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L.L.H: Chapter 190: I Might Have Helped a Fake Grandpa

Successfully gaining new points from Kakashi and Gai’s contest, Masahiko kept walking forward toward the training ground’s depths. There, he found his two disciples training.

Masahiko looked around and shook his head, helplessly, “Sure enough, Kushina isn’t here.”

“What are girls thinking these days? What a waste of Youth!”

“Bah! What I’m saying? I have to stay away from that father and son, this is really contagious!”

Watching his two disciples working hard was very pleasing to Masahiko, and he really didn’t feel like pursuing Kushina’s affairs. He just gained a hundred points by luck and was simply happy.

“Oh my days, I’m really happy now…” After he walked to a corner, Masahiko used the transformation technique, then walked to the Amazon store, while humming,

“♪It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say ♪”

“♪Masahiko is here you can take a break♪”

“♪I’m a hot old sage that can go to space♪”

“♪Flying in the air, like I don’t care baby by the way♪”
(T/N: Pharrell Williams – Happy Edited)

“Because I’m hap… wait!” Suddenly, it hit him back, “What kind of product should I add to the store since I’m free now?”

On Konoha Street, Masahiko kept dancing on the rythm left and right, while thinking.

“Be careful, grandpa!” A cry came, then suddenly Masahiko found himself being supported from the back by someone.

Masahiko smiled and glanced at the side. Initially, he was longing for a chance to meet Obito personally, but he didn’t expect that the latter will take the initiative by helping him crossing the road.

Masahiko’s body suddenly hollowed out, and his upper half leaned on the boy who was supporting him.

“Thank you, kid, if it weren’t you, I’m afraid that I, I…”

To be honest, this acting should be awarded an Oscar.

Obviously, Obito didn’t see through it, and kept supporting Masahiko, “Grandpa, where is your home? I’ll take you back!”

Masahiko snickered secretly and pointed out the direction, then the two carried on to the Amazon Store.

Passing by Ichiraku Ramen, Teuchi rushed out quickly.

“Hagoromo-San, what happened?”

Masahiko winked at him twice, but it was in vain. Teuchi didn’t understand the sign, “Boss…”

“Ah, it’s okay, I went out for a run just now, and suddenly felt like I was gonna faint out.” Masahiko stood up straight again, making Obito look dumbfounded.

“Grandpa, are you okay now?”

“Ah, yes, I feel alright now, thanks to you.”

Scratching his head while feeling a bit lost, Obito couldn’t help but doubt.

“But…” Obito looked at Masahiko’s gray hair, hesitated, and couldn’t bring himself to pursue it, “Then I’ll leave first, grandpa. I need to practice, please be careful, in the future.”

“Wait.” Masahiko stopped him, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you come to my shop for a glass of water.”

Then he immediately pulled Obito, who followed him a bit unwillingly.

Obito didn’t want to come in, but he couldn’t just refuse an elderly’s request.

However, when he came to the Amazon Shop, the sculptures around immediately caught his eyes.

“Ah! These are, Hokage-Sama, The Legendary Sannin, and our Patriarch…” Obito looked at them over and over, exclaiming again and again.

After a long while, he finally calmed down but shouting that many times made him feel thirsty.

“Grandpa, where do you keep the water?” Obito hasn’t forgotten that Masahiko brought him here to pour for him a glass of water.

Masahiko was startled. He on the other hand totally forgot, and he actually didn’t have such a thing in his shop, not even a single cup.

“Uh… just wait, I’ll go next door, to Ichiraku Ramen, and ask him for a glass of water for you.”

“Don’t bother, grandpa.” Obito hurriedly stopped him, “I’ll just go home!”

“Why are you in such a hurry to go?”

“No, no, it’s just that… it’s getting late, I have to go back.” With the feeling that something was really off about this man, Obito spoke incoherently, as he walked backward toward the exit.

Masahiko’s eyes moved, then he shouted, “Be careful!”

Obito got startled for a moment, then he heard a “pop” behind him, and turned his head stiffly.

Masahiko rushed over, then squatted down with an expression full of pain.

“Poor Third Hokage, what an end the fate has brought to you.”

Obito looked terrified, “Grandpa, was it me?”

Masahiko looked up fiercely, “Who else? Obviously, it wasn’t me, I was far away.”

Obito looked like he got hit by a lightning bolt, but in fact, Masahiko was the one who made it fall by manipulating gravity.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I will pay you for it.” Heartbroken, Obito took out his small wallet.

Masahiko smirked and stretched out one finger.

“A hundred Ryo?” Obito breathed out a sigh of relief; he will just need to skip one dinner.

Masahiko shook his head.

“How much is that then?”

“Add three zeros.”

“One… Million!!” Fortunately, Obito couldn’t count how many lunches he had to skip to pay Masahiko back; otherwise, he would have fainted out.

However, he was really a good boy. Although he knew he couldn’t afford to pay, he still didn’t bailout.

“Grandpa, I don’t have that much money.”

Masahiko smiled secretly; his ultimate goal was finally achieved, so he also sighed, pretending to be disappointed.

“This version of the Third Hokage, only have one copy.” He said while manipulating the gravity to hide away the rest.

Obito felt guiltier.

And as soon as he saw that, Masahiko played his last card, “Well, I’m always alone in this store. Seeing that you’re a good boy, how about you become my apprentice and inherit my carving style, this way you can pay me back.”

Obito was startled first, then he shook his head again and again, “Grandpa, I will pay you back as soon as possible. I have school, so I can’t study carving.”

“It’s okay.” Masahiko waved his hand, “Just come here to learn in the weekends.”

Obito hesitated again, “But I still have to practice my Ninjutsu at the weekend…”

“Sculpting is also a practice.”

Masahiko took a piece of wood out of nowhere and then started sculpturing it with a carving knife that he draws out of thin air. His right hand was moving so fast that it created an afterimage every time he changed the movement. And in a matter of seconds, a small figure of Obito was in his hands.

Looking at his figure, Obito looked dumbfounded, “This…”

Masahiko smiled and handed it to him, “Think about it, if you can have my skills and speed, people will not be able to keep up while fighting against you.”

Obito’s face showed excitement, but he still hesitated.

Masahiko rolled his eyes and finished with a killing blow.

“Also sculpting is the kind of skill that is very pleasing to girls. Think about it, after you learn from me, you will be able to carve a figure for your beloved girl, and give it to her.”

A flush spread almost instantly on Obito’s face; he obviously imagined the scene where he gifts Rin a s cute sculpture of her.

After a while, he recovered and looked at Masahiko, “Grandpa, I didn’t expect you to be the convincing guy.”

Masahiko felt suddenly stabbed.

“So now you’re willing to learn sculpting?” Masahiko handed a piece of wood and the carving knife to Obito, “First, get used to the feeling of handing the carving knife. It’s a bit different than a Kunai. I will go find something inside.”

Obito nodded, took it, then waved it right and left.

After a while, Masahiko came out carrying a sculpture of the Third Hokage with one hand.

Obito got startled, then remembered when Masahiko said, “one copy.”

Suddenly the corner of his mouth twitched, “Hehehe, it seemed that I’ve helped a fake grandpa.”