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L.L.H Chapter 22: The Return of The Hyuga Clan

Masahiko thought about the upcoming clash between Hashirama Senju against Madara Uchiha, and how it will be yield with enormous witness points and bring a climax to this warring states era.

However, this was far from happening.

In recent months, the Senju and Uchiha have been in a ceasefire, as if they have been caught in a strange honeymoon period.

It may be a year-round campaign for the clans to maintain their territories, both of them have a vast territory. Thus they entered a temporary truce. It looks like they won’t be able to fight for a quiet short time.

While staying at the Senju for three days, Masahiko felt tempted to visit his beloved granddaughter.

The usual grumpy face of Masahiko turns cheerful whenever he wants to visit Mito. Of course, the current Mito appearance is a little bit different from the girl in his mind because of the bulge on her belly.

As for Hashirama, his tedious paper works duty has been finally completed for now. And, he can’t wait to spend time with Mito again.

After two days of doing nothing. Masahiko intended to return to the Uzumaki clan and wait for the fun to happen.

Suddenly, Hashirama received a message from the Uchiha Clan.

Masahiko has been bored with waiting, but now his wait is about to be paid.

The Senju got the news that the Hyuga clan is coming back. And the Uchiha’s attention now is totally directed to them.

Speaking of the Hyuga, it’s already been around 12 or 13 years since the incident that forced the Uchiha to move their training ground to a secluded area.

This time, the Hyuga is planning to reenter the shinobi world, and they want to take their place at the top. The clan’s elite now has been completely reformed by the new generation.

Speaking of the old generation, the three legendary clan leaders have already left this era leaving the Hyuga’s Patriarch alone. Butsuma Senju and Tajima Uchiha met their end at the battle of the Wind Valley.
Kaminari Kaguya met his demise 5 years ago, covering the retreat of his clan.

“The Hyuga clan will return to the battlefield, they will think they are the strongest now. Well, it may be partially correct. The Hyuga will certainly be stomped by Madara and Hashirama’s current strength and experience.” Masahiko thought, “However, I’m looking forward to seeing this…”

However, things took an entire turn of event. A herald bearing the Hyuga insignia has just come to the Senju patriarch. He informed them that the patriarch of the Hyuga wants to see the Senju patriarch, and out of the blue, the Hyuga were already at the main gate of the Senju Residence.

“Wow, so rude…” Masahiko thought, “It seems the old generation is really looking down on the younger generation; as a result, they will get wiped by them from the scene before they even notice!”

It’s was exactly what Masahiko has already expected, the Hyuga clan patriarch is fine again, and after their return, of course, he wants to know the current situation of the warring states.

Of course, the Hyuga cannot be underestimated, and Hashirama couldn’t act so rash in this matter. After the Kaguya clan fled to the Land of Water, now the Land of Fire has only 3 dominant Clans in it, which are the Senju, Uchiha, and the Hyuga.

Hashirama personally went outside to greet Hyuga Tenjin; behind the Hyuga patriarch, there’s a number of his personal guards.

Then, led by Hashirama, Tenjin and his men entered the main hall. Both of the patriarchs sat together. After a long silent, Hashirama opened the discussion with a question, one that left many people in confusion a decade earlier. “Tenjin-Dono, why did you attack the Uchiha Clan thirteen years ago? I understand your clan and the Uchiha have some kind of hostilities, but didn’t this create more and more hatred between you?”

Tenjin replied with a hint of bitterness: “Well, it’s true.”

“Thirteen years ago, we received a secret letter from the Senju. Asking us to sneak to their training grounds while the Senju fighting them and cooperate in fighting the Uchiha.”

“At that time, I didn’t think much. After your clan engaged the Uchiha in battle, I quickly sent a small group to the Uchiha… an Infiltration.”

“So, when the Senju were fighting with the Uchiha, the formers security was surprisingly low. My squad managed to go in without being found, and when they reach the fourth training ground, they immediately begin their attack.”

“After this attack, the Uchiha retaliated, but the Senju didn’t keep their promise…”

“I was very eager to ask why Butsuma didn’t lend us hands. But now, thinking about it, it was unnecessary. Just by listening to your question, I can tell that you don’t know about this secret letter…”

Hashirama and Masahiko looked at each other, then Masahiko immediately went to find one of the older elders who had already retired.

After a while, he came back, then looked at Hashirama and shook his head a little.

Upon seeing that, Tenjin closed his eyes and said, “It seems that someone was plotting against us…”

Having said that, Tenjin clenched his teeth and said: “If I just know who was it…”

On the side, Masahiko shook his head slightly, thinking, “I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I think we will never know, If he couldn’t find him with those eyes at the time, no one will…”

Tenjin tried to move on from this topic and began to talk about the purpose of this trip.

In fact, he didn’t need to say anything, these days, if you have a thing with the Uchiha. You don’t have any choice but to turn to the Senju.

Coming with the Senju to an agreement is not that difficult. The Uchiha has already “severed” their alliance with the Kaguya, standing alone, they cannot face the Hyuga and the Senju.

Because now the Uchiha is stronger as they have razed the Kaguya clans, they will not stand idly. Madara wants to avenge his brother.

Therefore, reconciliation won’t work in his favor; if the Senju and the Hyuga were to join forces, he would never be able to face them.

However, even if the Hyuga and the Senju are longtime allies, the formers won’t cooperate for free.

Of course, the Hyuga is aware of this. Tenjin said, “Showing our gratitude, we have prepared some small gift for you, and an important piece of information.”

“Hmmm… Intelligence?” Hashirama said as Masahiko was getting curious about this information.

“Senju patriarch… Did you notice the medium clans in the west fighting fiercely against each other?”

“I do know, but what does their quarrel have to do with us?” Hashirama asked.

“There’s a small iron mine there… Where chakra conductive metal can be found.”

“Chakra conductive metal?” Hashirama got surprised: “This is…”

Masahiko also though about it. Chakra conductive metal? Whether this is the old warring states era or the future, chakra conductive metal is a rare commodity. It’s pitiful that Masahiko, in his whole 53 years’ life, never seen a chakra conducting weapon, the Uzumaki Clan does have this metal, but the number is tiny.

“Chakra conductive metal. What will happen if I made a shuriken using this metal…?”

“Thank you for your information, patriarch Tenjin!” Hashirama ended their talks. “I will discuss this matter with the Uchiha.”

“Thank you, patriarch Hashirama, we will take our leave.”

While taking Tenjin outside, Hashirama suddenly remembered something. “Do patriarch Tenjin knows which Clan the chakra conductive material mine belong to?”

“It’s a small Clan called the Sarutobi.”

Wait! The Sarutobi?

Masahiko’s expression got frozen; he didn’t know that the Senju will end up rubbing the Sarutobi’s mine resources in the Warring States Period…

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