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L.L.H: Chapter 208: The Real Hagoromo

Masahiko looked for Sara, who he suspected to be his daughter, for a long time but he couldn’t find her in the end.

“Did the future me took her back with him?”

“It shouldn’t be the case. Just forget about it, I must focus on the greater cause.” Masahiko noticed how Minato and his party had already gone, embarking on their journey back to Konoha after finishing the task. So he smiled, and walked to the front of the sealing technique.

“So, is this gonna be sealed inside me along with the dragon veins’ Chakra?” Masahiko muttered, and performed a hands sign, ready to start the “operation.”

“Do you also want to go back?”

The sound startled Masahiko and made him break the hand sign.

“Why haven’t you left?”

Masahiko, from the future, was the one who scared Masahiko.

“After awakening, the powers of the Six Paths, such forcible travel through time and space, can also be confronted.” Future Masahiko said with a smile.

“Is that so? You’ve kept watching me looking for the queen, while she was inside your space the entire time. So is there something else you want to tell me?”

A slightly malicious smile appeared on Future Masahiko’s face.

Masahiko’s heart lifted; he was most familiar with this kind of expression, and what exactly means…

“Nothing else, but…” As soon as Future Masahiko said these words, his face became solemn, “Can you be warier? You’re being watched by White Zetsu all the time.”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, then he forced his perception to the maximum, and he instantly discovered the existence of White Zetsu two miles away.

“Where did White Zetsu come from? He’s being controlled by the Akatsuki?” Since he dealt with Black Zetsu, Masahiko never paid attention to White Zetsu. He thought that White will sleep forever; he didn’t expect that the current Akatsuki leader will be able to use them.

Future Masahiko didn’t answer, but raised his hand and threw out a Bijuudama.

Unexpectedly, White Zetsu, on the other side, raised his hand and actually shot a Bijuudama into the sky.

“What the hell is this…” Masahiko couldn’t believe his eyes.

“This guy…” Future Masahiko looked solemn.

Badass Masahiko instantly flashed beside White Zetsu, stretched his hand, and a bone came out targeting White Zetsu’s body.

“All-Killing Ash Bones?” Lame Masahiko murmured, “Sure enough, I should already have the Kekkei Mora by that time.”

Even though it was a weird White Zetsu, it would be impossible for him to block such a blow.

That’s what both Masahikos thought, but the following action made future Masahiko’s expression change drastically, that White Zetsu raised his hand, and a Shakujo suddenly appeared and he used it to block the All-Killing Ash bone. After that, he spoke.

“You don’t belong to this era.”

(T/N: Shakujo: As a weapon formed from the Truth-Seeking Orbs, the shakujō is capable of erasing any form of ninjutsu or taijutsu which comes into contact with it.)

Future Masahiko was taken aback and then smiled, “I didn’t expect that the first time we meet would be in such a place. Rikudou Sennin, Otsutsuki Hagoromo, occupying a White Zetsu’s body, do you think you can stop me?”

White Zetsu’s body slowly changed, transforming into the Six Paths’ appearance holding his Shakujo and wearing his Six Coat.

Hagoromo’s expression was quite solemn, “Don’t try to correct time, this era doesn’t belong to you!”

In the distance, Masahiko watched these changes in the event there dumbfounded. The sudden appearance of the Six Paths has really caught him off guard.

“Fortunately, since Future me is there. I don’t need to deal with this, I’m afraid I can’t handle him with my current strength…” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

“Even if you’re gonna force the laws of time correction, you can’t stop me.” Future Masahiko yelled, and instantly a bone appeared in his hand and tried to split Hagoromo in front for him.

The Six Paths frowned, then waved his Shakujo.

The forces that shouldn’t exist in this world suddenly collided and the land under the two of them was horrified oppressed, collapsed, and then cracks spread in all directions.

Roran was instantly shattered, whether it was a tall building or a tower, it disappeared immediately.

In the distance, Minato and his team, who were dozens of miles away from Roran, got hit by a strong airwave, and Choza needed to super multiply to protect the other three.

In front of the Dragon Veins Altar, Masahiko screamed loudly. His sage mode has already been open, and with both hands performing a seal, a transparent light emerged, which was able to protect the altar behind him. As for the civilians of Roran, he could only feel sorry.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect such power. The aftermath of this battle extended to two miles of distance, I will need to use all of my power just to be here.”

However, Masahiko didn’t expect that this first blow just now was just a test, and the second was the real deal.

“Fifth Gate: Kai!” Shocked, Masahiko immediately used the Eight Gates.

After this blow, the entire city of Roran was erased from the map, leaving only the dragon veins altar behind.

Choza, who had doubled his body, couldn’t keep his balance anymore, holding the three in his hand, he flew to the sky.

Of course, not only that. Hundreds of miles away, a huge sandstorm rolled up in Sunagakure, and the entire village was alarmed.

Except for Sunagakure, others weren’t affected as much because of the distance. Although the aftermath of the battle didn’t spread throughout the Shinobi World, the substantial sense of oppression was spread and felt globally.

“Dude, I’m really strong in the future.” Masahiko barely managed to resist even though he was opening the Fifth Gate, but he was still happy. Even though he doesn’t know what will happen in the future, he at least knew that he’s gonna have the ability to kick the Six Paths’ ass.

Although the current Six Paths is only using White Zetsu’s body, Future Masahiko shouldn’t be in a great state too, since he’s forcing his existence in this realm.

“Do you still wish to stop me?” Future Masahiko smiled slightly and looked at Hagoromo on the opposite side, “If we put more effort, we might end up destroying the Shinobi World.”

Hagoromo shook his head, “You think I don’t know? I’ve been watching you since the beginning.”

Masahiko’s face stiffened in the distance; what did he mean by since the beginning…

“Is that so? Then try again!” Future Masahiko shouted, and the battle continued.

Although Masahiko was struggling to resist the aftermath, he was still somewhat excited and even cheering.

“Beat him, kick him future me, teach that creep a lesson. Tell him it’s not appropriate to watch other people all the time!”

That’s right. Future Masahiko was really winning against Hagoromo, who seemed to be in a worse state.

The Rabbit Hair Needle, All-Killing Ash Bones, Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack were all techniques Future Masahiko used in this battle. The combos were well performed. However, the Six Paths could only use his Shakujo. Since he possessed White Zetsu’s body, he couldn’t use his Rinnegan, so he fell short for a while.
(T/N: These are all Kaguya’s techniques.)

“Looking at my future fighting style in advance isn’t bad,” Masahiko muttered.

“Then, the question is. Why am I forcing myself to stay in the past, and even fight against the Six Paths?” Masahiko thought that he isn’t the kind of person who would look for troubles. Then there must be a reason to fight with the Six Paths.