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L.L.H: Chapter 210: I Was Young And Foolish

The journey to Roran officially came to an end.

Followed by his daughter, Masahiko finally calmed himself down and embraced the journey back to Konoha. In the end, Masahiko never figured out whether his future self was really him, yet he felt like becoming a father.

“So, in the future, I’m going back to the past, and then I will marry some hot chick and have children… But for now, I’m just being tricked in taking care of a child, who is supposedly mine, but no wife to take care of me…” Masahiko smiled bitterly as he walked, shaking his hand while glancing at Sara.

After comforting her for a long time, Sara finally recovered, but she didn’t speak for a while.

Masahiko didn’t feel bothered by the fact that someone has stolen his wife. On the one hand, he didn’t know if it’s counted as sealing since no one can rob himself. And on the other hand…

“I haven’t even seen what kind of person she is, or how my wife looks like…”

“Forget it, you must stay cool.” Masahiko sighed, “I wish nothing but happiness for my future self.”

“Wow, that was really awkward to say!”

Masahiko turned back to find out that Sara was stumbling behind him. Masahiko’s cranky thinking lasted for a long time, and Sara was already exhausted since she was an ordinary person.

“Sit down and rest for a while, My Lady Queen.” Masahiko immediately used his earth release to create two benches.

He was calling Sara, “My Lady Queen.” He never had children before, and he really didn’t know how to get along with Sara.

“You…” Sara sat down, not knowing what to call Masahiko.

“Forget it, just call me father…” Masahiko smiled.

When she was in Roran, Sara was very hopeful that Masahiko was really her father, but at this time, she was a little at a loss.

“It can’t get any worse than this anyway. It’s okay, I’m a widowed old man. And it happened that I have a daughter, which is really unrelated and unreasonable, but… Hey, hey, come on, don’t cry.” Masahiko had black lines on his face. He was the one who wanted to cry the most. The closest opportunity in his life was missed.

“Father.” After a while, Sara whispered.

“Yeah.” Masahiko didn’t refute, feeling a little different.

Since Gensuke’s death, Masahiko had a lot of fear in his heart. He already did the calculation. The next person who will probably say goodbye should be Mito, followed by Nanako, Yoriko, Kenichiro…

Unexpectedly having a fifteen or sixteen-year-old daughter has really calmed his heart.

However, when he formally accepted the “Father-Daughter relationship,” he found some other troubles.

He initially wanted to bring Sara back to the Land of Whirlpools, so she can have a good life. But her identity as Masahiko’s daughter…

Sara was only fifteen years old, and people by now think that Masahiko is 991 years old. With such a big gap, people might really end up dialing 991.

“Then I should take her back to Konoha.” Masahiko sighed, then used the transformation technique, and changed to his Amazon Store owner identity.

“You should understand what this means, right? Don’t tell others that I’m Uzumaki Masahiko. My name will be Hagoromo. From now on, you will call me, father. Also, when you meet someone you know, look at me and act…”

Sara nodded seemingly.

“Then there is one last question. Minato and the others must have met Sara… huh?” Just thinking of this, he sensed Minato and the other four approaching quickly.

“They’re coming here, they must have returned to explore the battle.”

Choza immediately sensed someone in the same direction and led the other three people to rush over.

“Are you Uncle Hagoromo from the Amazon Shop?” Choza recognized him at a glance and was taken aback, “What is that behind you?”

This time it was Masahiko’s turn to be stunned. He suddenly felt a few traces of the Memory Erasing Seal inside the four of them.

“So this part didn’t change? Minato cast the technique on everyone, so they won’t remember anything from what happened there. He was worried that knowing the future might cause the present to change.” Masahiko smiled secretly. Minato just made it easy on him now.

Masahiko immediately turned to look at Sara and winked at her. The girl widened her eyes, then she looked at the other four and winked at them too.

Minato: “…”

Choza: “…”

Shiba: “…”

Kakashi whispered, “Why is she winking at us?”

Masahiko’s face turned black, he asked her to look at him and act, not look at him and mimic him!

He turned his head to look at the four, then said, “She’s my daughter. She lived in the Land of Wind before, so I came here to take her back to Konoha.”

“So, that’s what it is.” Choza nodded.

“Boss, are you still a Shinobi?” Minato looked at the stone benches behind them.

“Yes, I heard that Hagoromo-San is a very strong ninja!” Choza shouted.

“Then, have you noticed the previous battle?”

Masahiko pretended to be stupid, “Fight? What battle? I only noticed the sandstorm from before!”

Minato: “…”

This kind of lie can be seen through at a glance, but he really has no right to pursue it.

“Boss, shall we return to Konoha together?” Minato wanted to observe him more on the road.

Masahiko shook his head, “No, my daughter is just an ordinary person and can’t keep up with your speed, we’re gonna slow you down.”

Masahiko said his farewells to Minato and his team, then looked at Sara smiling. The poor girl was so afraid that she has almost exposed their cover.

“Fearing that what happened before might affect the future, they blocked their memories. Logically speaking, I should also block your memory, but since it also means losing your last memories of Roran, I won’t. But you should treat it as if it’s a dream and don’t tell anyone about it.”

Sarah hesitated, then nodded.

After that, the two set off again.

Masahiko didn’t fly with Sara, so they had to stop a lot, and the journey back took them five days.

He hoped that they will know each other better on the road, so it won’t be awkward later. But in fact, he was the only one who had problems. Sara was already comfortable around him, calling him father, but Masahiko has really forgotten how to act around family, and always felt a little awkward.

Fortunately, five days was a long time for them to get along, and when they arrived at Konoha, Masahiko has finally managed to call Sara “daughter.”

“Let’s go, girl, I’m gonna show you our shop. Later, you can choose what exactly you want to study between Carving and Medicine. I will also teach you some basic Ninjutsu knowledge.”

Although Sara has passed the best age to learn Ninjutsu, she was still Masahiko’s blood after all. He must teach her a few things so she can protect herself.

On the other side, Hiruzen also got the news that Masahiko had returned to the Amazon Store. During that battle, the Dust Release was clearly visible, and he didn’t hear any news about Masahiko, so he was a bit worried.

Upon learning that he had returned, he rushed to the Amazon Store in person.

“Father, someone is looking for you outside.

Before he could speak his mind, Sara’s words made him freeze there.

“F-Father…? Hiruzen was stunned.

Masahiko turned around with a dark expression. How could he forget that Hiruzen knew his true identity? This time even the famous magical words “I was young and foolish” can’t be used…