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L.L.H: Chapter 218: Sasori Of The Red Sand

Three days later.

“What about this time?” Chiyo asked Masahiko while controlling the puppet with her hands.

Masahiko frowned, and hesitatingly he replied, “It’s okay.”

The puppet in front of him was gigantic.

“Can you make it transform? Like Ka Cha Ka Don Kaka
(T/N: Kaka? xD)

Chiyo breathed a sigh of relief. This was the third one she makes. And she has already wasted three days on this task.

With the movement of Chiyo’s fingers, the puppet disintegrated instantly, then re-joined together under the rapid movement of her fingers, forming a “horse cart.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched. It should be a truck, not a carriage. However, he doesn’t dislike it. People in this word don’t know what a big truck looks like, but the transformation method…

“So, if my grandson wants to play with this toy, he will need to come here to Sunagakure and learn puppetry Ninjutsu?”

Asking this question, made Chiyo’s face stiff. Looking at the giant puppet, even an ordinary puppetry user wouldn’t be able to use it.

“The puppet can only be manipulated by a puppet master.”

Masahiko shook his head, “What I want is not a reorganization, but deforming. For example, these joints should be folded into a carriage.”


Masahiko’s face stiffened, he just broke Optimus Prime’s arm, but he didn’t use any strength.

“What kind of material is this?”

Chiyo was also surprised, “Hamura-Sana, you’re powerful… we’re just using waste materials, and when we finish working on this demo, we will use the good materials for the final product.”

Masahiko nodded, “This isn’t good enough. This kind of thing is only worth two million.”

In fact, Masahiko was more satisfied this time. He doesn’t need to be that serious because of a toy, and even if he doesn’t know how to use puppetry, he can always use gravity to control it.

Now that he thought about it, he felt really sorry for Chiyo. The reason he came here in the first place was to see Sasori. It would be a shame not to see him before he change himself into a complete puppet.

Sure enough, after several more trials, Chiyo ended up feeling embarrassed because she couldn’t figure out the deforming design. She sighed for a long time and regretted not handing this task over to Sasori earlier.

After that, Chiyo led Masahiko to the next room, carrying the puppet and its broken arm using Chakra’s threads.

“Sasori! Sasori! Are you here?” Chiyo frowned.

“Hamura-Sana, don’t touch it!” Chiyo was startled the moment she turned around.

Masahiko was playing around with two puppets he found on the ground. The two were really familiar since they were the two Kankuro is going to use in the future.

Hearing Chiyo’s voice, Masahiko looked up with a smile, “Elder Chiyo, these puppets are all well made, much more sophisticated than yours.”

“Hamura-San, please don’t mess around.” Chiyo repeated again, “Some of these puppets may be poisoned, and Sasori is the only one who has its antidotes.”

Masahiko nodded. Although his physique shouldn’t be infested by the poison, that would blow his cover.

While speaking, Sasori walked in from the outside, first frowned while looking at Masahiko, then he turned to Chiyo.

“Grandma, what are you looking for?”

It’s the first time Masahiko see Sasori, but he looked a lot like the original. He was only a bit younger.

“Is this the genius puppet master of Sunagakure?” Masahiko said excitedly.

Sasori stared coldly, then he completely ignored Masahiko, but Chiyo still responded with a smile.

“Yes, although he’s less than 15 years old, he’s already the best puppetry master in the village.”

“Can you really create what I want? It’s the kind that can be transformed?” Masahiko twisted again.

Sasori widened his eyes, then he looked at Chiyo with a confused expression.

Chiyo sighed, “Hamura-San, no need to describe, I will explain to him.”

After that, she took the broken-arm and started demonstrating it to Sasori. The latter’s expression changed from indifference to concentration, to interest.

As a genius, Sasori fully understood what Masahiko needed after hearing Chiyo describing it once.

“S-Class Task, I understand, Grandmother.” Sasori nodded, accepting the mission.

“I’ll leave it to you, Sasori,” Chiyo said then walked out. Every time she sees Sasori’s sad face, Chiyo becomes more determined to find a way to give life to puppets. Her research has been delayed for three days because of Masahiko’s mission, and she wants to return as soon as possible.

Masahiko didn’t even say goodbye as she walked out of the room; he was 100% focused on Sasori.

If this artistic lunatic’s brain twitches, and want to make a puppet out of him, what should he do?

Fortunately, Masahiko didn’t seem to be that kind of “special material” to Sasori, so he wasn’t interested.

He is now very interested in this puppet toy described by Masahiko, and without even talking to him, he started working on it.

“It seems that all artists are independent…” Masahiko smiled bitterly. He was looking to see Sasori before, but he never thought of what to say when that happens, so he ended up being ignored…

So he ended up finding a place to sit down and watched Sasori dazzlingly doing his work.

Unlike Chiyo, the initial puppet form was the “car,” and then he started to find a way to turn it into a human form.

After only half a day, Sasori actually made a finished product.

Masahiko stared blankly at the puppet in front of him. It transformed into a human form from the horse-drawn carriage, then it turned back to the initial setup. Except for its ugly appearance, it was basically what he asked for.

“He’s no longer just a genius. His puppetry designing is at least two levels higher than Chiyo…”

“The mission is completed.” Sasori’s voice rang in Masahiko’s ears, awakening him.

Masahiko shook his head, “This is no good. This toy is for my grandson. If you make it so ugly, it will just scare him.”

Sasori frowned, “A child’s toy?”

Looking at the gigantic puppet that is more than two meters high, he said, “Who can play with such a thing?”

“Oh, this one is for me. You’re gonna make a small one for the kid, about half a meter high is enough.”

“For… you?” Sasori recalled Masahiko’s robot dance before. At that point, it wasn’t too surprising.

“Okay, tell me how do you want it to look?”

Masahiko sighed; his expressing ability is getting worse every time they ask him about something…

“Wait a minute, this isn’t right, can’t I just sculpt the shape?” Masahiko was taken aback, his brain short-circuited again.