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L.L.H: Chapter 194: The Reappearance of Flying Thunder God

Masahiko has been waiting for Kakashi’s graduation for more than half a year, and during that period, he held back his team from taking any missions.

Now that he got his 10 witness points, Masahiko gathered the three of them, ready to find Hiruzen and ask him for another A-Class Mission.


“Grandpa Masahiko, can you wait for half a month before going out on a mission?” Kushina asked with a twisted face.

“Why, you’ve already been with Minato for half a year now. What are you two planning to do in this half a month?” Masahiko laughed.

“No, it’s just that Minato said that he’s gonna complete his technique in about half a month. I want to see his new technique with my own eyes.”

Masahiko was startled; he’s gonna finish the Flying Thunder God in just a half year?

During this period, he heard from Kushina that Minato was working on the Flying Thunder God, but he thought it would take him at least two or three years.

“How? I remember that it took him three years to learn the Rasengan. Oh yes, he developed the Rassengan…” Masahiko thought, then looked at three children in front of him.

Since Minato is about to finish his training so soon, he can’t just go; maybe it will also yield him some witness points.

“Very well, the two of you… disband!”

The two kids looked dumbfounded.

“I mean, go back to your houses, each… Forget it, just go to work on your own. Kushina, let’s go see Minato.”

The team had just assembled after a long time, then got disbanded in a minute. And Masahiko followed Kushina to find Minato.

Flying Thunder God is a very special Space Ninjutsu, which is way different from other ordinary techniques.

When Minato first started practicing it, he just learned at home how to create its special seal and make it last longer. The second step is to understand the concept of how to teleport the body through space.

According to Kushina, the first two steps were successfully completed by Minato, and the final step is in progress, so he was really about to finish his training.

The final step is to apply the Flying Thunder God to actual combat, and to learn how to use it quickly, and multiple times at a long distance before it can be considered successfully learned.

Masahiko was very clear about this theoretical knowledge. He actually studied it for a while, but he failed to complete the second step. He simply didn’t have the talent, nor did the skill didn’t appear in his system…

In short, since Minato has reached the final stage of training, he needed to be there to see it.

Masahiko followed Kushina to a familiar and unfamiliar place, the Death Forest.

Although it’s the most famous location in the original, this was the first time for Masahiko to come here. The Death Forest is located at the southeast corner of Konoha. It also has the Training Ground No.44… There are only 44 training grounds in Konoha.

Generally, few ninjas come here to practice ninjutsu, but the best place to practice Flying Thunder God is in such a complex terrain.

Masahiko found Minato’s Chakra at the periphery of the Death Forest, with Jiraiya nearby.

He smiled and walked over, “Fellow writer, why are you not at home?”

Over six months have passed, and Jiraiya still didn’t finish his first book.

“Old… Elder!” Jiraiya has almost called him Old Devil again, “Thanks to you, I lost all of my inspiration.”

Masahiko was still confused by that incident and immediately panicked.

“What?! Are you saying that you’ve changed your sexual interest!!”

Jiraiya: “…”

A moment of awkwardness controlled the atmosphere, then both looked at Minato not far away.

“Konoha’s yellow flash, although it’s still not that clear, it’s almost perfect,” Masahiko exclaimed.

Jiraiya said proudly, “Since the Second Hokage, Minato is the first Shinobi to ever learn the Flying Thunder God, and he’s indeed my disciple.”

Masahiko glanced at him, “That’s because Minato is highly talented. It has nothing to do with you being his teacher.”

Jiraiya, “…”

While they were talking, Minato stopped his training and walked over with Kushina.

“Elder Masahiko, you’re here.”

Masahiko nodded, his gaze was placed on the Special Flying Thunder God Kunai in his hand, which Minato immediately handed it over the moment he noticed his stares.

“It seems a little different from the one I created for Tobirama.”

“So you’re the one who created it for the Second Hokage, do you have another copy?” hearing that Jiraiya asked.

Masahiko frowned, “I thought Hiruzen has it? Don’t tell me he didn’t agree on give it to Minato for reference?!”

Jiraiya shook his head, “No, Sensei didn’t have it, he said it was buried with Tobirama-Sama.”

Masahiko was surprised and nodded. He didn’t attend the funeral of Tobirama, so he really didn’t know.

“I don’t have one, but I remember that he gifted one to Tsunade during her first birthday party.”

Jiraiya was taken aback and looked at Minato, “Don’t worry, kid, I will go and get it over later.”

Minato shook his head, “No, Sensei, I know what’s lacking, so I will change it myself.”

Jiraiya also smiled and glanced at Masahiko with the look of “My Disciple is Amazing.”

Masahiko didn’t bother to pay attention to him and poured his Chakra into the Flying Thunder God Kunai in his hand, then threw it to the sky.

“Space Style: Flying Thunder God…” Masahiko’s face turned dark, he could pour his Chakra into the Kunai, of course, but he can’t teleport to the seal since he doesn’t even understand the concept of the space teleportation.

Jiraiya laughed aloud; it was the first time that he had the chance to mock Masahiko.

“Special Substitute Technique…” Masahiko muttered silently, and he instantly appeared in the position of the Kunai.

Jiraiya’s laugh froze, and pointed at him, “You, do you… too?”

“Why are you so surprised?” Masahiko replied with a smirk.

“It’s not like that, Sensei.” Minato bent over and picked his Kunai from the ground, “Elder Masahiko, must have used a technique similar to the substitute technique just now to swap positions with the Kunai.”

Masahiko sighed, “Jiraiya, you see how smart your disciple is, don’t you feel ashamed for being his Sensei?”

“Grandpa Masahiko, who don’t you accept Minato as your disciple.” Kushina was worried too.

Jiraiya’s felt depressed, but fortunately, Minato comforted him quickly.

For the next week, Masahiko accompanied Kushina every day to watch Minato’s training, until he was able to use it proficiently and even compete with Jiraiya, then his practice officially came to an end.

Fortunately, this week didn’t go in vain, and Masahiko got his 10 witness points in the end.

“All… assemble!”

After a long time, Masahiko finally had the chance to take his team on a mission, and in fact, he felt really excited.

“Kushina, go call Nagato and Konan, we’re going for a mission!”