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L.L.H: Chapter 221: Minato’s Injury

“With Sasori’s current strength he’s too far away from being able to kill the Third Kazekage.” In a land of yellow sand, Masahiko walked and thought.

“Sure enough, he didn’t face him head-on… did he poison him?”

According to his rough calculations, Sasori will kill the Third Kazekage in less than a year. It’s unlikely that there will be any huge leap in such a short period.

“That’s right, no matter how talented is Sasori, what kind of progression he will make in just a year, and at the age of fifteen.”

Masahiko remembered the first time he fought Madara. At that time, 17 years old Madara would have ended up being hanged up and beaten by the current third Kazekage if it wasn’t for that broken Susanoo.

“If there’s no protagonist’s aura, he will have to be a fifteen years old S-Ranked ninja. Even Nagato won’t be that strong. That will never happen.” Even though he felt that the current 13-year-old Nagato is about the same strength as Sasori.

Thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly stopped.

“Wait a minute, that’s not true. It’s possible if we’re talking about the owner of this toy, he might grow up to become the strongest genius.” Masahiko looked at the extra seal scroll in his hand.

As the yellow land was gradually fading away behind Masahiko, he walked out of the Land of Wind borders and finally returned to the Land of Fire.

However, Masahiko didn’t continue to the east and turned to the southeast. He was going to the country of fire.

Although Masahiko hopes that Nawaki’s child is a boy, but if it’s a girl… he should pick up something for her, so he went there to see if there were any toys suitable for girls.

The dress has been changed to normal, and his appearance has also returned to his original identity. There was no problem with Uzumaki Masahiko appearing in the Kingdom of Fire. The reason he’s here isn’t embarrassing. And no one should know him, since he hasn’t been here for years.

Ninja Villages and their respective Kingdoms are in a complementary relationship. The more Konoah becomes stronger, the Land of Fire will naturally become stronger and stronger.

The appearance of the capital has completely changed over the years, and Masahiko couldn’t even find the main gate… so he just passed through the wall.

The first thing he did was going to the doll shop… well, it should be called a puppet shop here. Masahiko was quite satisfied. Although there aren’t any Barbie dolls, there were some exquisite things.

However, he didn’t buy one. Masahiko thought that if it were a girl, he could just buy her a small kitten, which should be much better than a doll.

Without disturbing anyone, Masahiko’s half-day trip to the country of fire ended, and his big journey to find gifts was officially over.

“I’m finally going back. I want to see how my girl is doing.”

Masahiko smiled. It has been half a month since he took off.

He entered Konoha with his Hagoromo’s identity, but he didn’t expect that he would be stopped by someone before returning to the store.

“What’s the matter, Sakumo? I really want to go home to check on my girl.”

Sakumo looked left and right, then whispered, “Elder Masahiko Minato was injured, and he’s now in Konoha’s hospital.”

Masahiko was taken aback, and without asking anything, he hurriedly rushed to the hospital, “I’m going.”

When he arrived, Masahiko was already using his original appearance, and he could feel many chakra fluctuations of his acquaintances.

“Great Grandpa, you’re back.” Tsunade greeted him first. Her expression was at ease, so Masahiko let out a sigh of relief. It seems that Minato isn’t severely injured.

“What happened to Minato?” At this time, he asked. In his mind, the moment he became the Yellow Flash of Konoha, limited people would be able to injury Minato.

“Is it because he was trying to protect the three of them?” This was the only possibility he could think of.

Tsunade shook her head, “It was the Akatsuki.”

Masahiko’s heart sank.

“The Akatsuki?” Why did they target Minato? And which member is capable of facing Minato?

“Grandpa Masahiko!” Kushina’s cry came.

Masahiko nodded and then slightly frowned. Kushina looked very pale as if she hadn’t rested for along time.

“Is Minato’s injury that serious?”

“Elder Masahiko.” Kakashi’s voice came. After that, Rin and Obito also came over. It was the first time they came into contact with Masahiko’s true identity.

Masahiko nodded solemnly, then looked at the still unconscious Minato on the bed.

There were layers of bandages wrapped around his waist and abdomen, and Masahiko can vaguely sense an arc-shaped penetrating wound on his body.

“This shape, a sickle? What is happening? Did Hanzo join the Akatsuki?” Hanzo’s figure appeared in Masahiko’s mind the moment he thought about the sickle.

“No, it’s not Hanzo.” Tsunade shook her head, then motioned for Kakashi to speak.

“It’s a nasty crazy old man!” Before Kakashi could speak, Obito called out.

“Obito…” Rin gently pulled Obito, “We’re sorry, Elder Masahiko.”

Masahiko looked at his two apprentices’ cautious appearance in front of his original identity, and his serious expression immediately relieved.

Although Minato’s injury was severe, it wasn’t life-threatening. At most, he had to go through Rehabilitation for a month or so. Thus, he felt a bit more relaxed.

“Why are you apologizing for him, little girl? What’s the relationship between you two?” Masahiko laughed secretly as he teased them both.

Rin widened her eyes slightly, feeling that Masahiko’s tone was somewhat familiar.

“Grandpa, why are you still in the mood to joke around?” Kushina said anxiously.

Masahiko sighed, “I probably understand what happened to Minato. It’s okay. Let him rest for now. He was probably careless and got injured. The Shinobi World has all kinds of weird people who can catch you off guard.”

Listening to Obito saying, “Crazy old man,” Masahiko remembered that the Akatsuki currently has a member of Jashin’s cult, and Minato probably encountered him.

Masahiko could imagine what happened; fighting someone like that without knowing what he’s capable of might be a bit troubling.

And this should be the first time the Death Controlling Possessed Blood technique appears in the Shinobi World. It was no surprise that Minato was injured. He wasn’t invincible after all.

“But from where did Jashin come from?” This is the question Masahiko wanted to know the most.

In the original, no one has spoken of his name except for Hidan, and no one has worshiped him too except him.

“This extra guy, is it something that I created after changing the plot?” Masahiko couldn’t think of something he did that could affect Jashin.

After a pause, Masahiko looked at Kushina, “Go back and rest. Nothing will happen to Minato. He will be awake in two days.”

Kushina shook her head, “I’ll wait for him to wake up.”

Masahiko looked at the other three kids, and all had the same stubborn expression.

He sighed, “Okay, you really owe me.”

“Everyone get out. I’m going to perform a special medical Ninjutsu, so don’t peek!”