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L.L.H: Chapter 216: I Have Money

“It’s over, I feel that Minato has also discovered my true identity.” Masahiko looked sad as he watched Minato’s team doing their tasks.

“Minato knows, Kushina will know, then… the whole world will know.”

“I hope Minato isn’t sure.”

Masahiko felt helpless, even though Hagoromo was considered an outsider… by now, a lot of people knew him.

It wasn’t clear if Minato wasn’t sure, or he chose not to spread Masahiko’s secret, but fortunately, Kushina never found out.

And as the days passed, Uchiha Mikoto’s belly grew a little bit bigger. Masahiko took the safety of this child very seriously. Besides the fact that he was the little monster that this world never seen before, there were also other reasons.

Masahiko’s most prominent change in the Naruto World was the Uzumaki Clan, and the other is Mikoto and Nawaki’s child. At the same time, this was also the first child who was five generations younger than Masahiko, and from the same family. So Masahiko now doesn’t know what the kid gonna call him.

“Master Grandpa?” Masahiko frowned.

Because of how important this meant to him, he was already counting days. It’s estimated that Mikato will deliver the kid about June, and it was February, which means there are about four months left.

As the days got closer, Masahiko started thinking more about the kid.

“What if this child was be born with a pair of Rinnegan eyes?” With the Six Paths’ appearance in his mind… imagining the baby version made him shiver.

“As his Great Master Grandpa, should I gift this child something? Or should I wait until his first birthday? I guess I can’t gift the Slugs Scroll again, right?”

Masahiko took a piece of wood and compared it with his carving knife. After a long time, he smiled wryly: “The Work of Devil has started…”

“Father, what’s the matter with you?” From the outside, Sara opened the door and walked in. This was the first time that Masahiko didn’t pick her up from work, even though she was next door.

Masahiko raised his head, then asked, “Daughter, what gift you think will be better to give to a newborn child?”

“Child? Boy or girl? A little brother or a sister?” Sara laughed.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “It should be more like your Great-Great-Great-Nephew.”

Sara was stunned for a while before she finally remembered that her father was very old.

“In Roran, boys liked puppets soldiers, but girls, like me, preferred musical instruments.”

“Action figures and musical instruments…” Masahiko nodded, then shook his head, “Even if it’s a girl, she will have to embrace the road of ninjas. Such a good bloodline shouldn’t be wasted on musical instruments.”

By now, it seems that he has forgotten that he was the one who founded the Ninja Academy and forced everyone to study music.

“But action figures, it’s a good idea, how about a Transformer figure…” After hearing the words, Masahiko immediately came up with such an idea.

“In that case, if it’s a girl, I would gift her a Barbie doll? Neither of these things is easy to make.”

Even though Masahiko’s Sculpturing Skill is LV10, making a Transformer action figure is impossible just by carving. That kind of thing requires a lot of joint combinations. As for Barbie dolls, it is estimated that he could find a shop that sells such dolls in the Land of Fire, but Barbie would be a bit difficult…

After thinking for a long time, Masahiko frowned and looked at Sara in front of him.

“I’m going out tomorrow, and it might take me some time before I could come back. You take care of yourself. If you encountered any difficulties, ask Teuchi to help you. If it’s a bigger thing, go to Mito in the Senju Station.”

Sara was taken aback, then nodded, “Don’t worry, father.”


The next day, Masahiko embarked on a journey to the Land of Wind. After thinking about it, if he needs to make a puppet, he will have to look for the puppet masters in Sunagakure. If not, he can also find a way to learn little puppetry techniques. It’s estimated that it will not require a lot of witness points to upgrade it to LV10.

“So how I’m gonna do this?” On the way, Masahiko went through another identity crisis.

Should I go as Uzumaki Masahiko, there should be no obstacles, and it will be effortless, but…

“The dignified Master Uzumaki Masahiko, the oldest man in the Shinobi World, went to the Sunagakure to ask a puppet master to make him a toy? Isn’t this unreliable and shameful?”

But going as Hagoromo, whom no one knows, won’t cause such a problem, and he can actually go there and ask them to make this toy as a mission…

In the end, Masahiko first went to the city, bought a set of robe and headscarf, and used the transformation technique to dress himself up as an Arab middle-aged man…

After buying the dress, Masahiko walked to Sunagakure.

The topography of Sunagakure was the most unique among the five major villages. It’s surrounded by steep cliffs. Except for the air, crossing the ridge is the only road to pass through, making it easy to defend and difficult to attack. In the Shinobi World War II, Konoha had already reached the outskirts of Sunagakure, but even when it had the advantage, they couldn’t break into the village, and in the end, they had no choice but to accept the peace talks.

Masahiko mixed in easily. His Fuinjutsu was at LV9. The moment he sealed his Chakra, no one in Sunagakure could sense him, and of course, they would welcome a civilian who came here to give them a mission.

The same as the original, Sunagakure is very poor, the desert occupies most of the land, and the people could only live where there’s an oasis.

“No wonder they always hated Konoha. Compared to Sunagakre, Konoha is heaven.” Standing on the street of the village, Masahiko sighed emotionally.

“Uncle, from here.” This was the voice of a young man from Sunagakure. He was also one of the guards at the village entrance in charge of guiding people who came here with missions.

Masahiko nodded and followed.

Masahiko didn’t encounter any difficulties, and they never stopped until they reached the Kazekage Building. Two Anbu flashed in and inspected him, but they quickly let him in because he had already been checked at the entrance.

“Easily done. All that I have to do now is to assassinate the Kazekage.” Masahiko muttered.

The young man’s face stiffened, “Uncle, don’t make such a joke.”

“Oh, sorry.” Masahiko smiled.

Masahiko said that, but he actually never expected to see the Kazekage there. However, since there weren’t a lot of missions, all tasks were reviewed by the Kazekage himself.

The young man who led the way stopped in front of the Kazekage’s office, and Masahiko walked in by himself.

“A mission?” The Kazekage said lightly.

“Yes, I want to make a puppet toy for my grandson, who is about to be born,” Masahiko replied.

“Puppet… toy?”

“I understand, it will be classified as a D-Class Mission, and the commission is gonna be 1000 Ryo.”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, thinking, “Is he taking me lightly by trying to give the mission to a low-degree puppet master?”

“I have money.” Masahiko took out ten million Ryo, “I want to make the best toy ever with the best materials and everything.”

The Kazekage got stunned.

“Should I force the puppet masters to make toys from now on?” That’s what the Kazekage thought.