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L.L.H: Chapter 191: Hidden Ninja

Although Obito knew that many things were wrong with Masahiko, his carving skills still stunned him, and the “prospect” of learning it was gonna open a whole new world of possibilities for him to get close to… In short, after so many years, Masahiko’s Amazon Shop finally got an apprentice.

From Monday to Friday, Masahiko will appear with his original form in Konoha to teach the three children.

On weekends, Masahiko will suddenly “disappear,” and incarnate as the Amazon Shop owner, to teach Obito sculpturing.

After accepting such an apprentice, Masahiko was no longer in a hurry to add goods to the shop; it was already entertaining to have Obito there.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed, and another weekend came. Masahiko used the transformation technique in a deserted part of Konoha, then went to the Amazon Shop unhurriedly.

“Wait, I don’t need to hurry. That kid is always late anyway.”

Unexpectedly, when Masahiko arrived, Obito was already standing there at the door, with a few small kids beside him.

“Kakashi, why did you came too?” Obito said with an annoyed tone.

“I was wondering what you idiot was doing all this time. It seems that you’ve been accepted as a disciple by the Master of the Amazon Shop, so I thought I should check it out.”

Obito was surprised, “Is the master that famous?”

“Of course, Obito.” Beside them, Rin said with a smile.

“It’s said that the Master is the best carver in Konoha. Although his sculptors are so expensive, almost all the seniors who can afford it bought one.”

“Is he that good…?” Obito murmured.

“Of course! You wouldn’t have been accepted to be my disciple if I was any less!” Masahiko came over with a smile.

“Master.” The three shouted. In addition to Kakashi and Rin, Kurenai was also there, since she was a good friend of Rin.

It took him a moment, then Obito smiled slyly, “I didn’t know before…”

“Also, master, you’re late today.” Obito, who was always late, finally had the chance to say that.

Masahiko sighed, “I had to help an old grandpa to cross the road today, so I was delayed for a while.”

Obito’s face stiffened, and felt like he was in trouble.

Masahiko walked in, then opened the door of the shop.

“All come in.”

“Thank You, Master.”


Inside the store, Masahiko watched the other kids look around, then glanced at Obito and smiled.

“Why did you bring the girl you like so soon? You haven’t officially started practicing your sculptures yet.”

After all, it was on the weekends, and only one month has passed, and since Obito wasn’t a carving genius, he still had a long way ahead of him.

“That’s not true, I don’t like…” Obito blushed instantly.

“Kakashi, look here, it’s White Fang-Sama!” Rin said with a surprised tone.

Masahiko then turned to him and smiled, “Well, since they’re already here, go and give them a tour inside the store.”

Obito quickly ran to them, and Masahiko took a piece of wood, glanced at the four children, then the carving knife in his hand started moving fast.

When the four children finished their tour, Masahiko already had two small wooden sculptures in front of him, namely Kakashi and Obito. And the one in his hand was for Kurenai, which hasn’t been carved yet.

Kakashi, who was always calm, looked at his sculptures with widened eyes.

They both were carved pouting their lips, one to the left and one to the right, but they looked really funny when they were placed together.

“So cute! Kakashi with Obito. Isn’t it, Kurenai?”


Kakashi and Obito quickly recovered and acted like they didn’t care. Masahiko smiled and looked up.

“Yuhi Kurenai, this little girl has an unusual charm by nature.”

While they were looking at Kakashi and Obito’s sculptures, Masahiko quickly finished Kurenai’s, since she didn’t have any unusual traits besides her red eyes. Looking at how she smiled, looking at it, Masahiko smiled and directly handed it to her.

“Then finally…” Masahiko took a deep look at Rin, then looked at Kakashi and Obito’s sculptures and gestured back and forth.

Under the puzzled gazes of the four children, Masahiko started his work about ten minutes after.

This time, he didn’t carve it standing; he had to sit down because he knew it gonna take him a lot of effort. Moreover, the paints on her face weren’t so easy to show. Therefore, Masahiko spent half an hour to complete it.

The kids maintained their puzzled expression as Masahiko placed Rin’s figure in the middle with Kakashi and Obito on its sides.

“Unfortunately, Minato isn’t here. Otherwise, it would have looked the same as that picture.” Masahiko thought.

“Come here, look at it. This is proof of your friendship. Each person will take one. And I hope that this scene will engrave in your mind forever.”

“Humph, who wants to be friends with Kakashi?” Obito murmured.

“Master, what about Kurenai?” Rin whispered beside Masahiko.

Masahiko froze for a moment; he only focused on the three of them because they were a team, and totally forgot about Kurenai.

“Give me yours.” Masahiko quickly turned to Kurenai, then placed her sculpture behind, replacing Minato, and the original harmonious picture was instantly shattered.

“Okay, okay, one for each person, take it.” Masahiko quickly turned off the topic and handed them over.

“Usually, I sell each one for one million Ryo. You’re lucky today.”

The four children thanked him again and again.

“Master,” Kakashi hesitated slightly, but still said, “Are you a ninja?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “How did you notice?”

“The carving knife you used seems to be able to transmit Chakra.”

Masahiko widened his eyes, then he remembered that his father uses his short sword the same; no wonder he recognized the technique.

“Huh? Master, you’re a ninja?” Obito asked in surprise, and then remembered helping him across the road and felt confused.

Masahiko nodded and shook his head, “Does it matter? Anyway, I’m just an old man selling sculptures now.”

As soon as these words came out, a kind of a superior aura controlled the place. At that very moment, Masahiko clicked twelve likes for himself.

Sure enough, the four children on the opposite side looked impressed.

Obito was particularly excited, “Master, what’s your rank? Can you teach me Ninjutsu?”

Masahiko maintained that demeanor, “Didn’t I say that carving is also a kind of practice…”

Obito nodded as if he understood.

“Obito, study hard!” Rin’s encouragement came, and Obito immediately got on fire!

“No problem! Master, let’s start my training now.”

The other three glanced at each other, “Then we will leave first, Master.”

Masahiko walked them to the door, then sniggered.

“This acting of being a mysterious master has really worked out!”