.

In these three days, Masahiko finally remembered the title’s book, it should be called” The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi” The story follows the adventures of a ninja named Naruto, a name Jiraiya came up with while eating ramen. In his book, Naruto never gives up and vows to break the “curse”, representing the cycles of war, conflict, and hatred that occupy the ninja world. As this is an idea, Jiraiya first heard spoken by Nagato, and the novel is dedicated to him. But now Nagato is Masahiko’s disciple, and god knows what Jiraiya will write about.

And speaking of writing…

“As a Senpai Writer, I should give him guidance!” Masahiko remembered that he was also a writer who has released two out of three books, even though the spread wasn’t wide.

Masahiko came to Jiraiya’s for the first time. As an orphan, even though he was an S-Ranked ninja, Jiraiya’s home was simple.

“But… unexpectedly neat.” Masahiko didn’t know at all, and walked directly into Jiraiya’s house.”

“It’s quite addictive to walk in like this, you can only do this in anime.” Masahiko smiled, sensing Jiraiya’s Chakra in the back room.

When he was about to push the door, Masahiko hesitated for a moment, remembering Jiraiya’s twisted personality. “I hope he’s not… right?”
Frozen for a moment, the door in front of him suddenly was opened, and Jiraiya walked out then stood in front of him with a pair of thick dark circles.

Jiraiya looked so tired to the point that he didn’t even react when he saw Masahiko.

Masahiko looked at him up and down, then said, “Son, you really need to take care of your body.”

“Okay.” Jiraiya nodded, then bypassed Masahiko and went to the toilet.

“This guy…” Masahiko murmured, something is off about him.

Masahiko walked into the room.

“Sure enough, writing isn’t easy… except for a genius like me.”

Turning his gaze to the desk, Masahiko noticed how many papers were thrown away on the ground.

Masahiko took a page from the desk, “A Great Shinobi isn’t determined by how much Ninjutsu he mastered, but in the perseverance to never give up. A straightforward person who will never break his vows, and follows his Ninja Paths to the end.”

Upon reading this, a smile was drawn on Masahiko’s face.

“This is really heartwarming…”

Just when he was about to pick up the second page, Jiraiya rushed in.

“Elder… why are you at my house?”

Masahiko didn’t answer, but smiled and said, “Why aren’t you calling me Old Devil like you used to do?”

Jiraiya whispered, “I was young and ignorant before…”

Masahiko just looked relieved, and Jiraiya continued, “Maybe I should call you Grandpa in the future like everyone does.”

Masahiko was speechless.

“You’ve really grown up to be a great Shinobi…”

Masahiko whispered, then he said, “I’m here as your Senpai in writing, and I will give you my guidance.”

Jiraiya was shocked, “Grandpa, you were a writer?”

His face was full of disbelief.

Masahiko waved his hand, then looked at the bookshelf, “You might find one of my books there!”

“Impossible.” Jiraiya widened his eyes.

Masahiko immediately got up and went to search.

The bookshelf was divided into two layers. Masahiko glanced at the first one slightly, then glanced back to Jiraiya with contempt. They were all pornographic books and… They all looked boring.

Well, boredom is the key here…

The lower one was normal, from books about Ninjutsu, to the introduction of world geography, to the origins and disputes of the five major villages… So, none of his books.

“There’s isn’t. I really thought that…”

Masahiko’s words suddenly were cut short when he saw a familiar book on the upper layer.

“The Dream of Building a Village… isn’t this written by me?”

Masahiko had a bad feeling, so he didn’t claim it, and turned to look at Jiraiya.

“The name of that book is quite normal, why is it in the pornographic layer?”

Jiraiya was also taken aback; he quickly took the book, glanced at it, then suddenly looked like he realized something.

“Elder, don’t you know this book? It was made by an unknown writer from Konoha, but he was really a twisted man.”

Jiraiya continued, “The book is about the friendship between the two legendary ninjas, Uchiha Madara, and the First Hokage…”

Jiraiya also changed his tone when he said “Friendship,” showing a distressed expression.

“If this guy wrote something about a man and a woman, with this kind of skill, I’m sure it would have become famous, but unfortunately…”

Jiraiya shook his head, took a deep breath, then continued, “But it’s too later. When this book was published, Uchiha Madara was still in the village. I’m sure the poor guy still gets chills, even after death, when he remembers it. There aren’t too many copies, so I added it to my collection.”

“I wanted to ask if you have ever heard about this writer’s second book. But I didn’t expect that you didn’t even know him.”

Masahiko gritted his teeth, “The second book? I even have the third book that he never published.

“There’s a third book?” Jiraiya was surprised.

“Do you want to see it?”


“Sage Mode: Kai! Seventh Gate: Kai!”


Jiraiya’s house exploded instantly.

Cough Old Devil, what the hell are you doing!”

Jiraiya addressing Masahiko by Elder lasted only a chapter…