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L.L.H: Chapter 215: Too Unreliable

“Obito, Kakashi, look at this photo, your expressions are exactly the same as the one the master carved for you.”

“It’s really similar…” Obito murmured.

“Of course, I’m always prescient when I’m sculpturing,” Masahiko said with a smile.

Minato also walked over, “Boss Hagoromo, this one is good… can you help us out and make a few more copies of it.”

Masahiko looked back, and the photo studio owner was still busy with the ten o’clock team.

“No problem, leave it to me. But are you really gonna use this one instead of the one I have?”

The photo Minato held in his hand was roughly similar, but he had his hands on both of their heads, so they happened to face the front and look at the camera the moment Masahiko took the shot.

“It’s just that this one looks a little more harmonious.” Minato smiled bitterly. This was the first time he takes students, and having these two together had given him a slight headache.

“All right.” Masahiko looked a little disappointed, “Then can I keep the other one?”

Masahiko was very focused on keeping these photos. Not long ago, he also kept one for Sasori.

After duplicating the photos, he gave each one of them a copy, then he waved his hand, “Here you go, now you can carry on with this assembling, do your bells, or practice for tasks’ formation, I won’t middle in.”

Masahiko turned and left, only to hear Minato saying behind.

“The New Year’s Eve is near, we won’t take any missions for the time being. I need to evaluate your current strength first. And as usual, the teacher will invite you to have a meal first then we will gather at Konoha’s second training ground at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Then came Obito’s cheers, and Kakashi’s contempt, which Masahiko didn’t see but could imagine, and then it was probably a quarrel… He really felt a bit sorry for Minato.

Masahiko, who had left the photo studio, didn’t return to the shop but went straight to Sakumo’s house. He was also very concerned about this matter.

Unsurprisingly, Sakumo, the captain of the Anbu, wasn’t at home. When Sakumo finds out that he came to his house, he will take the initiative to find him at the Amazon Store.

Sure enough, in the evening, Sakumo came over.

“Elder Masahiko, were you looking for me?”

Masahiko smiled, “Was there any tasks recently, a more confidential one, but also has its own difficulties, such as choosing between teammates or the successfulness of the mission?”

“What?” Sakumo was stunned.

“Oh, it’s okay.”

Sakumo looked puzzled as he was sent back by Masahiko.

“It seems that another thing has changed because of my existence. So does it mean that this mission is gone or replaced?” Masahiko sighed. He was actually a little disappointed. He really wanted to see with his own eyes what kind of trauma Sakumo was putten in, and maybe help him…

Looking at the time, it is estimated that it will take Sara more than an hour to go back. This kind of get off work from 5 am to 8 pm is really unreasonable, and as an apprentice, there is no salary yet…

Fortunately, there are times where there aren’t any customers, and Sara could practice controlling her Chakra. Otherwise, he would have really resigned her.

“I’m gonna find Teuchi, and ask him to give my girl a weekend or something,” Masahiko muttered, walking toward the next door…

Time passed, and it was New Year’s Eve. Masahiko chose to spend a dull night. He heard that the Uzumaki held a grand festival and had a hell of a time. Even Kushina made a trip back to be there. However, he didn’t want to get involved. Uzumaki Masahiko hasn’t appeared in front of people for a long time. The last time he was seen was at Roran. He always felt that being Hagoromo is more comfortable, Uzumaki Masahiko is just… too senior to fit into the crowd.

After a whole month of joining Minato’s team, Masahiko heard Obito saying, “next time I will definitely defeat Kakashi” many times, and begged Masahiko to teach him some great Ninjutsu afterward.

Masahiko refused with a smile every time.

In addition to the Fire Release that was the Uchiha’s signature, Obito also had the Earth Release.

Masahiko could teach him some Earth Release, but he felt that Obito would still be inferior, so helping him awakening his Sharingan would be much easier.

Therefore, Obito kept being abused by Kakashi for a full month until it was Konoha’s forty-three year. As for Rin, she went to Konoha Hospital regularly to learn some basic medical Ninjutsu and help with healing Obito’s infinite wounds.

When it was February, Obito was finally liberated from his misery because Minato finally decided that they’re ready to take tasks.

But Masahiko never expected that the first task would be… delivering Ramen.

When Masahiko heard of this, he felt a bit surprised, “What happened to the lost cats in this village?”

Delivering Ramen was actually a great mission. It’s said that there are a lot of other teams competing for it, especially Choza’s team. On the one hand, Gai has delivered these takeaways before, and on the other, the funds were good, and taking it will also mean having a free lunch.

But this task was a nightmare to Obito. Since that time, Masahiko took him to eat Sara’s Ramen, he never dared to put a foot inside Ichiraku’s ramen shop. And this time, when she saw that it was her little brother Obito, Sara went into the battle personally and prepared him launch.

Masahiko smiled as he watched Obito taking a bite of the Ramen with a bitter face.

“Huh, you think my daughter won’t improve after so long?” Masahiko muttered narcissistically. Sara has made a lot of progress during this time. After all, she has been practicing hard for almost three months.

Rin also breathed a sigh of relief. And after eating the noodles, she actually stayed to chatter a bit with Sara. Apart from this time when they did the ramen delivery, she didn’t have the chance to talk to anyone but Obito and Kakashi.

As for the teacher, Minato walked to Masahiko’s shop. Since Roran, he has been a bit interest in “Boss Hagoromo.”

Interested to know more about him…

“Boss Hagoromo, I heard that you were also a ninja before, why did you choose to open such a shop?”

“Opening a store makes more money than being a ninja.”

Minato’s expression froze.

“Are you a ninja from Konoha?”

“No, it’s a small village, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning.”

Minato’s expression changed.

“Then why did you choose to come to Konoha?”

“It’s quite lively.”

“Why didn’t you teach Obito and Rin some Ninjutsu?”

Masahiko hesitated, then said, “You will understand when you’re about my age.”

Minato’s face darkened. What was that just now; he just felt an inexplicable strange sense of familiar unreliability…

“You’re not Elder Masahiko, are you?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, then he said proudly, “How could it be! How could I be compared to that Great Elder.”

Minato: “Hahaha.”