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L.L.H: Chapter 189: Contest

Instantly, Jiraiya’s house exploded, and there was nothing left there to recover. After a moment, Masahiko sense many familiar Chakras quickly approaching.

Looking at Jiraiya, who was sitting in ruins with a crying face, Masahiko looked relieved again and closed the Sage Mode and the Seventh Gate.

“Elder Masahiko, what’s going on here?” Sakumo was the first to arrive with the Anbu mask on his face.

Masahiko waved twice, then looked around. The people living near the place were all ninjas, so there weren’t any unwanted accidents or injuries.

“It’s okay. I was just having a discussion with Jiraiya here, and I accidentally used too much force.”

Sakumo obviously didn’t believe this; how would Jiraiya be stupid to the point that he consider discussing with Masahiko.

“Since it’s nothing…” Sakumo couldn’t do anything about it even if he wanted, so he just left.

Masahiko hurriedly stopped him, pointing to the surroundings, “More and more people are coming, so you better start the evacuation.”

Sakumo had his mask on, so Masahiko didn’t see his expression, but it seemed obvious that he wasn’t very happy about this unnecessary task he just troubled him with.

Masahiko looked at the heartbroken Jiraiya and felt a little embarrassed. This was really too much…

“Come on, it’s just a house… I’ll give you the money to buy a better one, how about this?”

Jiraiya raised his head in frustration,” Old Devil, you have ruined my collection, and only this one is left… Do you want me to follow the steps of that man?” He said while showing him the same book.

Masahiko’s face turned dark; he embarrassed himself for nothing…

“Even my half-finished first book was destroyed. The very first work of Jiraiya-Sama…” Jiraiya looked really sad.

Masahiko sighed; he really messed up this time.

“It’s okay, I think it would be better if you write for a second time. I really didn’t want to do this, but the book in your hands… I wrote it.”

Jiraiya jumped up, “I knew it! No wonder you tried to destroy it. Old Devil, I really didn’t expect you to be this kind of person…”

Masahiko’s face stiffened; Madara and Hashirama’s ghosts have really come back to haunt him down for what he did for them back in the days.

Yes, it’s all because of Jiraiya; he shouldn’t have collected it in the first place. Looking at the ruins around him, Masahiko turned and left, “Very well, I would love to see you sleep on Konoha’s streets tonight!!”

“No, Elder, didn’t you said that you’re gonna pay me for a new house?” The title changed all of sudden.

Masahiko ignored him, but Jiraiya didn’t give up and yelled, threatening him, “Be careful, I will spread the word about the identity of this book’s writer!”

“Then I tell others that you’re always following Tsunade just to cover up for your true intentions. In fact, deep inside, you’re in love with Orochumaru’s sneaky eyes. And let’s see who they will believe!” Masahiko struck back.

Jiraiya watched Masahiko walking away, then he looked back at the ruins around him, and really felt like crying this time.

“I really can’t help it…”

Masahiko kept walking away, and he suddenly remembered why he came here in the first place.

“Forget it, it will take him a while to finish writing, also writing the story again is better. I remember that his first book didn’t have success at all. Also, he will have to find a place to live… Besides, I really don’t want to see him now.”

Masahiko never expected that his identity as a senior writer would become his dark history.

After a few turns, Masahiko came to Konoha training ground to check if his team was being lazy.

But before he reached them, the voices of two kids attracted his attention.

It was five years old, Kakashi fighting Six years old, Maito Gai!

“It has only been a short time since they started school. Did Gai and Kakashi already become friends?”

Perhaps because of Jiraiya, Masahiko’s mind now has also become twisted.

“Speaking of it, the two have never married in the original. Please don’t tell me…”

Masahiko shook his head quickly, let go of these messy thoughts, and focused on the battle before him.

Neither of them used weapons, nor did they use any Ninjutsu. It was a pure Taijutsu duel.

Masahiko didn’t try to interrupt and watched from afar.

“It seems that Gai is still a bit inferior to Kakashi in terms of physical strength, even though the latter is younger than him. But at this age, the gap isn’t that big. However, Kakashi seems like he has also practiced Kenjutsu…” Masahiko looked at the short sword that Kakashi was carrying on his back.

For a guy like Masahiko, even a battle between two adult Shinobi would be boring to watch, but these two kids’ little confrontation was really interesting.

“Come on, slap him in the face, Gai!” He even picked a side.

A moment later… Kakashi kicked Gai in the face and sent him flying.

Gai lay down on the ground and didn’t seem like he was planning to get up any time soon. So Kakashi finally lay down too and started catching his breaths.

“Kakashi, you won again this time.” After a long time, Gai said.

“Ah.” Kakashi said, “Two to zero.”

Masahiko smiled watching this, “It’s only the second game, Kakashi is quite the competitive guy.”

However, Gai’s ambition had no limit, and immediately said, “Kakashi, let’s do one more battle! YOUTH!!!”

However, his body had a limit, and his legs were clearly trembling.

Not to be outdone, Kakashi also stood up.

Masahiko frowned. With their current physical strength, they won’t be able to fight for another round, and this might get dangerous. And just when he was about to step forward, the two started dancing weirdly.

“Rock, Scissors, Paper!”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched; he almost forgot about this part.

“Rock, Scissors, Paper!”

“I won, Kakashi!” Gai cried happily.

Masahiko’s heart moved; he could no longer just watch and walked over.

“Elder Masahiko!”

“Great Master!”

The two addressed him the same way their fathers usually do.

“Looking at the two of you competing, I thought I should teach you guys a new game. But it’s a difficult one…”

As soon as they heard it was difficult, the two of them nodded confidently.

“Come on, I will teach you.”

“It has the same rules as Rock, Paper, Scissors, but you will use both hands, and after you both reveal the kind of hands you’ve chosen, you can withdraw one and keep the one you think it has the better probability to win or draw.”

(T/N: This is an actual game called: One Punch Left and One Punch Right.)

“And you say while playing: One punch from the left and one from the right, let’s take a punch together.”

Watching the two kids tentatively practice, Masahiko turned over and left satisfied.

Suddenly, Chinese characters flashed before his eyes, “Witness and Completely Change a Branch Story of Naruto World: Gai and Kakashi’s Contest. Reward 10(*10) Witness Points.”

“Completely changed?” Masahiko was shocked, not knowing what he changed.

It wasn’t until a long time later that he knew that Gai had never won once after he taught them this new game.

After all, Rock, Paper, Scissors originally depend on luck, but the new game depends on playing smart.

And Gai lacked a bit of IQ…