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L.L.H: Chapter 200: Bracelet of Truth

Half a month has passed after Gensuke’s death, and the vacant Daimyo position was taken by his son. Masahiko’s originally planned selection system eventually ended up being an inheritance system; still, no one objected.

“Well, it’s Gensuke’s son, after all.”

In this way, Kushina’s father, Uzumaki Icheon, became the second Daimyo of the Land of Whirlpools. And with the help of the elite patrol team, he began to take care of the country’s affairs, while Masahiko took his team back to Konoha.

It wasn’t that he was in a hurry, but after Kushina decided to turn Minato to the Land of Whirlpools in the future, she was a little eager to confirm with Minato. After all, she knew that Minato was dreaming of becoming the Hokage.

“Besides, I haven’t charged Hiruzen for my newt ancestor yet!” Masahiko thought.

In Konoha, Masahiko went straight to the Hokage Building, while the three went to the Senju Station. They were going to tell Mito about what happened in the Uzumaki Clan.

“Elder Masahiko, you’re back.” Hiruzen greeted him at the door.

Masahiko smiled, “You probably knew everything that happened with the Uzumaki, right?”

Hiruzen nodded, and of course, he knew who was placed in charge of the Land of Whirlpools.

“That’s good, let’s talk money then.”

Hiruzen was stunned, then nodded repeatedly, and took out ten million Ryo.

“This a little… gift as your allies and friends.”

Masahiko was stunned for a long time before he finally reacted. He took the money from Hiruzen with one hand and stretched the other, saying, “What I wanted is the reward for the task.”

Hiruzen: “…”

He really wanted to ask back his ten million at that moment, but he didn’t dare…

“Elder Masahiko, about the mission… you didn’t bring us any live salamanders.”

“I have captured that big salamander, what else do you want?”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “The one you caught… its species is unknown, and we temporarily can’t use it.”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Is the meat poisonous?”

Without waiting for an answer, Masahiko continued, “Even if there are no live newts, I’ve collected more herbs than what you’ve asked. And that big guy, whatever it is, such a huge creature will always be useful. Never heard of bosses?”

“Come on, dude… give me at least a hundred Ryo, how can you be this cheap!”

Hiruzen wanted to say, “I have already given you 10 million Ryo.” After hesitating, again and again, he still paid him some money. Anyway, it was just an A-Level mission, which worth only three hundred thousand Ryo.

Masahiko took the money, smiled with satisfaction, then suddenly started his nonsense, “That’s right, Hiruzen, I’m that poor, this old man can’t even eat ramen anymore. Huh, with this, I’m definitely getting a bowl from Ichiraku Ramen, it’s all thanks to you… it’s all thanks to you.” Masahiko kept saying as he turned around and left the office.

Hiruzen could only watch him leave with a wry smile.

After leaving, Masahiko found a hidden place to perform the transformation technique, and went to Ichiraku Ramen, only to discover that it was being expanded.

On the left of Ichiraku Ramen is Masahiko’s Amazon shop, and on the right is the street. If you want to expand, you must be creative.

“Teuchi has really made a fortune and built a second-story small western-style building.” Masahiko smiled. Unlike the last time when Teuchi had to work hard, this time he hired several craftsmen to work.

In addition, Masahiko also saw two notices about the recruitment of apprentices. It seems that even with all of the family members joining the battlefield, they are still a bit busy.

Watching the chaotic ramen shop, and Teuchi helping here and there, Masahiko went back to his shop without bothering.

When he entered his shop, he found a few more small notes in his shop. Masahiko thought it was business again, but after reading it, he found out that they were all left by Obito, basically asking him where he went.

“This fake identity suddenly disappeared for half a month, but its apprentice still cares.”

Masahiko smiled, and while slowly cleaned the shop, he took the sealing scroll out of his sleeve. With one “KAI,” a pile of “weeds” appeared on the ground. It was the paralyzing grass he had collected on the island before.

“This thing can be used for training, and it’s much easier to use than some heavy objects.” Masahiko murmured and began to make up a “bracelet.”

The amount he collected was more than enough, Masahiko weaved twenty bracelets in a row, but there were still many left.

“These should be enough, then with what’s left…” Masahiko frowned, then suddenly smiled and compiled the “Lasso of Truth.”

(T/N: The Lasso of Truth is a weapon wielded by DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman.)

Masahiko shook his head feeling unsatisfied, “I have to find a way to make its color gold.”

As he thought someone came to his door.

“Master, you’re back… to provoke…”

It was Kakashi who came here, but before he could finish speaking, he fell to the ground.

Masahiko was startled first, then he realized that he should be paralyzed because Kakashi patted his shoulder while Masahiko was Squatting thinking about his Lasso of Truth.

“It seems that this thing has to be modified before it can be used. Otherwise, wearing a bracelet and touch whoever is… Oooh, now this is something interesting.”

Masahiko kept pondering, while Kakashi, who fell to the ground on the other side, is crying without tears. The feeling of a stiff body isn’t uncomfortable, but he was more worried about what kind of a “scheming” he walked in.

After a while, Masahiko realized that Kakashi was still lying on the ground, so he smiled and asked, “Kakashi, are you not going to school today?”

“Oh, yes, you graduated.”

Kakashi: ”…”

Masahiko put away the bracelet of truth. Then waited around an hour for Kakashi to be relieved from that stiffness, and stood up slowly.

Acting innocent Masahiko said, “You must remember to rest too, boy. You must have been so tired, you suddenly fainted out in my shop. If your breathing isn’t stable, I can call an ambulance for you.”

Although Kakashi doesn’t understand what an ambulance is, he wasn’t actually breathing smoothly.

“Master, I just…”

“What are you here for?” Masahiko casually changed the topic.

Kakashi took a deep breath, “It’s just that Obito said he didn’t hear any news from you for a while…”

Masahiko smiled, “Did he asked you to keep an eye on the shop and inform him if I even come back?”

“No, it’s just that I was worried about you too. And wanted to thank you for the Sculpture you gave to me last time.”

“That’s it? Well, thank you for your concern. I just went out and picked a few kinds of grass.”

“Grass picking…” Kakashi suddenly remembered what he saw when he first entered the shop, and then thought about how his body was stiff, “Master, is it the paralyzing grass?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened; he didn’t expect Kakashi to actually know such a thing.

“Yes, it’s the paralyzing grass, which is woven into bracelets. After treatment, it can have a better training effect than lifting heavy objects.”

Kakashi nodded, “I understand… Well, since you’re back safely, then I will leave.”

“Come back here in a few days, and I will give you a bracelet.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Watching Kakashi walk away, Masahiko secretly smiled, “Such a good friend. He clearly came here for Obito’s sake…”