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L.L.H: Chapter 214: Minato’s Team

“Don’t forget to visit again, Obito, Rin.”

Sara’s sweet voice sounded like the devil’s voice to the two children.

It stands to reason that the current level of Sara’s cooking is really low. However, as a father, since the day she started working at Ichiraku Ramen, Masahiko never asked Teuchi to prepare him Ramen anymore, and he only ate his daughter’s cooking. And for that reason, he got used to it.

After eating the special ramen, Obito vowed to never come here again, while Rin nodded uncomfortably… mainly because Sara served them the food with a smile, and they had no choice but to eat the whole thing while shouting “Yummy.”

“Master, it was just a portrait! You don’t have to go this far and kill me!” Obito cried.

“How rude!” Masahiko glared at him, “Your sister Sara’s cooking isn’t something any ordinary people can taste.”

“I want to be a normal person.”


After a long while, the two kids recovered. Masahiko looked normal the entire time. He got really used to it…

“Sensei, do you know the Hokage-Sama?” Obito remembered.

“Well, you can say that we know each other,” Masahiko responded indifferently, showing off his superior demeanor, then he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“Am I relying on the fact that I know Hiruzen to look cool? This is really a new level of lowness. “

Without waiting for Masahiko to cover it up, Obito said, “Then Master, can you do me a favor? When they divided the classes, I…”

As he said, Obito secretly glanced at Rin.

“What? What do you mean? I don’t get it. How would I know if you want it or not just by a glance?” Masahiko chuckled.

“Uhm, I was thinking… since Rin is a girl, she should be in the same class as me, this way I can take care of her, and you won’t have to worry about her safety, isn’t that right, sir?”

Masahiko was shocked for a moment, then looked at Rin, to find that she has covered her mouth and chuckling.

“I don’t know who will take care of whom!” Masahiko said.

Obito flushed.

“Obito, we’re already in the same class,” Rin said in a light tone.

“Ah? Really? But Sensei didn’t tell me anything no matter how many times I asked.” Obito said with surprise.

Rin shook her head, “But you said that your photo shooting will be tomorrow at nine o’clock. It’s the same time for me too. All of our classmates had other appointments, so I figured out that we’re in the same team.”

“Oh, is that so?” Obito then suddenly reacted, “Does that means that it’s just the two of us?”

Rin shook her head slightly, “I don’t know.”

“Well, you do have a teammate, and it’s gonna be a shock, especially for you, Obito…”

Seeing the two having blank expressions, Masahiko waved his hand, “The assemble is tomorrow. Go back early to prepare, and don’t be too late, Obito.”

“How could it be…” Obito wanted to refute, but he remembered that he didn’t prepare anything, so he ran out quickly, with Rin chasing behind him while chuckling.

Masahiko shook his head and returned to the Amazon Store. But he wasn’t gonna carve; his Gentle Fist technique was getting closer and closer to reach the max level.

Gentle Fist LV9 (9132243/10000000)

“With this rate of progress, it’s estimated that I will reach the max level around this time next year.”

In the early morning of the next day, after sending Sara to Ichiraku Ramen next to him, Masahiko walked to Konoha’s photo studio, where new graduates will take photos here with their teammates.

It started at seven o’clock, and since then, Masahiko saw many familiar and unfamiliar kids taking pictures with their new teammates and teachers.

“Choza? Why isn’t Dai leading Gai’s team?” Masahiko murmured, and then he quickly realized that Dai’s low IQ doesn’t allow him to lead a team.

As for Gai’s teammates, they were two familiar characters to Masahiko, Genma Shiranui and the other… he couldn’t remember his name.

As for the eight o’clock class, the three kids… Masahiko didn’t remember any of them, but surely he knew the teacher leading the team.

“It seems that the Ino Shika Cho have all been split to lead other teams. I don’t know though who Shikaku will take. I hope it’s Asuma…”

“It’s possible. Minato took Kakashi, and Kakashi took Naruto. Shikaku takes Asuma, and Asuma takes Shikamaru, it’s just right.”

As Masahiko pondered, Kakashi arrived just a few minutes earlier. He looked as familiar as always, with his short sword on his back and a pair of… sandals?

Masahiko only noticed now that kid Kakashi always wore such sandals, which was probably for the convenience of practicing.

About ten minutes later, Minato arrived and said hello to Kakashi. The latter was a little excited. Back in Roran, he was amazed by how powerful Minato is, and felt like he could be the right guidance for him.

In fact, Sakumo is the most suitable person to guide him, but the latter was the captain of the Anbu, and he didn’t have much time.

“Sakumo?” Thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly remembered, “At this time in the original, Sakumo died, right? That task…”

“Who cares? It’s fine since it didn’t happen.”

After 8:30, Rin also arrived. She greeted Kakashi with a pleasant surprise, and then repeatedly apologized to Minato, saying that Obito would probably be late… It was half an hour before the assembly time, and she already knew he will be late.

Sure enough, it was getting closer and closer to nine o’clock, and there was still no trace of Obito.

Masahiko, who had been standing for more than two hours, shook his head slightly and walked over.


“Boss Hagoromo.”

“Obito will probably be late again.”

“The laughing stock of the class didn’t change.” Kakashi seemed to be in doubt of Obito’s natural ninja talent… Minato probably felt the same.

Half an hour passed, but Obito didn’t show up, and the owner of the photo studio looked more anxious; he clearly had a busy day.

“Go and do your job, I’ll take the picture for them.” The owner of the photo studio looked stunned as he was pushed away by Masahiko.

“Then, we’re sorry to trouble you, Boss Hagoromo,” Minato said.

Masahiko nodded and waited with them. It wasn’t until around ten o’clock that Obito appeared in the distance running.

“Sorry, I… eh? Master? You also run this photo studio?”

Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, “The boss had to go because you were too late, and you still didn’t say hello to your teammates and Sensei.”

Only then did Obito noticed Kakashi there, who sighed the moment they had eye contact… Obito got depressed, but he was still happy that he and Rin were on the same team.

Arguing is also proof of friendship… probably. In short, under Minato’s leading, they managed to take the photo, and it still resembled the sculptors Masahiko made for them.

Because Minato’s team’s assembly changed slightly from the original, it brought Masahiko 20 witness points.