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L.L.H: Chapter 204: I’m Really Not

After repeatedly confirming that Hiruzen isn’t joking, Masahiko finally accepted the existence of the Source of the Ryumyaku, but he didn’t believe that it yields infinite Chakra.

“What’s the story of this movie again?” Masahiko pondered. He didn’t pay much attention to these movies in his previous life. He felt that it was there just for money since it was completely meaningless plots that didn’t connect to the original.

“No, since it’s a movie, Naruto should be there!” Masahiko was started and began to regain some memories.

“Ow, ow, I remember! Naruto went through a portal, and it teleported him to the past where he met Minato… And there’s also that father and son moment!” Masahiko’s became rejoiced, looking forward to seeing Naruto after all of these years… However, being able to meet him all of a sudden, kinda caught him “Off Guard.”

“Elder Masahiko? Elder Masahiko?” Hiruzen called his name, and Masahiko came back to his senses.

“What happened? Do you know something about Roran?” Hiruzen said urgently.

“No… nothing.” Masahiko smiled, then shook his head, “I’m very interested in this source of Ryumyaku. Where do I find it?”

Hiruzen hesitated, “It’s said that the power of the dragon veins can only be used by Roran’s queens, generation after generation, ordinary people cannot use it.”

If not, Hiruzen would have dispatched more people.

“It’s okay, I don’t need it, I’m just interested in discovering the secret behind the so-called endless Chakra.”

In the end, Hiruzen handed over Roran’s specific location to Masahiko.

“They are still in the Land of Wind? They are actually allowing them to exist independently?” Masahiko muttered without asking Hiruzen the specific situation. Waving his hand, Masahiko flew out of the Hokage Building, straight to Roran.

Inside the building, Danzo smiled bitterly, “Would you like to call back Minato and the others? I’m afraid they will arrive two or three days after Elder Masahiko, so they might end up running there for nothing.”

“Forget it…” Hiruzen felt at unease, so he wanted to keep Minato there as insurance.

Midair, Masahiko moved forward quickly.

As he approached Roran, Masahiko began to feel anxious again.

“The world has changed a lot because of me. I might have even affected the movie’s plot… the mission won’t be taken by other ninjas, right?”

“Who cares, I’ll just do what I usually do. This is a great opportunity to see what the future would look like.”

The usual three-day journey took Masahiko just one hour before he reached his destination, and the sight in front was stunning.

The vast city is surrounded by countless towers. When it comes to architecture, Roran was even better than the Land of Whirlpools.

“Was it built by the puppets?” Masahiko felt puzzled, and just when he was pondering, he sensed countless puppets approaching him.

Masahiko frowned and left in a flash. He didn’t want to make any useless fuss for the time being, because he was planning to probe the situation first.


Standing on the tallest toward in Roran, Masahiko looked around, to find that some people have already discovered his existence. He kept reminding himself to keep a low-key, but his body was as honest as his mind; he really wanted to solve the problem in the simplest way.

“Kagura: Mind’s Eye.” The only thing that interested him in this mission was what the source of Ryumyuki looked like.

“I thought those dragon veins, or whatever it’s called, were under the entire country, but it turned out to be an underground closed room… Is this the so-called dragon veins?” Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry and immediately headed toward it.

He didn’t hide his figure, dense puppets appeared from all around, but they couldn’t catch up with him.

In a closed cylindrical room, Masahiko finally saw the so-called dragon veins.

There is a round-shaped altar, which looked like an eye in the room, and the dragon veins were in it. There are some complicated sealing techniques around the altar, which seemed to be smoothing the output of the dragon veins’ Chakra flow.

“These seals…” Masahiko frowned with a dignified expression, these sealing techniques should be about the same level as him, but he had no idea who arranged it.

“And what the hell are these seals around the room?” Masahiko smiled, shaking his head. Besides, to the sealing technique performed on the altar, there were a couple of messy LV4~5 seals on the walls, and they seemed uncoordinated.

“These seals should be arranged by two different people, one is the person who sealed the dragon veins, and the other… it should be that guy called Mukade.”

As soon as Masahiko wanted to walk in to explore its power, the door was suddenly opened.

“Who are you?!” The girl screamed, making Masahiko’s mouth twitch.

“I’m a passerby, I came to take a look… Won’t you ask me to come in first?” Masahiko turned with a smile, then he suddenly was startled, “Red hair? No… it’s dark red, just like me!” Masahiko paused for a moment, then shouted, “Hey, don’t you even think about it, I’m not your father!”

When the girl first saw him, she immediately wanted to escape, but she didn’t expect Masahiko to say such a thing. Coincidentally, she was just another child who has never seen her father since childhood.

After hesitated for two seconds, the girl tentatively asked, “Father?”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, “No, I’m not!”

Masahiko’s age kept reducing, and he’s now 37 years old, which happened to be a really suitable age for her father.

The girl on the other side wanted to ask again, but someone broke in.

“Princess Sara, be careful. This man who just broke in, I suspect that he has something to with the death of the previous queen.”

The guy had a fate face and big ears. Looking at him, his eyes are glowing with an evil light, he was your typical villain of every story.

Masahiko was so confident, “Come here, fat man, let’s stand next to each other, and let this girl decide who looks eviler.”

Sara looked back and forth, then focused at the other man hesitantly, which made Masahiko secretly smile.

“Princess Sara, don’t fall into the enemy’s tricks!” As soon as his voice emitted, countless puppets swarmed in, but fell down the moment they entered the room.

“The sealing technique in this room can only transmit the power of the dragon veins to the outside, so they can’t move inside it,” Masahiko said.

“Princess Sara, follow me!” The fat man dragged the girl out while Masahiko stood inside the room.

Looking at the puppets blocking the door, Masahiko smiled. He could sense that this middle-aged man’s Chakra seems to be connected to the dragon veins through the sealing technique.

“So this is Mukade? And he’s now the minister of Roran. Anyway, you can watch from the outside, I have to see what the dragon veins look like.”

“Minister, please let me go, the person inside might be my father.” The girl’s voice came, making Masahiko sigh helplessly.

“For god sake, I’m really not…”