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L.L.H Chapter 20: The light At the End of the Tunnel

Masahiko thought about this for a long time. There’s nothing he can do now. He could only accept this outcome.

He noticed a minor change in his Reward this time. His witness points are different. The usual symbol is (+), but the previous is (*), and when he looked at his status, his witness point has increased by 20 points.

“So, if I changing the story, I get me more points?” Masahiko muttered to himself. “In this case, I can…”

“No, I have to be careful about this, or else the story will go beyond recognition. There are still many things to witness in the future…”

“It said ‘Minor Change,’ then surely ‘Major Changes’ also exist. Let’s see, minor change, now is when Hashirama learned Senjutsu earlier than the original, so it shouldn’t have a significant impact on the story, right?”

“Also, if Madara is stronger than Hashirama. Then the Uchiha will emerge victorious in the warring states era, and the Senju will be doomed.”

A lot of ideas were running in Masahiko’s mind. But ultimately, he decided to keep the way as it is.

“I still have to learn Senjusu…” Masahiko thought.

After an entire day of training, mastering Senjutsu has been proven to be harder than what they initially thought. So Hashirama sent a wooden copy of himself to report back to the Senju about the conclusion of the Libra family situation. Thus he could keep practicing here for a little longer.

Masahiko’s irritation for not witnessing the Kagebunshin-no-Jutsu development gradually faded. Now he feels sorry for Tobirama, his big brother will be missed for a while, and Tobirama will undoubtedly be very busy.

For one month, Masahiko and Hashirama kept practicing the Sage Mode. By that time, Hashirama basically has mastered it, but Masahiko got stuck in the second stage, where he has to absorb natural energy into his body and blend it with his Chakra.

After two more months, Hashirama has perfectly mastered using the Senjutsu, while Masahiko was still stuck in the second stage.

At that point, Masahiko has finally come to the conclusion that the system has restricted his capability of learning Sage Mode because he has not yet obtained Yang Chakra. Thus his cultivation for Senjutsu is halted.

After figuring out that he can’t learn the Senjutsu, Masahiko shifted his focus to find the best way to allocate his attribute points.

Seeing how Hashirama has mastered the Senjutsu, Masahiko planed to follow Hashirama into the battle with the Uchiha. After all, he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to gain witness points again.

However, with his current strength and with his newfound powers, Masahiko believes that Hashirama is by fare will be better than Madara the next time they meet, unless Madara awakens his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan sooner.

The method to get stronger by learning Senjutsu is not working for him, Masahiko could only rely on his witness points for now.

Before, he had only 34 witness points left. Now, because of these events with Hashirama yield 24 points, the total is 58 points. This is the highest number he ever had.

Thinking about it when he added 5.5 points to “Chakra” his Ninjutsu power got 50% stronger than usual, what if he increases it to 10?

According to the limitation that was restricted after adding 5 points, the next points will only be increased by 0.5. Thus, Masahiko added 9 witness points to the “Chakra” attribute. But in the end, it only became +9.2…

“Hell! After 9 points, it changed to only 0.1 per witness point?” Masahiko complained. Nonetheless, he still put 8 more points to it.

“Chakra: 1582 (+9.75) (+)”

“Huh? Only 9.75? This damned system is trying to rip me off, it doesn’t want me to reach +10… Ahhh, damn it…” Masahiko has already added 17 witness points, he wasn’t willing to give up now, so he added 5 more witness points.

Finally, his property bar changed.

“Chakra: 1582 (+10) (Convertible)”

Convertible? The Plus (+) sign is gone, but it’s now saying convertible!

“Well, I think 10 is the maximum, isn’t it? It seems I don’t have to use all of my damn points to do it…” He said, with a little hint of irritation in his tone…

“It seems that my Ninjutsu power got doubled, but what does convertible means?”

Masahiko tried to tap the “convertible” word, suddenly he felt like if he’s being wrapped in a strange sensation of dark power, after a minute, it returned to normal. But when he saw his status bar, drastic changes have happened.

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 31 years old (-)

Ninjutsu: 245 (*2) (+)

Physique: 118 (*2) (+)

Chakra: 1521 (+10) (convertible)

(While in Sage Mode, you consume 1 chakra point per hour)

Three-Bodies Technique:

LV10 (100000) (Max Level)

Throwing Technique: LV10 (100000) (Max Level)

Earth Attribute: LV3 (30458/100000) (+)

Wind Attribute: LV4 (116764/200000) (+)

Fire Attribute: LV3 (29985/100000) (+)

Water Attribute: LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

LightningAttribute:LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

Yang Attribute: LV1 (0/10000) (+)

Sealing Technique: LV5 (200000/400000) (+)

Special talent: perception

Rank: S-

Witness point: 36

“Sage Mode?” I didn’t expect it to be the present. I couldn’t hope to learn the Senjutsu.” Masahiko immediately felt the natural energy circulating in his body, which instantly changed his condition. “After learning the Senjutsu, my body naturally obtained the yang attribute, well this is a surprise. And my physical and ninjutsu ability has been doubled! And my rank… now it became S-? Maybe this is at the patriarch level, which is below the Kage level. Well, the “S” rank should be in the later generation, isn’t it?”

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction. This time his promotion is excellent, and there are still 36 witness points remaining. After considering it, he decided to try and put some points to Yang Attribute.

After investing some points to the Yang Attribute, now it reaches LV2. And Masahiko feels an increase in his “Ninjutsu” and “Physique” attributes.

“Nice! The Yang Attribute can increase my energy and gradually makes me compatible with the Senjutsu, isn’t it?”

Masahiko thinks about it. He feels that his wide array of ninjutsu is enough for now. For defense, he has the Earth-style, and for the offense, he has the Rasengan.

“So, what should I do next?”

In the end, Masahiko chose to invest his witness points into the Yang Attribute at the sum of 19 points, his Yang Attribute immediately reached level 5. 16 witness points remained, so he put 7 on the Earth-Attribute, and the other 9 to the wind attribute.

Feeling his body lighter and stronger made Masahiko happy and satisfied. But looking again at his status bar made him excited.
Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 31 years old (-)

Endurance: 296 (+)

Physique: 321 (+)

Chakra: 3458 (+10) (convertible)

Three-Bodies Technique: LV10 (100000) (Max Level)

Throwing Technique: LV10 (100000) (Max Level)

Earth Attribute: LV3 (100458/200000) (+)

Wind Attribute: LV4 (206754/400000) (+)

Fire Attribute: LV3 (29985/100000) (+)

Water Attribute: LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

Lightning Attribute: LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

Yang Attribute: LV5 (0/400000) (+)

Sealing Technique: LV5 (200000/400000) (+)

Special talent: perception

Rank: S-

The Uzumaki clan was born with higher chakra reserve than ordinary ninja, now Masahiko’s Chakra is in a league higher than his peers. With the Yang Attribute, his physical state has increased rapidly, and his chakra amount now has become more than double from the initial amounts. Moreover, even without the Sage Mode activated, his Rank is S-.

“Now, even if I face the current Madara, I’m more than capable of holding myself! Finally, I can uphold my honor as an Uzumaki!” Mashiko said in his mind.

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