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L.L.H: Chapter 209: Witness Points Bonus a Daughter

The battle between Future Masahiko and the Six Paths lasted for more than half an hour. Masahiko, who opened the Fifth Gate, has almost exhausted all of his Chakra in order to protect himself, and the altar behind him from being thrown away through the entire battle.

The white light on Future Masahiko’s body was getting strong and stronger, and it’s estimated that he will not be able to force his existence in this era any longer, and White Zetsu’s body possessed by the Six Paths was also close to disintegration.

“Go back to your time.” Hagoromo firmly said.

Future Masahiko smiled, “Hey Masahiko, drag him for five seconds for me, I’m hiding a big move that can easily get rid of him.”

“Okay!” Masahiko immediately agreed, then he felt like he made a mistake.

Watching the Six Paths already rushing toward him, Masahiko sighed.

“I have no choice, he’s me after all. If I can help, I must help. Seventh Gate: Kai!”

Masahiko watched this battle for a long time, and he already understands what kind of a gap is between him and his opponent. Even with the Seventh Gate opened, the Six Paths can easily crush him just using his Shakujo.

However, Masahiko, who flew up, was still smiling wryly.

He then gritted his teeth, “My name as the strongest Uzumaki can’t be destroyed here, I will hold you back for five seconds!”

“Sage Mode: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

Masahiko directly emptied half of the Chakra in his body, shooting the greatest Dust Release he could release.

The white crystal light that was a few miles in diameter distorted the space and hit the Six Paths mid-air. Suddenly, the Shakujo turned into a black shield and blocked the impact of the Dust Release from the front, and even dissipated the shock wave.

After that, Masahiko landed on the ground proudly.

“Even though it didn’t affect him, but five seconds have already passed, I’ll leave him to you now, partner.” Masahiko turned around to suddenly be stunned.

A huge blue light suddenly surged at the altar, and Future Masahiko suddenly sealed the Flying Thunder God Seal and the Dragon Veins inside his body.

“What the hell is this?” Masahiko felt anxious.

“Thank You, Masahiko.” Future Masahiko’s voice echoed in his ears, and a red-haired girl suddenly appeared next to him, “Sara is indeed my offspring, probably your offspring too. Take good care of her for me, and I’m sorry for destroying Roran. I will go back now, and you should continue living your single life.”

“However, in order to thank you, I will give you a spoiler. Don’t be too surprised about what will happen in more than half a year…”

In the end, the blue light beam slowly dimmed, and the altar of the dragon veins disappeared along with Future Masahiko.

Masahiko looked shocked. He was really clueless.

“What is gonna happen in more than half a year?” Masahiko muttered, “No, I’ll think about it when it happens. What did just happen now?”

Hagoromo suddenly appeared beside him. Masahiko didn’t try anything funny and somehow hoped that he will give him an explanation.

However, as if he was watching a mentally retarded person, Hagoromo glanced at him and gave him a look of pitying, then disappeared leaving behind White Zetsu’s body, which immediately perished after that…

Masahiko looked left and right. The surrounding area got completely wiped out and turned into a desert, he and Sara, who was still in a coma, were the only people left there.

At that moment, a line Chinese character crossed before his eye, “Witness and Completely Change the Plot of Naruto’s Movie: “The Lost Tower” Reward: 30 Witness points (*10)

Although he gained 300 witness points, Masahiko wasn’t happy. He could tell that he was scammed by his future self.

“If he didn’t experience this event, then it means that he didn’t go back to the past, which means that the one who went back to the past is me, and if Sara is my offspring, then I must have come earlier and…”

“But this way… Sara should be his offspring, not mine, right? I didn’t do anything…” Masahiko reacted, “And the Me from the future, did he lost his wife in the future, so he decided to come back and have her again? So does it mean that he married her twice? Or maybe more…”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt sad. He never thought that he would be tricked by himself. Thinking about how the Six Paths looked at him like a mentally retarded person, he even felt like crying.

“I’m really retarded.”

The battle stopped, and more and more Chakra fluctuation approached the place. It is estimated that scouts from various ninja villages came to investigate.

Masahiko glanced at Sara, who was still in a coma, sighed, and then carried her and left the place.

There is really no way to explain the battle that just happened here. And Masahiko wasn’t in the mood to brag about how he fought against the Rikudou Sennin.

“But, a lot of people should have seen the Dust Release just now?”

Ten miles away, Masahiko used earth release to build a stone bed in the desert and put Sara on it, feeling worried.

The Kingdom of Roran has been completely wiped. Masahiko didn’t think that there would be any survivors from the aftermath of that battle.

As soon as this girl became the queen, her country was destroyed. And Masahiko didn’t know how to comfort her.

“My future self took all the good things and left the troubles to me. This really makes me wonder what his reasons were.”

Masahiko pondered, then felt that something was wrong.

“So, when I traveled through time and space, did I travel to a parallel timeline or to the past of my own timeline? If he changed the past, so he should remember that he went back to the past, unless he wiped out these memories… then what the use of going back was? Just to trick me?”

Time and space travel is really complicated. Masahiko pondered for a while and successfully stunned himself.

It wasn’t until the low sobbing sound came from the side that Masahiko came out of his “Vertigo.”

“And now she woke up crying…” Masahiko sighed, feeling at a loss.

“Now I should comfort her since she’s my… daughter?” Masahiko didn’t know if Sara was really his daughter, his granddaughter, or great-granddaughter? His future self didn’t make it clear…

“But I really didn’t do anything. Why do I need to be the one comforting her?” Masahiko sighed again, remembering that his future self is also himself, “Either way… I can’t leave her alone.”
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Masahiko had no choice but to step forward to comfort her.

Sara already knew what happened to Roran. She could see a few things while she was inside Future Masahiko’s space.

“Don’t cry, I should be the one crying, right?” Masahiko shook his head helplessly, “Look at the bright side, although you’ve lost your country, you have gained an extra father… probably.”

“And I didn’t do anything but I also got an extra daughter… If you think about it this way, it’s actually not bad.”

Masahiko took a long sigh of relief. After so many years of loneliness, he suddenly felt that having a daughter wasn’t bad after all.