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L.L.H: Chapter 193: Kakashi’s Graduation

Half a year later.

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“I’ve finished it, Master!” Obito shouted, and Masahiko, who was about to fall asleep, got startled suddenly.

“One hundred stones, that’s quite impressive.” Masahiko nodded, looking at the many stones in front of him, he couldn’t help but smile.

Looking at the very first stone, then at this one he just finished, he could clearly read the words “Uchiha Obito,” whether it was Chakra volume or his Control, all have improved a lot.

“Of course!” Obito looked proud and seemed like he wanted to hear more.

Masahiko’s face darkened secretly. In fact, his Chakra Volume didn’t improve that much, but as his control got better, he learned how to save it. And the only thing he accomplished during these six months is how to carve his name on a stone.

Looking at how he was seeking praise, Masahiko didn’t feel like turning him down.

“Good job. Let’s move on to the second step.”

Obito’s expression immediately went from ten to zero, “The second step? The first one took me half a year! How many steps are there?”

Masahiko smiled, “Three steps, the first step was the brainwashing… well, a total of four steps.”

Obito looked blank, “Brainwashing?”

“It’s nothing.”

Masahiko immediately turned away from the topic, took another stone behind him, covered it with his palm, focused on it, then used the Earth Release to completely change its structure.

“Huh! It’s just another stone!” As an expert of stones, Obito, who was dealing with them for half a year, said disappointedly.

“Just try it.” Masahiko smirked and started talking nonsense, “This is a stone I brought back from the world’s highest peak. Believe me, it’s different!”

With a look of admiration, “The highest peak of the world? Master, you actually went there? How was it? Can we go there together someday?!!”

Masahiko’s face became stiff. He obviously just picked a random stone from the ground; this child’s brain circuits were not normal.

“It’s gone. After I climbed it, I found out that the scenery wasn’t that good, so I wiped the mountain away with one shot of my Wind Release.” Masahiko sighed.

Obito looked at him with awe, “Master… You’re So Amazing!!”

Masahiko felt a little embarrassed… how could this kid be so honest?

“Don’t think about these trivial matters, you need to practice now.”

Obito naturally picked up his carving knife, poured his Chakra into it, and blue energy wrapped the blade, and when he tried to carve his name, his expression suddenly froze.

“Master, why is this stone so hard?”

Masahiko waved his hand, “Come on, put more effort into it, didn’t you eat well this morning?”

Obito felt as if he was carving for the first time. And after he finished carving the stone, he was already sweating.

But this time, he clenched his teeth and forced himself not to fall down, then he sat on the ground and caught his breath.

“Master, are the stones on the highest peak of the world this hard? It’s amazing that you wiped out the entire mountain!” Obito’s admiration for Masahiko grew even more.

Masahiko glanced at him, shook his head helplessly, then looked at the door.

“Get up, your sweetheart is here, isn’t it shameful to let her see you sitting on the ground like this?”

Obito blushed, then he immediately turned over, stood up, and then walked a few steps to the door to look around.


Turning around, he found Masahiko carrying two more stones in his hand, which made his face stiff.

“Master, these aren’t the peak of the world stones again, right?”

Masahiko didn’t explain, “Since you still have strength, let’s do two more.”

Obito sighed, then he picked up his carving knife again.

After half an hour, “Done!”

This time, Obito didn’t care about his image and lay directly on the ground.

Masahiko, who was about to scold him, suddenly glanced at the door, then smirked.

“Is it okay to lie on the ground like this? Your sweetheart is here.”

Obito took a breath and smiled, “you won’t fool me twice.”

“Obito, why are you lying on the ground?” The moment Rin’s voice came, Obito’s smile froze on his face.

He kept looking back and forth at Masahiko’s smirky smile and Rin’s smiling face, then screamed, “AAh!!” He jumped up and quickly patted the dust off his body, “Rin, why are you here?”

Rin’s expression changed slightly. It seems that only then she remembered her purpose and immediately gently pulled Obito by his right hand.

“Let’s go to school, Kakashi has applied for graduation!”

“Kakashi is graduating? Isn’t he the same age as us? Really?”


The two rushed out, leaving Masahiko alone in the store with a wry smile.

“This apprentice doesn’t take me seriously as a master. But since Kakashi graduating, I will have to go there too.”

Masahiko closed the door of his store, and without changing his appearance, he went directly to the Ninja Academy, only to find that he went there for nothing.

“The examination is at the Hokage Building? Will Hiruzen be there in person? That’s really something. Well, you can’t blame him. Kakashi is the first child to apply for graduation at the age of five.”

Masahiko came to the Hokage building, and there was already a group of children surrounding the place; Obito and Rin were among them, they seemed to be waiting for the result.

Obito was probably was the most nervous, and he wouldn’t have noticed Masahiko if it wasn’t for Rin.

“Master, you’re here too!” Obito said, feeling guilty; the moment he heard that Kakashi was applying for graduation, he left without even saying goodbye.

Masahiko smiled, “You came to congratulate Kakashi on becoming a Genin?”

Obito’s face stiffened, “We don’t even know that he will pass!”

“But he did.”

Upon saying that, the door was opened, and Kakashi walked out. There was no need for others to ask, the protector on his forehead explained it all, and Masahiko obtained his 10 witness points.

One after another, the kids came to him and congratulated him, but Obito was still there standing beside Masahiko.

“Why don’t you go and congratulate Kakashi?”

“I don’t want to…”

Kakashi walked over instead of Obito.

“Elder.” He first greeted Masahiko, then he glanced at Obito. The two looked at each other, and suddenly they reproduce Masahiko’s sculptors, which made the latter laugh out loud.

Without saying anything, Kakashi walked by Obito with a “cold and arrogant” expression, and Rin with a group of other children chased after him.

With a bitter expression, Obito clenched his fist and looked at the Hokage Building in front of him.

“No, I also want to apply for graduation!”

Masahiko was stunned and quickly grabbed him, fearing that he’s gonna embarrass himself. After more than half a year of carving, Obito’s level was close to being enough for graduation. In case he got lucky… In fact, graduation isn’t a dream.

Thinking of this, Masahiko let go of Obito and added, “Kakashi has graduated. But no one in Konoha ever heard of you and you carefree Master before. Are you sure it’s the right choice to apply for graduation now?”

Obito looked so surprised.

“Master, you’re so wise!”

Masahiko felt like he has been stabbed again…