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L.L.H: Chapter 206: Two Masahikos

Near the Dragon Veins Room.

Masahiko sighed with relief, as expected; it was Naruto who came back to the past.

Naruto was still familiar, with his golden hair, orange clothes, and the six iconic lines on his face. Even the Kyuubi was sealed there in his body.

“Wait? The Kyuubi?” Masahiko was startled at first, then after he sensed more carefully, he felt relieved.

“It’s the Yang part, not the one inside Mito’s body. It should be the one I’ve kept in the gourd all of these years.” Masahiko planned to seal it inside him a long time ago.

“His clothes that haven’t changed, and Konoha’s forehead protector on his head, proves that the general direction of the future plot hasn’t changed a lot.”

Masahiko looked at Naruto and sensed that he could already control a bit of the Kyuubi’s power and nodded proudly.

“Since his seal must have been performed by me, the Chakra flow must have been a lot smoother.”

Naruto was still the same as the original, using his shadow clones and the Rasengan, he knocked out all the puppets that besieged him.

Although Naruto seems to be stronger than the same period in the original, there was no qualitative difference, and he was gradually losing against the overwhelming numbers of the puppets.

However, Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry to intervene. Minato, Choza, and Shibi appeared instantly and rescued him.

Masahiko was about to chase them, but an unprecedented sense of danger suddenly struck him, and he immediately mobilized his repulsive force to burst out, wiping out everything around him.

“Who are you?” Masahiko turned around quickly, “Wait… What? Me?!” The one who appeared in front of Masahiko was actually his Amazon shop owner’s identity.

Slightly stunned, Masahiko said dubiously, “Hello me from the future. Is life so boring in the future that you had to live this event twice?”

The Masahiko from the future had a serious expression.

“I’m here to rewrite a tragedy.”

Masahiko was startled, “What happened? Who ended up turning evil? Is it Obito?”

Future Masahiko shook his head, “No… no one had an accident.”


Masahiko was stunned for a long time while looking at the familiar smirk he usually has on his future version’s face, which made Masahiko felt like this time, he needed to deal with this matter seriously.

“Then I’m sure that something is wrong with me. Tell me what’s going to happen to me in the future?”

“What?” Future Masahiko was taken aback.

“If I didn’t get crazy, then how can I be so bored to the point that I’m traveling to the past just to annoy myself?”


The two Masahiko kept giving stares at each other and smiling tacitly, like two mentally retarded.

As they kept this, the puppets around found them and instantly surrounded them. Masahiko didn’t take action, as he wanted to see what kind of strength he would gain in the future.

As a result, the future Masahiko waved his sleeves, and suddenly all the puppets disappeared.

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, and then he said in surprise, “Did I end up learning Space Jutsu? Or is it the Kekkei Mora?”

Future Masahiko smiled mysteriously, “Why don’t you guess?”

Masahiko kept quiet for a while pondering, then he got distracted thinking if he has always been this bad to people.

“No, I’m sure I have been hit by something in the future and got crazy…”

At the same time, at Naruto’s location.

The first sentence Naruto said when he was rescued by Minato, and the other two was: “Long time no see, Dad.”

Things became awkward for a while, then Shibi and Choza finally recognized how the two had looked slightly similar, especially their golden hair.

Minato smiled bitterly, “But I’m only 17 years old.”

Although Naruto looked a lot like him, he was sure that he didn’t have a son.

“I…” Naruto was just about to explain, but then he remembered what the Amazon Shop owner told him during the journey: “If you met someone you know in the past, especially your parents, don’t tell them what happens in the future. Otherwise, it may affect your birth.”

“Ah, forget about it, I must have mistaken you for someone else.” Although he said so, he kept smiling weirdly at Minato, which made the trio suspicious.


On Masahiko’s side, the awkward atmosphere finally eased, and he continued to speak to his future self.

“Regarding the Space Ninjutsu, don’t worry about it. Maybe it will just show up suddenly?”

Masahiko nodded, but he felt like his Future Self was talking nonsense…

“Then why did you come here? It won’t be just to hang out with yourself in the past, right? What do you want to change, what is going to happen in the future?”

Future Masahiko shook his head, “There is nothing I want to change, everything developed the way you wished, and weirdly the plot has almost returned to the original point…”

Masahiko was surprised, and he suspected that he was talking about the Akatsuki.

Future Masahiko read his mind and said, “It’s not the Akatsuki, maybe it was… just a coincidence?”

He didn’t seem to be sure, “As for the Akatsuki. Don’t worry about them, the Great Sage Toad… got probably senile due to his old age.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief. Since the prophecy of the Great Sage Toad has actually made him anxious.

“Wait, the Fourth World War didn’t break out yet in your timeline, how can you be so sure that his prophecy is wrong?”

“You will know later.” Future Masahiko seemed to be hiding things.

Masahiko’s face darkened, but he seemed to have understood something.

“It seems that the future is really going well. Are you worried that I’m gonna change things? When you were here before in the past, what did your future self tell you?”

“No, I have changed the past by coming here. I didn’t meet my future self in the past.”

Masahiko was surprised, “Then why…”

Suddenly he disappeared, leaving only an echoing sound in Masahiko’s ear, “I need to go and see Naruto’s battle over there.”

“What is he trying to do?” Masahiko felt puzzled, “And why is he acting weird? What is going on…?”

Masahiko tried to perceive him, but he could only sense the fierce battle taking place in the distance.

“How on earth did I learn that Space Ninjutsu…? It feels a lot similar to Obito’s. He seems to have teleported to another dimension.” Masahiko murmured.

When he got there, Masahiko looked at the inhuman scorpion monster in front of him, slightly at a loss.

“It turned out that Sasori isn’t the first person to transform himself into a puppet…” The scorpion was obviously Mudake from before.

“No, he came from the future, and then he came to the present age. Maybe this is all about stealing the title of the first puppets master from Sasori?”

As Minato and Naruto were fighting fiercely with him, Masahiko suddenly took out a… camera.

Click! Click!!

After two consecutive shouts, Masahiko nodded in satisfaction, “I’ll be sure to show this to Sasori in the future.”

After watching for a while, Masahiko smiled again.

“Not only that, but he’s even stronger, Mukade is connected to the dragon vein’s Chakra so he can regenerate very quickly…”