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L.L.H: Chapter 213: Portraits

The graduation exam took place in Konoha Academy, but the room was in turmoil after Kato Dan, the teacher, claimed that he has been attacked by an unknown person.

Needless to say, the 43 centimeters footprint on the back of his ass tells it all; someone has really attacked him.

However, since it was only a kick in the butt, none of the teachers were nervous and regarded it as a prank.

Yet since that person dared to attack a teacher, they had to look for him, so… they brought Obito.

“Obito, did you see the person who assaulted Sensei just now? What does he look like?” Kato Dan calmed himself and looked very restrained.

Obito looked anxious; if someone finds out that the master is the one who attacked the teacher, it will be awful news for him no matter what.

“I didn’t see him clearly.” Still, he couldn’t lie to his teacher.

“Even if you didn’t see it clearly, you still saw it.” Kato Dan could tell that someone was there, but he couldn’t see what he looked like.

“Okay, then describe what you saw.” Kato unexpectedly took out a drawing board, as if he were a modern policeman.

Obito looked more anxious. He wanted to say that he didn’t know, but after a long deep breath…

“That person had a round face.”

Kato nodded, “Go on.”

“Thick lips, long nose, triangular eyes…”

Kato nodded while drawing.

“Big ears and his hair was shorter than you, Sensei.”

After Kato stopped drawing, he suddenly frowned.

“Are you sure the person who attacked me looked like this?” Picked up the painting and gave it a look.

Obito looked aside and nodded.

Kato sighed, not knowing what to do. Obviously, Obito knows the person who attacked him, but it seems that he’s trying to cover up for him…

“What’s happening?”

“Third Hokage-Sama.” Kato quickly got up, and Hiruzen rushed over after he heard about the unrest in the Academy.

Hiruzen suddenly noticed the portrait in Kato’s hand and frowned when he looked at it.

“Kato Dan, you…”

“Hokage-Sama, this is the portrait of the person who attacked me. Little Uchiha Obito here is the one who helped me draw it.”

“Uchiha Obito?” Hiruzen was taken aback.

He has paid a lot of attention to Obito over the years. After all, he was accepted as an apprentice by Masahiko.

“I was attacked during the assessment of Obito, and he saw the attacker’s appearance.”

“You didn’t even see the person who attacked you?”

Before Dan could answer, Hiruzen nodded, “That’s it. This is the end of this incident, I will order a few Anbu to carry on the investigation.”

Hiruzen had already guessed that the cause of the turmoil is none but Masahiko, who came to see Obito’s exam. Still, that portrait in his hand was really horrifying.

“This drawing will help us a lot. I will take it with me.” Hiruzen took the portrait and turned around, leaving Kato Dan with a dazed expression.

“But that portrait…” Kato murmured, then he sighed and looked at Obito, “Okay, go tell your classmates, we will carry on with the assessments!”

With the portrait in his hand, Hiruzen happily walked out of the Academy and went straight to Masahiko’s Amazon Store.

Masahiko, who has witnessed Obito’s graduation exam, returned to the Amazon Store and waited for Rin and Obito to come over to tell him the good news. Unexpectedly, it was Hiruzen who was waiting for him there.

“It’s so easy for a Hokage, huh? Though, I never left the Hokage Building in the middle of the day back when I was the Hokage.”

“Substitute Hokage…” Hiruzen shook his head and handed over the portrait.

“Wow!” Masahiko was startled, “Who drawn this male version of Bisky? And why does it have red hair?”
(T/N: Biscuit Krueger: From the anime Hunter X Hunter, and the one who helped Gon and Killua in Green Island.)

“Biscuit?” Hiruzen was taken aback.

“You’re not wrong, but she prefers to be called Bisky…. Never mind, so do you want to help others learn drawing now? No man, this level of drawing is beyond help.” Masahiko joked.
(T/N: I just realized this, is Masahiko making fun of Yoshihiro Togashi‘s art?)

Hiruzen looked serious, “The Academy was attacked just now. And this is what the attacker looked like.”

“The academy?” Masahiko was startled. But he didn’t sense anything, “Is anyone injured?”

Hiruzen still had a solemn expression, “No, it’s just that Kato got his ass kicked. The portrait was being drawn based on Uchiha Obito’s testimony, he was the only witness and the only student who was being assessed at the time.”

Masahiko’s face darkened, thinking, “Is this supposed to be me? Damn you Obito! And what is Hiruzen thinks he’s doing? Is he making fun of this old man?!”

Masahiko was stunned for a while looking at Hiruzen’s serious expression, then he sighed and said, “Man, I really feel like kicking another ass today…”

Hiruzen was taken aback and hurriedly fled out, “Elder Masahiko, I just remembered I have something to do, I can’t stay any longer, have a good day, farewell…”

Masahiko watched Hiruzen walking backward while talking with a smirk, then he looked at the portrait again, and his face darkened.

At the same time, the exam was over, and Obito and Rin were heading toward the store.

“Rin, Master is really a strong ninja. Today he kicked Sensei’s butt, yet Dan-Sensei couldn’t even fight back.”


“Fortunately, I acted smartly and covered for Master…”

“I would really be happy if Sensei suddenly decides to teach me some Ninjutsu…” Obito sighed.

“What kind of Ninjutsu you want to learn, Obito?”


Obito finally reached the store, with Rin behind smiling…

“Master!” He yelled, desperately showing off his forehead protection.

“If you’re happy just for being a Genin, then you still have a long way to go. Isn’t it right, Rin?” Masahiko immediately attacked.

Rin nodded with a smile.

Obito’s smile faded away, then he quickly recovered.

“Genin is just the first step, then I will become Chunin, then Jonin, then I will be the Hokage of Konoha!”

“Yeah, keep dreaming, kid.” Masahiko kept the fight.

“Master, can’t you be more supportive?”

“Supportive you’re saying? Okay. You graduated at the age of nine, so at ten you will be a Chunin, twelve years old, you’re gonna become a Jonin, fifteen years old, you’re gonna become the Uchiha Clan Patriarch, eighteen years old invincible, at twenty you will succeed Hiruzen, leading Konoha to prosperity…”

“Huh, you’re just making fun of me, Master.”

Masahiko smiled, shaking his head, then took out the portrait.

“You want my support after you ruined my reputation with this?”

Obito was shocked, “Didn’t this portrait was taken by Hokage-Sama? How could it be with you?”

“The Third Hokage deliberately came to my store to taunt me, and he left it here.”

With a weird expression, Rin gently pulled Obito, “Hey is this the cover you’ve talked about?”

Obito’s face stiffened and nodded, “Yes, this way, no one will know it was Master!”

Masahiko sighed, “But It has red hair… Forget it, I won’t pursue it since today is your day.”

Obito felt embarrassed.

“Let’s go, I will treat you to a bowl of Ramen made by my daughter Sara, and we will all celebrate together!”

Rin and Obito followed happily, but the latter didn’t know… that this how Masahiko decided to take his revenge.