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L.L.H: Chapter 207: Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

Masahiko used his camera to take shots of Mukade’s version of the scorpion as the battle was getting more intense.

No wonder Mukade was seeking to rule the five major nations. With the Chakra of the dragon veins, his regeneration was as fast as Six Paths Madara.

“Hundred feet! Where did you hide Sara!” Naruto’s shouting darkened Masahiko’s face.

He wasn’t worried about the safety of his fake daughter; after all, it wasn’t really his daughter…

“Hundred feet? So this is a centipede, not a scorpion? Did I take these photos for nothing?”

“Naruto, this shouldn’t be Mukade. Just now, I sensed some sort of Space Ninjutsu nearby.” Minato dodged the scorpion tail… the centipede attack, and explained to Naruto.

“Space Ninjutsu?” Masahiko, in the distance, was taken aback, “Is it future me?”

After a moment of contemplation, Masahiko’s face suddenly became weird, “Is it really my daughter? Did I do such a thing?”

The change in the battle situation interrupted Masahiko’s odd thoughts. Facing the infinite regeneration of Mukade, Minato asked the others to delay him, so he could go and seal the dragon veins and cut off Mukade’s energy source.

And Naruto replied… I’m right behind you, Dad.

After leaving them alone, Choza and Shibi were ferocious.

The overwhelming worms enveloped Mukade, constantly absorbing his Chakra, and Choza took the opportunity to take his pill and transformed into a giant.

Combining their techniques, the two caught him off guard, and Choza managed to bitch slap him to the wall.

“So, the feud between the Aburame Clan and the Akimichi didn’t ease off even after all of these years?” Masahiko twitched his mouth. Choza has just killed millions of bugs with that shot.

As for Mukade, after crashing on the wall, he remained motionless.

The young genius Kakashi was desperately cutting the puppets but was surprised to see that they suddenly stopped.

“Is it over?” Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief, but the puppets suddenly trembled again.

It appeared that Mukade was playing dead to just buy some time for the next move, and with a burst of his Chakra Shibi’s insects flew off him…

“The dragon veins regeneration is really something, this guy’s Chakra volume is only one-third of my Chakra.” Masahiko frowned and made up his mind not to have close contact with the dragon veins. And seeing how his future self is protecting Sara, maybe… he can rely on him to get rid of the bill?

As Masahiko was dreaming, the situation of the battle has been reserved again.

Mukade transformed again and suppressed both Choza and Shibi, and since the two don’t have the protagonist aura, they obviously couldn’t turn the odds around.

Kakashi was also in danger. He was only eight and a half years old after all, and there was no good strategy to face these puppets.

At a critical moment, Minato appeared in front of Shibi and Choza and rescued them with a Rasengan. Similarly, Naruto also appeared in front of Kakashi, and using the same ball, he saved Kakashi.

Naruto laughed; traveling back to the future and saving Kakashi’s life gave him a reaped sense of accomplishment.

“Why did you come back? Did you cut off the energy source?” Choza hurriedly asked.

“The door to the room was destroyed. There were countless puppets outside, we couldn’t get in.” Minato replied.

The two lowered their head, just to feel a huge Chakra wave coming from Naruto’s side.

“Oh? He can even do that trick?”

Two Kyubi Chakra arms stretched out from Naruto’s back, then he started condensing a Bijuu Rasengan.

“Rasengan mixed with Yin and Yang, that’s impressive.” Masahiko smiled, looking at Mukade’s body, which got half-destroyed with one blow.

However, the Bijuu Rasengan’s power wasn’t enough, and his body quickly recovered to its original state.

“Naruto, use ordinary Rasengan!” Minato shouted.

Although Naruto didn’t know the reason, he was a good boy who listened to his father.

He quickly performed the Rasengan, and at the same time, Minato came to his side and condensed another Rasengan with his right.

“Two Rasengan with similar Chakra properties will produce greater power if they came close to each other.”

Masahiko watched astonishingly as the two Rasengan fused together, creating spiraling streams of Chakra covering their bodies.

“Supreme Ultimate Rasengan!” Minato and Naruto shouted together, enouncing the end of the movie.

“The problem is… This Supreme Ultimate Rasengan almost has the same power as my Sage Mode Rasenshuriken. Is this some kind of a joke…”

Masahiko condensed two Rasengan in his both hands then merged them together, but it disappeared instantly.

“Why it’s not working for me?”

“It won’t work if the properties are exactly the same, it has to be only similar.” Future Masahiko’s voice echoed in Masahiko’s ears again.

Masahiko looked around, but he didn’t find him and assumed that he was probably hiding in a certain space.

“I envy you for this Space Ninjutsu, when will I…” Masahiko smiled bitterly, feeling that his future self was acting really mean.

On the other side, after dealing with Mukade, all the puppets stopped working, then Naruto, Minato, and his party moved toward the dragon veins.

The door was finally opened, and Minato went to seal it.

“Sure enough, it was sealed using the Flying Thunder God Kunai.” Masahiko watched Minato inserting the Kunai into the “Eye,” and then use the Four Symbol to finally cut the energy and seal it for good.

After finishing the seal, Masahiko sighed slightly. He ended up letting things go as it should have in the original.

“Would it be enough to just let my body come in contact with the sealing technique and the dragon veins’ Chakra?” Masahiko muttered, noticing that Naruto’s body was emitting a slight white light.

“So this is the end?” Masahiko smiled watching Naruto embarrassedly calling Minato “dad,” then correcting himself.

“Minato had already figured it out a long time ago, what is he still trying to hide… but that’s okay, at least it proves that nothing bad happened to Minato, and he still lived until Konoha’s sixty-three years.” Masahiko thought to himself.

When Naruto was about to be summoned back, Masahiko sneaked out of the ground, slightly showing his head, and waved his hand at Naruto.

Naruto was stunned at first, then showed a bright smile.

“He seems to know me too…” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief as Naruto disappeared. He was also worried that he would have an “accident.” After all, the way his future self talked indicated that something was wrong.

“Thinking of him, how come he left without saying goodbye to me? He’s looking down on me because I don’t have a Space Ninjutsu, isn’t he?”

“It doesn’t matter, what’s more important, where did my fake daughter go…”