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L.L.H: Chapter 211: I Want To Do Ramen

Masahiko looked at Hiruzen with a “hold on, I will explain” expression and gathered all of his nonsense-speech abilities, ready to fight.

After various excuses and explanations, there was no effect at all. Masahiko has even said that she was adopted right in front of that poor kid, but Hiruzen saw right through it; the key was Sara’s dark red hair. In the Uzumaki Clan, dark red hair represents the purity of the blood. For example, Kushina has dark red hair, and Masahiko too.

Sara didn’t help either; she just enjoyed watching “the show.”

After a long while, Masahiko sighed. There was really no way to solve this, “Yes, she’s my daughter.”

Hiruzen looked at him full of admiration, and then he suddenly remembered the real purpose of his visit.

“Who were you fighting within the Land of Wind?” Because of the Dust Release, Hiruzen immediately thought that Masahiko was the one fighting.

Masahiko wanted to decline, but when he thought of the tough time Hiruzen has just given him he said…

“Who else, Uchiha Madara.”

Hiruzen was surprised, “Ten years ago, you said…”

“Ten years ago I said I won, I didn’t say I killed him.” Masahiko looked calm.

“Uchiha Madara isn’t dead yet…” Hiruzen suddenly became worried, “Then, this time?”

Masahiko shook his head, “Let him run away.”

Watching Hiruzen leave overwhelmed with thoughts, Masahiko smiled. When he saw the weird expression on Sara’s face, he wiped the smile off his face.

“Come on, dude, you’re a father now, so behave.” Masahiko straightened up, “Yes, that’s it.”

He would have really explained if he could, but things were complicated, and if he learned one thing from the show is if something happened and you wanted to blame someone just say “Uchiha Madara” people will definitely believe you.

The arrival of Hiruzen right now has reminded him that other people know his true identity in Konoha.

Roughly, they should be Sakumo, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Mito.

Except for Tsunade, the other three Masahiko didn’t worry that any of them would run his mouth, but Tsunade…

Masahiko could easily imagine her drunk, shaking the dice in the casino while laughing and saying to others: “I’m telling you, my grandfather, that’s right, the Great Elder Uzumaki Masahiko, has a daughter and she’s only sixteen years old…”

Masahiko shuddered, “Tsunade wouldn’t dare to do this, right? No, I have to think of something.”

Fortunately, Tsunade is now busy training Konoah’s medical ninjas, and it has been a long time since she came to this shop.

“Father, the one who fought against you before…” Sara Just remembered now, looking a little worried.

“It’s okay, that guy won’t show up again.”

Masahiko didn’t worry about this. After all, the Six Paths is already a dead person. This time, it would have taken a lot of effort from him to possess White Zetsu and fight against his future self. He won’t be able to do it again for a short time… probably.

And if he does, facing him will be really impossible. With his current strength, he might not even be able to escape.

“How can I learn Space Ninjutsu?” Masahiko sighed. If he can learn Space Ninjutsu now, he won’t have to worry at all.

He looked at Sara, who was still a little worried and shook his head.

“Let this Dad worry about these things, as for you, you will have to learn the basics of Ninjutsu. But first, we’ll go to eat Ramen.”


Time flies. One month has passed.

During this time, Masahiko and Sara got along so well, and he became really used to having such a daughter.

Not only that, but Konoah’s villagers also heard that the owner of the Amazon Shop had a 16-year-old daughter. Although he looks like he’s in his 50s, it was still acceptable…

The two apprentices in the store got also used to the existence of “Sister Sara.”

Obito was very shy. He blushes slightly every time he sees Sara… He does this around every beautiful girl. No wonder Rin still doesn’t know about his true feelings, as for Rin, she and Sara get along very well.

In the past month, Masahiko also taught Sara the basics of Ninjutsu. Her training speed is neither fast nor slow. Although she missed the best age of training, she has future Masahiko’s bloodline, who is stronger than this Masahiko…

In short, although she can’t become a strong Shinobi, after a few years, she can probably become a ninja and have enough strength to protect herself.

Besides, Masahiko also taught her the general education of sculpting and pharmaceutical and waited until she gets more interested in any of the two, then focuses on teaching her separately.

“Angelica grows at this time of the year, yes, yes…” Masahiko was teaching Sara pharmaceuticals.
(T/N: Angelica: A type of flowers.)

*Gooo* A cry came from Masahiko’s stomach, and his face darkened as he watched Sara laughing.

He looked outside, and the sky was completely dark, and the two apprentices have already left.

“What time is it?” Masahiko murmured, he totally forgot the time while teaching Sara.

He glanced at Sara, “Why didn’t you remind me? You should be starving too.”

“I’m not hungry. You told me that life is limited, and knowledge is endless. So I won’t stop just because I need to eat.”

Masahiko’s face became darker, “‘m sure now that you’ve brought her to embarrass me, Future Masahiko…”

Regardless of whether she understood him or not, Masahiko smiled at her, then took her to Ichiraku Ramen as usual.

The light of Ichiraku Ramen’s shop hasn’t gone out yet, but only Teuchi was left there, making himself dinner.

“Teuchi! Two bowls of Ramen.”

Actually, before Masahiko even ordered, he got up and started preparing. During this time, Masahiko and his daughter always come to eat.

Five minutes later, two thick bowls of Ramen were placed in front of them, but…

Masahiko looked at the meat in the two bowls, and Sara’s had at least three times more the amount than him.

Masahiko smiled and said, “Teuchi, are you hitting on my daughter using Ramen.”

Teuchi looked flustered, “Boss Hagoromo, how could this happen! I have no intention to do such a thing, your daughter is my daughter…”


“No, no, your daughter is my sister.”

“I will never accept you as a son.”

“That’s alright, Dad.” Sara interrupted with a smile, “Don’t be so rude to boss Teuchi. He has incited us to eat delicious Ramen so many times.”

Masahiko nodded with a smile; he was just making a joke. He already regards Teuchi as an indispensable part of his daily life.

After they ate and drunk, Masahiko took his daughter back to the store again. For this girl’s residence, he has transformed the original spacious bedroom into two.

“Father, I want to learn how to do Ramen,” Sara said as if she had made up her mind.

“What?” Masahiko thought at first that he had heard her wrong, and sighed after repeated confirmation.

“I taught you medicine and sculpting, which is a decent skill by the way, and doesn’t require weight, yet you want to learn Ramen, even though you’re not a foodie…”

“Hey father, I want to learn how to make Ramen.” Masahiko mimicked her, “You think it’s easy? Think twice! Unless you have a belly as big as Teuchi, I will never allow it.”

Sarah looked blank…