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L.L.H: Chapter 217: Crack!

Sungakure was a very poor country, especially in recent years.

No one knows how things went wrong, but the Daimyo of the Land of the Wind suddenly decided to only provide 150 million Ryo yearly for the village, which put Sunagakure in a bad spot.

The commission for an S-Class mission may range from 5 million to 8 million Ryo. But Masahiko was willing to spend 10 million Ryo to make a puppet toy.

Faced with the temptation, the Kazekage put down all the work in his hands and chatted with Masahiko in a friendly way. A person who can draw out ten million Ryo that simply should have at least dozens of times that much…

Thinking of this, the Kazekage also noticed something wrong. He knows all the wealthy merchants in the Land of Wind.

Masahiko is obviously not one of them, but he’s obviously dressed like a resident of the Land of Wind.

“What should I call you?”

This question caught Masahiko off guard. He still didn’t decide the name of this identity.

“Call me, Ha…mura.” After he used the Six Paths, it was his brother’s time.

“Hamura? Where are you from?”

Masahiko was startled at first, then he glanced at the Kazekage irritably, “So now I have to explain where I came from and why I’m going to make this toy, how many people in my family, and how many cows we own for you to accept taking my mission?”

The Third Kazekage took a deep breath, “What a mess…”

Frowning for a while, the Kazekage decided not to overthink it. The guy looked ordinary and doesn’t seem like he can cause trouble. And they’re gonna make some easy money because of him, isn’t that great?

“Since you’re paying 10 million Ryo, I will classify it as an S-Class Mission, and I will find the best puppet master in our village to make your toy.”

Masahiko frowned, “If you do it well, I will add more money. If you don’t, I will deduct some.”

“Oh?” The Kazekage was surprised, he completely ignored the part about the deductions, and the words “more money” kept echoing in his mind.

With a wave of his hand, an Anbu instantly flashed in.

“Go and call Elder Chiyo.”

Masahiko’s face darkened. Chiyo knew him well. If she recognizes him, everyone will know that “Uzumaki Masahiko hides his identity to buy toys.”

“Elder Chiyo is one of the strongest puppet masters in our village, and she’s also very talented when it comes to puppet designs.”

In fact, the best puppet maker in Sanugakure is Sasori, and everyone knows this. But he asked for Chiyo because she’s more “selfless,” and the village will get more funds this way.

“Yes, I’ve heard a lot about Elder Chiyo.”

In less than ten minutes, Chiyo rushed in. She was studying with other Elite puppet masters the possibility of giving life to puppets. The Kazekage knew this, but he still urgently summoned her, so she thought something serious had happened.

“You want me to make a toy?” Chiyo looked surprised and almost said, “You got to be kidding me.”

“Well, this is Hamura, a merchant who’s willing to pay 10 million or more to make a toy for his grandson. This task is going to be classified as an S-Class mission.”

“So, that’s how it is.” Chiyo nodded. She was very clear about the financial situation of Sunagakure.

“Hamura-San, right? What kind of toy do you want to make?” Chiyo turned around.

This was a difficult question to answer; how can he describe it?

“If I say Optimus Prime, you definitely won’t understand, right? Autobots? Transformers?”

Chiyo shook her head blankly, the Third Kazekage also seemed puzzled.

“Well… it’s a robot, but the kind that can transform.” Masahiko said while doing the robot dance.

Chiyo’s face stiffened, and then turned her head and glanced at the Kazekage. Are you really sure this person can really come up with 10 million Ryo?

The Kazekage shrugged; he was that desperate.

“Well, all right,” Chiyo sighed, “I will take this task.”

Usually, dealing with this kind of client will surely make the mission even harder, so she already predicted that this mission will really be classified as an S-Class.

Masahiko didn’t talk much. He was afraid that he might reveal his true identity to her, so he handed over the mission and watched the Third Kazekage registering it.

When he was about to fill in the Shinobi name in charge of the task, Chiyo stopped him.

“Put Sasori’s names too, I might have to rely on him to finish the task.”

The Kazekage hesitated for a moment but still did what she said. At this time, he also had to consider that Masahiko said: “deduct.”

After the task was entrusted, Masahiko followed Chiyo to the “Puppet Research Institute” in Sunagakure. Of course, they didn’t have such a name, he came up with it.

Masahiko walked in while looking at the various abandoned puppets inside the place.

There are many large and small sections in the research institute, which are separate rooms for each puppet master in Sunagakure. According to the size, it can basically be divided into three grades.

Clearly, the larger one should belong to Chiyo.

“Whose other two rooms belong to?” Several figures flashed in Masahiko’s mind.

“One belongs to my brother, and the other to my grandson,” Chiyo said proudly.

“Sasori should be fourteen or fifteen years old, and he has such a high status in Sunagakure. If he doesn’t go astray, I’m afraid that he might take the Kazekage’s position soon.” Masahiko thought to himself.

Entering Chiyo’s “studio,” she turned around and said, “Hamura-San, please describe in detail the puppet toy you need.”

Masahiko frowned, where should I start?”

“Um… so it should be two meters high and can be dissembled and assembled. When you want, it can go, Ba Dom and transform into a car… No, a big truck.”

Masahiko started twisting again and making weird noises.

“What is the big truck?” Ignoring the redundant onomatopoeia and actions, Chiyo focused on these new vocabularies.

“Hmm… you know the carriage, right?”

Chiyo nodded.

“A big truck is a four-wheeled carriage that can carry a lot of things.”

“That’s it.” Chiyo frowned, roughly understanding Masahiko’s needs.

“This design is quite ingenious. Who came up with it?”

“Of course, it’s me.” Masahiko didn’t care about copyright strikes anymore.

Of course, Chiyo didn’t believe him. Just by hearing how he described this thing, she could tell that he didn’t design it.

However, she didn’t pursue it, and with a move of her finger, a Chakra thread appeared, and a puppet flew over.

“About this height?”

Masahiko’s eyes got widened. He never expected that Sunagakure would have such a giant puppet. It’s about two meters!

“Well, the height is almost right. But the key is to be able to go Ba Dom and transform, do you understand?”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

Chiyo was expressionless.