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L.L.H: Chapter 201: Tonic Pills

At the end of Konoha’s thirty-ninth year.

The Senju Clan.

Masahiko looked at Nagato with satisfaction, “Coming and going freely.”

Nagato wore the special paralyzing grass bracelets on both hands. After many trials, Masahiko finally managed to eliminate its effect to paralyze others when being touched, and focused it all on the user, so after wearing, the effect was stronger than last time.

After nearly three months of adaptation, Nagato finally walked freely, wearing two in his hands. Of course, he hasn’t been able to restrain its effect using physical strength; he was still walking with a thick layer of Chakra around his wrist.

As for little Konan and Kushina, Masahiko didn’t force them to wear it. Moreover, in terms of physique, Nagato was way better. Masahiko doesn’t think they would even be able to stand after wearing it.

“Keep on practicing, resisting the paralyzing will make you awake your Sage Body faster.” Although Nagato is a natural Sage Body of the Uzumaki Clan, according to Masahiko’s observation, it will be way weaker than Hashirama’s. Masahiko wanted to make up for it with this newly acquired method.

Masahiko frowned, walked out of the Senju Station, then glanced at his status bar.

Witness Points: 672

“It was so difficult to save, and now I’ve even waster ten points. You owe me a big one, Nawaki.”

Masahiko sighed and reluctantly added ten points to the medicine.

Pharmaceutical LV10 (100000/100000)

“Military Rations Pills, Qi Pills, Tonic Pills…”

“Well, well, well… Tonic Pills.”

Suddenly more pharmaceutical methods and formulas flashed in his mind, all of which were brought to him by the LV10 Pharmaceutical Skill.

After he carefully checked the information, Masahiko was both disappointed and relieved.

Disappointed that the tenth level of pharmacy didn’t bring him any anti-natural prescriptions, such as pills that can enhance the physique; or remedies for the Chakra growth… these are all the types of drugs that Masahiko was hoping for. He really loved these fantasy novels in his previous life, and thanks to the author, he never lived to read the finale.

Also, Masahiko was relieved because the purpose behind adding these points was achieved, and he obtained a prescription for tonic pills.

He could recognize the introduction of Tonic Pills and It can be summarized in four words: Gain a Horse’s power!

Of course, Masahiko wasn’t planning on using such a thing at all, he was a healthy old man, but it seems that this wasn’t the case for Nawaki. Mikoto has been married for nearly two years, and she’s still not pregnant. This can’t be explained by the fact that Nawaki is “shy.” Masahiko had to do something. It’s hard for him to control this and that… especially that, but he can’t help it, he was worried about Nawaki’s descendants…

Thinking about it, Masahiko felt that the pharmaceutical skill he acquired lately may play an essential role, so Masahiko can only “hardheartedly” add to it ten points.

“It’s not a waste, this will also allow me to add a new product to my Amazon Store…”

Masahiko directly performed the transformation technique and walked to buy some raw materials from the medical shop of the Yamanaka Clan.

In addition to being well-known for the flower shop, the Yamanaka was also semi-monopolizing the medicinal material business in Konoha. As for other medicinal stores, they are all opened by small clans. Of course, Masahiko chose to go for the larger medicinal store to buy.

“Rehmannia, Yam, also…” As he walked to the shop, Masahiko was familiarizing himself with the prescription stored in his mind.

“These things are used to nourish the body… isn’t it weird to buy it at my age?”

When he came to the Yamanaka pharmacy, Masahiko’s face turned dark, “Damn it, he knows me now.” It was Inoichi Yamanaka, who bought a sculpture from him.

Inoichi saw Masahiko too and hurriedly greeted him.

“Boss Hagoromo, are you here to buy medicine? Are you sick?”

“I’m okay, haha, I’m just here to take a look.” Masahiko smiled, unable to tell what kind of medicinal materials he wanted to buy.

“You want to take a look?” Inoichi looked confused. He has never seen anyone who comes to a medicinal store to take a look. Still, he didn’t refuse, “Alright, look here, we have a good selection of medicinal materials.”

“It’s quite complete.” Masahiko turned around, and with a glance, he made out the formula in his mind.

After hesitating, “Well, they are all perfect, I want to buy some and have a better look on my own.”

Inoichi: “…”

“Give me two packages of each item.”

“Aren’t you selling wood sculptures, are you now trying to pick up our restorative material business?” Inoichi didn’t know if he should cry or laugh that Masahiko was actually here to buy.

Masahiko waved his hand, “No, I’m not planning on selling medicinal materials, I just need to prepare some pills.”

“I understand…” Inoichi nodded slightly but didn’t continue to ask Masahiko what pills he was preparing.

Of course, it was impossible to sell him two packages of each medicinal item. The total reserves for some materials are less than two packages. Thus, Masahiko didn’t have any choice but to accept, then joked several times about how Inoichi needs to change the sign outside the shop to “Half Mountain Pharmacy.”
(T/N: Yamanaka: Literally means Mountain.)

After the medicinal materials were packaged, Inoichi looked at it, puzzled, and said, “So many materials, how are you planning on bringing it back with you?”

Masahiko smiled, took out a sealing scroll, and under Inoichi’s stunned expression, he sealed it all in.

“Are you still a Ninja?” Inoichi had a strong perceptual technique, but he never bothered to check, and now he found out that “Boss Hagoromo” is a ninja.

“It’s not worth mentioning, it’s not worth mentioning.” Masahiko said with an “I’m strong” expression on his face.

Inoichi: “…”

“Thanks for the Eight Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand Ryo.”

Masahiko paid directly without any objection. He knew how many medicinal materials he bought, and the asking price was, in fact, reasonable.

Carrying his full of medicinal materials scroll, Masahiko went straight to the Amazon Store, ready to go back to dispense the medicine.

“Hmm, let’s see what utensils are needed for dispensing medicine?” Masahiko directly took two pieces of wood and carved them.

Although Masahiko has directly acquired LV10 Pharmaceutical Skill by adding points, this attribute is like sculpturing; it requires some trials and research to familiarize himself with it.

After wasting two packages worth of materials, Masahiko finally succeeded. He successfully mixed the restorative materials together and kneaded out dozens of small brown pills.

“So, this is the Tonic Pills?” Masahiko took it in his hand and looked left and right, then smiled, “This is a new product in the Amazon Store, and it deserves a better… and taller name.”

“Let’s call it… Liuwei Diguang Wan.” Masahiko gave it a name that no one will understand in this world.
(T/N: Liuwei Diguang Wan: an actual medicine for people who have: difficult erection, and hair loss caused by kidney deficiency.)

“Now, how do I give it to Nawaki?” Masahiko can’t give it to him directly, what is he gonna say? “Gear Up Boy!”

“I will just put it on sale in the store; he will probably come to buy it by himself.” Masahiko thought.

“Well, I will also need to prepare other medicines. I can’t just sell such a thing. I will be claimed to have no shame…” Masahiko said, forgetting the fact that the identity of an old man sculpturing Chibi figures is already considered shameful in this world…