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L.L.H: Chapter 198: Live to be Old

Under the wooden bridge. Beside the stream.

The three kids were washing off the mud on their faces.

Because the cave was “blasted” by Masahiko, the three got completely dirty, but they couldn’t clean their bodies since they were in the wilderness.

“Well, we’ve finished our mission anyway. Let’s pack up and return to Konoha.”

Masahiko tried to act innocent, but Kushina, who was angry, never raised her eyes on him.

Konan hesitated, “But Sensei, we don’t have enough restorative materials.

Masahiko smiled and took out two sealing scrolls, “We actually do, don’t underestimate your Sensei, these two should be enough.”

Although his pharmacy skill was only level one, it was more than enough to identify these simple medicinal materials, and unknowingly, he ended up collecting two full sealing scrolls.

“Then let’s go back, Grandpa,” Kushina said, as the Uzumaki Kingdom’s little princess, although she wasn’t spoiled, she still couldn’t stand dirt on her body.

Masahiko nodded, elevated the three of them, then flew up again, heading toward Konoha, while smiling.

The four ninjas suddenly appeared at their footmark, to find that they have left the skateboards behind.

“Brother, they left, and they didn’t even bother grabbing the abacus with them.”

“Yes… but we made hundreds of thousands of Ryo because of them. I wonder why did they left them, though.”


In the air, Masahiko smirked. He wouldn’t really use real money to buy it if he was gonna leave it. He just took a few leaves and used his Transformation Technique on it to make it look like money. It is estimated that tomorrow they will freak out when it turns back to leaves. But he left the abacus for them, so it should be fine…

Usually, flying back should be smoother, but since he was carrying the “Dead Old Ancestor of Salamanders, AKA not Hanzo,” his speed was slower.

“Sensei, is the one in your hand really a newt?” Konan hesitated and asked.

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, then looked uncertain, “It should be, so what if it’s a little bigger? It doesn’t matter if it changes the taste of the pills…”

This was actually very irresponsible; he didn’t care because he doesn’t use the Military Rations Pill.

Masahiko didn’t land when they reached Konoha’s Main Gate. With that thing floating behind them, they wouldn’t let him pass, so he simply flew directly to the Hokage building. And with that, the two and a half-day “long-term mission” came to an end.

“Hiruzen, come out to receive the good, I brought you a salamander,” Masahiko shouted with a smile.

Hiruzen came out with a serious expression, and even said solemnly, “Elder Masahiko, you are back.”

Masahiko was taken aback,” What’s wrong? The Third Shinobi World War broke out?”

Hiruzen shook his head, “It’s news from the Uzumaki, the Daimyo of the Land of Whirlpools is ill…”



Masahiko and Kushina were stunned.

Hiruzen nodded solemnly.

“Grandpa…” Kushina became anxious all at once.

Masahiko patted her head and looked at Hiruzen, “Did Nanako return?”


Masahiko nodded, took out the sealing scroll from his sleeves, and threw it over, then he flew again with the three kids, heading straight to the Land of Whirlpools.

“It has been less than a year since I last saw him. Gensuke is only 65 years old…” Masahiko felt sad and sorry for Kushina.

Three kids were speechless, and none of them talked.

The three were still covered with dust, but even Kushina didn’t feel like cleaning up now.

In just half an hour, they returned to the country under the constant acceleration of Masahiko.

“Nagato, Konan, you should go back and clean up first. I will go with Kushina.”

Masahiko took Kushina directly to the Daimyo palace entrance ignoring the guards’ various greetings to him and went straight into the palace.

“Sensei, you’re back.” Yuriko greeted him first.

“How is Gensuke?” Masahiko had already sensed how weak is his Chakra, but he still asked, hoping he was wrong.

As expected, Yuriko bitterly shook her head, and Kushina immediately rushed in.

Masahiko sighed but didn’t stop her.

“What happened exactly?”

“We thought he was just tired…” Although the two always quarreled, Yuriko never hated Gensuke, and she looked really sad.

“But that wasn’t the case…” Masahiko has never been interested in Gensuke. His mind never matched his ambitions, and he also doesn’t have the tenacity that a ninja should have.

But after so many years, Masahiko found out that he could count on him. Thanks to that man’s effort, the country developed smoothly. Yes, he loved being the Daimyo, but you can say he loved this country more.

“How is Nanako hanging on?”

“I’m fine, Sensei.”

As soon as Masahiko asked, Nanako walked out of the room, looking… not as sad as Masahiko imagined.

“You…” Masahiko hesitated, he couldn’t find any comforting words. He really didn’t know what to say. In his previous life, people used to say, “Live to get old, get sick, then die.” But he’s really not in the right position to say such a thing…

“I’m okay, Sensei, I’m actually prepared for this day.” Nanako shook her head.

“Before I went to Konoha, I noticed something wrong with him. He was always feeling tired. I told him he should take a break… but he disagreed. At that time, I knew such a day will come, but I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko nodded, “Let’s go in.”

Masahiko didn’t see Gensuke for a year; he looked like a different person, old and weak.

Gensuke and Nanako’s son and daughter-in-law stood aside with Kushina, who was crying her eyes out inside his room.

The moment Gensuke saw Masahiko a smile was drawn on his face, and he nodded to him.

Masahiko, who didn’t say a word, smiled at him too, and Gensuke closed his eyes with relief.

The others quickly gathered around looking at him, Masahiko shook his head helplessly, and smiled bitterly, “You didn’t get my approval until you were about to die. What’s so gratifying, stupid old man.”

Masahiko didn’t know how many times he needed to carry on after saying goodbye to his people. Watching this old man just now dying with a smile didn’t actually make it easier. In fact, he was a little depressed.

“Sensei, I remember you’ve once told me that human nature is to be born, to live to get old, to get sick, and die.” Masahiko never expected that Nanako would be the one comforting him at this time.

“Live to be old…” Masahiko nodded and walked out.

Masahiko understood that these words weren’t meant to comfort him now. Nanako knew that she and Kenichiro were getting older, and this day will come for them too, it might be ten years later, or even maybe tomorrow, either way, Masahiko will be the one who sends them away one by one.

“It really sucks to live too long,” Masahiko said emotionally. He has already sent away many younger generations. The only thing that kept him optimistic is the “acquaintances” born in succession, but he was really tired of watching people die…