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L.L.H: Chapter 212: Obito’s Graduation

Masahiko didn’t know what went wrong. Is it because he made Sara eat too much Ramen recently? In short, she made up her mind and she wants to learn Teuchi’s Ramen Style.

“Alright, Ramen is also a craft, although it’s a bit lower than carving and pharmaceutical…” Masahiko sighed. It still felt a little awkward.

Initially, Masahiko intended to let Sara choose a craft and learn it so that she can live this life blandly. Since she has missed the best time to learn Ninjutsu, Masahiko didn’t want her to become a Ninja later on and experience all kinds of dangers.

As for development and management, even though Sara had some abilities as the Queen of Roran, the Land of Whirlpools was different. In the future, it will become an even greater Kingdom, and Sara’s capabilities won’t be enough.

But something like Ramen…

“Well played, Teuchi, I’ll certainly take my revenge soon!” Masahiko secretly cursed.

The next morning, Masahiko sent Sara to Ichiraku Ramen, gritting his teeth. And after he explained his intention, Teuchi was overjoyed…

“Why are you so happy? You don’t have any dirty thought about my girl, right?” Masahiko frowned.

“No, no, I just happened to be too busy in the shop lately, and I was about to look for another apprentice. The timing is just right, and this will allow me to repay you for your assistance at that time.” Teuchi repeatedly explained.

“You don’t have to thank me…” Masahiko sighed, waved his hand, and then looked at Sara, “Since you want to learn Ramen, you should study hard. You will at least need to be more skillful than Teuchi.”

“Don’t worry, Father. Life is limited, but knowledge is limitless.” Sarah repeated.

Masahiko shook his head, walked out of Ichiraku Ramen, and returned to his shop.

Before he could stand firm, a burst of familiar laughter came over from the outside.

“Hahaha, Great Grandpa, I heard that you have a 15-year-old daughter?”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, “Come in and we will talk, also can you not be so loud?”

He was afraid that Tsunade would shout even more, and everyone in Konoha would know that he’s Uzumaki Masahiko.

Tsunade gets what he meant, and said quietly, “I understand. So how did you get this illegitimate daughter?”

He don’t know why Tsunade assumed that she was illegitimate.

Masahiko frowned, calming himself.

“Be calm, calm… Don’t make a joke of yourself in front of the young generations.”

“Why did you come here? Are you so anxious to see your Grandma?”

This time, the smile on Tsunade’s face froze; she suddenly realized that she had a grandmother who was fifteen years old, and she couldn’t accept it…

“No, no, no! Don’t change the topic, Great Grandpa. Also, Grandma Mito is the one who sent me to ask you what the situation is.”

Masahiko’s face darkened. During this time, he didn’t set a foot close to the Senju Station, just because he feared to confront Mito. Masahiko didn’t know how to explain this, yet he never expected that she would send Tsunade.

Masahiko regrets now that he said Sara is his daughter. It’s easier to accept that she’s his great-granddaughter? No… it might be more difficult to accept. Since this will be another version of Masahiko abandoning, “his wife and son.”

“Sara… well, the situation is more complicated than what you think.” Masahiko only said this sentence because the situation was indeed more complicated.

“Just treat her as my daughter, and don’t tell others that I’m Uzumaki Masahiko.”

“So, she’s really your daughter?” Tsunade looked stunned. She thought that it was just a rumor, and she will get another answer from Masahiko.

“Hey! Why is it so weird that I have a daughter?” Masahiko’s face turned dark. This was more about his dignity as a man…

“It’s not weird, it’s not weird.” Although she said so, the odd expression on Tsunade’s face as she walked out told another story.

In the room, Masahiko sighed, “It doesn’t matter. If it leaks out, then I will admit that it’s the daughter of Uzumaki Masahiko, and let’s see who dares to say anything!”

“But I’m really wronged here…” Masahiko looked sad and didn’t know where to go.


In the blink of an eye, another half a month has passed. And the time was near the end of Konoah’s 42nd year.

During this time, Masahiko has accepted all kinds of visitors who knew his true identity, and he has come to see all sorts of surprised expressions. Even Orochimaru came here. However, he seemed to be more interested in studying him.

Sara’s ramen studying has also progressed smoothly. The Ramen she makes… is eatable.

But that was understandable, Sara was the Queen of the Roran Kingdom before, and cooking had nothing to do with her until now. She couldn’t even break an egg before, let alone make Ramen.

In half a month, and after a lot of trials and hard work, she finally made Ramen, which Masahiko considered edible.

Everything is on the right track, Masahiko is already familiar with the feeling of sending his daughter to work every day… even though it was only next door.

The quiet days continued, until a particular weekend that brought Obito to him.

“Master, we will graduate next week.”

Masahiko was startled, then pondered.

Minato’s team is about to assemble, and then there should be the Third War, and then it should be the twelve Genin.

“It’s getting there so fast, it’s almost Konoha’s 43nd…” Masahiko sighed, feeling that a lot of things happened without him realizing.

“Master?” Obito’s voice woke him up.

“Ah, yes, I will be there to watch the graduation,” Masahiko responded with a smile.

“Watch?” Obito looked surprised.

“Yes, why will you be nervous if I watch?”

“No, no, me? Nervous? Never!” Obito shook his head repeatedly.

Masahiko gave him a dumbfounded look.

“Don’t forget your name, and everything will be okay.”

“I’m not nervous, I’m not nervous…”

Rin covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Damn it, I’m Uchiha Obito!”

Two days later, Masahiko went to watch the graduation assessment.

Although the Ninja Academy usually doesn’t allow outsiders to enter, Masahiko cast a Genjutsu on them so they can leave him alone.

Obito also saw him there and wanted to say hello to him, but Masahiko waved his hand and stopped him.

The content of the exam was very simple. It was only the three basic Ninjutsu. During the “sculpting practice,” Obito become very proficient in controlling his Chakra. Even though he was very nervous, he managed to pass and get his forehead protector, and Masahiko got his 5 witness points.


The examiner was his headteacher, Kato Dan. The guy was very resistant to Genjutsu, and just when Obito finished his test, Kato Dan suddenly covered him with his body and looked at Masahiko…

A Kunai suddenly slashed past Masahiko’s face, and at the same time, Kato shouted, “Who’s there?”

Irritated, Masahiko, who has almost got caught off guard, instantly flashed behind him and kicked his ass to the air. And, while looking at the stunned Obito, he disappeared with a gesture of victory.

“Like father, like son, they always end up getting kicked in the ass…”

“I don’t think I can stay to watch Rin’s graduation assessment, after this.”