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L.L.H Chapter 21: Windfall

Masahiko used all of his witness points in one go, and now his strength increasing magnificently.

“Finally, I am as strong as a patriarch… And there’s also the Sage Mode. This time I really get a lot!” Mashiko was very satisfied with his improvement, this trip has basically reached its purpose. Now he’s waiting for Hashirama to finish his training, then go back to the Senju Residence together.

Two days later, Masahiko has already got used to his new power, and Hashirama finished the Senjutsu training.

Now, even though Hashirama can’t enter Sage Mode instantly, he already shortened the transformation duration to one minute, and he can maintain the Sage Mode way much longer than Masahiko. It seems it will take a while for both of them to finally grasp their grips on the Sage Mode.

The two finished their practice and talked for a while about it. Then they bid their farewell to the Slug Sage.

“Before you leave, I have something for you…” The Slug Sage leaned toward them and hand them a scroll.

“This is the summoning contract of my family. After you sign it, you will be able to summon me. Although I can’t help much in combat, I can still help in medication and healing…” Katsuyu, the slug sage, said slowly.

Upon seeing the scroll, the two of them looked at each other; they didn’t expect such a gift.

Masahiko felt confused; he knows that Hashirama doesn’t have any summon.

“Is this due to the Minor Change? Or does he actually have one? However, he never used it in the original, or did he never sign the contract in the first place, and left it for Tsunade?”

Masahiko didn’t know the answer to any of these questions.

Outside the Shikkotsu Forest, Hashirama handed the summoning scroll to Masahiko.

“Second Grandfather, I’ve already signed the contract with the Rashomon. This time I’ll give the Katsuyu’s contract to you.” Hashirama said.

“I … can’t… It belongs to your granddaughter…”

Masahiko was in a horrified that he’s gonna change something else, and his mouth slip.

“My granddaughter?”

“Nothing… nothing… the wind is nice, eh? Well, if you insist, I’ll take it.” Masahiko couldn’t help but take the scroll.

“Later I’ll give this to Tsunade, I can’t mess with this.” Masahiko thought about it, it doesn’t seem too bad to accept the scroll.

A sentence suddenly appears in his mind, “Witness a minor change in an important side story of Naruto World: The contract scroll of Katsuyu. Obtained 2 (*2) Witness points.”

He got 4 witness points. He decided to only use it for an emergency.

After finishing their training in the Shikkotsu Forest, they decided to go back to the Libra Clan again.

When the two arrived, they found that the Libra clan was preparing to move their clan. After sealing the blood, Masahiko also informed them that the concentration of natural energy in this place affects their mutation.

In the past three months, the seal that Masahiko placed on their bodies stabled. The Libra clan decided to move from this place to avoid more exposure from natural energy.

This time, when the two arrived, the Libra patriarch came to greet them, personally, and Dahan also came.

The moment, Dahan saw Masahiko and Hashirama, the expression on his face seemed still a little uneasy. It seems that the previous event displeased him.

However, he didn’t dare to show his disagreement, recalling that Hashirama has mopped the floor with him.

The Libra Clan has a fantastic spirit now, it’s simply radiance. They were ready to embrace the future. And the Patriarch has even invited them for dinner.

Masahiko couldn’t wait to stay and eat. During his time in the Shikkotsu forest, he didn’t eat anything but leave and grass. Masahiko was really eager to eat some meat…

However, he remembered that Hashirama was still the Patriarch of the Senju clan… His immediate presence is required. Thus, they needed to hurry and go back to the Senju.

The two simply eat lunch and then departed to the Senju village. A for Hashirama replacement, the clone was already at the Senju clan for three months. After all, during this warring era, the presence of someone as influential as the Shinobi God is crucial.

On the way back, Hashirama said to Mashiko, “It seems that sealing the transformation ability of the Libra was the correct thing to do. Although their transformation could give them a short burst of strength, the aftereffect is really dangerous. Moreover, the Libra patriarch felt stronger now after he got rid of his transformation…”

“For now, they might feel fine, but…” Masahiko hesitated, “But, I’m afraid that their descendants…”

Hearing Masahiko’s words, Hashirama asked, “Afraid of what grandfather?”

“The… I’m afraid that they will eventually lose their Ninjutsu and become nothing more than a civilian. And in this troubled world…” Masahiko continued…

“So, their descendants will end up being normal civilians?” Hashirama whispered to himself, “That’s the risk, or they can keep the power only to find their extinction in the future…”

It seems that Hashirama was concerned about the future of the Libra Clan.

“Hashirama, don’t tell anyone that I can perform Fuinjutsu on the blood. This ability is too dangerous.”

“I understand, grandfather; I’ll keep it to myself until the day I die,” Hashirama promised, they continue their trip in silent.

After a day and a half, they finally reach the Senju village.

“Big brother! You’re finally back!” Just before they reach the village, Tobirama was already waiting at the main gate.

“Hah, how does it feels to be like a damsel in distress?” Masahiko sighed, but he still threw a sarcastic comment.

Hearing Masahiko’s explicit joke, Tobirama turned around and said, “Second… Grandfather, thank you for your hard work.”

“You boy, I can feel like you still hesitate to call me grandfather…”

Masahiko smiled, “Just call me Mashiko is fine… Look, Hashirama and Mito won’t kill you…”

“Grandfather, I can’t…” Tobirama interrupted immediately.

“No, Grandpa…” Hashirama was about to say something, but his words got cut short. The moment he took a glance at the Patriarch office, he immediately tried to walk in the other direction.

“Don’t you dare walk away, big brother! There are still so many unfinished documents!” Tobirama shouted, scolding his brother.

“Big brother, after all, I’m not the Patriarch. There are some things I can’t handle.” Tobirama said with a hint of resentment in his tone.

Masahiko felt goosebumps all over his body upon witnessing this scene.

Masahiko always thought their brotherly bond was the closest and the most selfless in the Naruto world. After these two years knowing them, now Masahiko feels…

“Tobirama, there’s something hidden beneath your calm demeanor…”

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