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L.L.H: Chapter 205: He’s Finally Here!

“Dragon veins doesn’t really grant you unlimited chakras.”

Masahiko unwrapped part of the sealing technique, then with both hands, he personally sensed the Chakra of the dragon veins. Although it was huge, it was only four or five times larger than his, and not even comparable to the Chakra of the Great Sage Toad.

“Because it could regenerate in a fast way, it was regarded as an infinite Chakra.” Masahiko nodded, then frowned.

“If it’s just that, it’s impossible to make people travel through time and space. Otherwise, why do I even needs to wait? I’ll just go and travel to the future…” Masahiko shook his head, feeling that something must be missing.

“Speaking of the dragon veins, it is more like a summoned beast is sealed here. However, it’s not his body, but only his huge amount of Chakra, that has an amazing regeneration speed.”

“If the seal is unlocked, what will happen?” Masahiko muttered and didn’t act immediately. He wanted to wait until he meets Naruto before considering this.

Masahiko looked outside the door. Mukade’s Chakra was no longer there. He was probably busy making his “explosive puppets” and didn’t care much about him.

“Hiruzen is just exaggerating things, mumbling around about how they can be a threat to the Land of Whirlpools. Humph, I can deal with 100 million of these puppets.” Masahiko shook his head, then prepared to hide for a bit, and wait for the father-son moment, then “jump out.”

But before Masahiko could get out of the room, the red-haired girl walked in again, staring at Masahiko with her big watery eyes.

Masahiko smiled bitterly: “I’m not really your father, so please stop…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the girl interrupted him and sang a song.

“If just the rain had stopped that day~”
(T/N: The same song that Sara was singing in the original movie whenever she was sad.)

The singing was crisp, but the ending was really breathtaking, and the girl started sobbing the moment she finished.

“Well, you need more practicing, but good work!” Masahiko replied indiscriminately, perceived his surroundings slightly, then with a flicker, he disappeared.

Noticing that, the girl suddenly looked up with a sad face.

A few seconds later, Masahiko emerged from the ground before Mukade.

“How did you get here, bastard?” His puppets were all around Roran, and they worked as his ears and eyes, so he was shocked to see Masahiko showing up suddenly in front of him.

Looking at how vigilant he was, Masahiko smiled, “Why don’t you guess?”

“I…” Opening his mouth, Mukade was so confused for a second, and with a hand seal, he fell right into Masahiko’s Genjutsu.

“Let’s start our Q/A session.” There were some things that Masahiko needed to know.

“Question one, from which time did you come?” Masahiko couldn’t remember the timeline of this movie version.

“Sunagakure’s 62nd year.”

“Oh, that’s Konoha’s Sixty-three year.” Masahiko nodded, “Question two, how did you achieve the Space-Time travel?”

“I absorbed into my body the dragon veins’ Chakra through a special Kunai, which happened to contain a sealing space in it, and it sent me back more than 20 years to the past.”

“Oh!” Masahiko widened his eyes.

“Question three, why did you choose to absorb the technique instead of slowly unseals it?”

“A ninja from Konoha was trying to stop me.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, “Then question four…”


Before Masahiko could ask the fourth question, Mukade fell on the ground and passed out.

“Couldn’t you just wait for a bit? Also, are you planning to rule the five major villages with such weak power?” Masahiko shook his head helplessly. He already got what he wanted to know, and the next thing he needed to do is to just wait for the person who tried to stop Mukade and hope that it was Naruto.

“So, in the future, Mukade absorbed both the dragon veins and Minato’s sealing technique.”

“And the thing Minato used to seal the dragon veins should be the Flying Thunder God Kunai. So the Space-Time teleportation he gained was by coincidence. If this is the case, then I should be able to…” Masahiko suddenly became interested.

“I’ll just wait here for Minato’s arrival, I’ll also leave Mukade to him, then I will appear when he’s about to arrange the seal…”

Masahiko entered Kaguya Will Mode and hid underground observing.

Half a day later, Mukade awoke in a panic. After that, he ordered everyone in the country to look for Masahiko and declared him as the person who murdered the previous Roran’s Queen. Unexpectedly, these civilians immediately believed him and regarded Masahiko as an enemy.

Masahiko gritted his teeth with a bitterness deep in his heart, but he managed to bear it. Masahiko was worried that things might get resolved if he takes action, then he won’t get the chance to see Naruto, nor to arrange the seal with Minato, which means he might lose the only opportunity that was given for him to add the Space Jutsu attribute to his system.

After two days.

Minato and the other four that Masahiko had hoped for finally arrived, each wearing an Anbu mask.

The four of them didn’t act directly but hid and investigated the current situation of the country.


“Minato, why does it look like Elder Masahiko is the one who harmed Roran’s Queen?” The moment Choza said this, Masahiko couldn’t stand it anymore and got out of the ground.

“Choza, that’s what the enemy wants you to think, don’t fell for it.” Minato’s words made Masahiko embarrassed, he wanted to go back, but Minato has already seen him.

“Elder Masahiko.” Minato greeted him.

“Well, you are here, I just came to explore the way for you, and since there isn’t anything, I’m leaving.” Masahiko nodded with a smile and was prepared to go and hid again.

“Wait, Elder Masahiko, since you’ve arrived way before us, can you tell us about the situation in this country? And why are you wanted by them…” Minato stopped there.

“The situation in this country… it’s a bit complicated. Come on, this is an S-Class mission, after all. Therefore, I won’t bother you anymore.” Masahiko threw these words, then decisively went back to the ground. If he helps them, and the dragon veins are sealed immediately, god knows what will happen to Naruto.

The four of them looked at each other confused.

Without Masahiko’s help, they could only collect information on their own. But they chose to investigate separately, with Kakashi as a solo ninja, and the other three in one group.

Masahiko felt confused by this, “I’m afraid Minato really hates Kakashi, he brought him out of the village, then ordered him to act alone in such a dangerous place…”

Although Kakashi is just a Genin, he was as strong as a Hight Level Chunin, so he wouldn’t get caught by these puppets easily.

In the next two days, Minato and the others didn’t act rashly, since Roran was going to celebrate the new queen’s official announcement, the country has become quite lively.

“So that red-haired girl is the new queen? No wonder I felt that she was so familiar, she should have appeared in the movie. Exactly, there’s no way that a character from the original would be my daughter.” Masahiko has almost started doubting himself too.

On the eve of Sara’s accession to the throne, abnormal fluctuations came out from the dragon veins.

Masahiko rejoiced, “He’s finally here!” And run toward the location at an extremely high speed.