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L.L.H: Chapter 220: Optimus Prime Vs Motherfather!

Sasori thought of the many responses that Masahiko will have.

He wouldn’t have blamed him if he got shocked or wary of him. If not, it would have been reasonable if he looked confused.

In his head, it was more probable that Masahiko will smile disdainfully and reveal his true identity as a Shinobi.

But Sasori never expected that Masahiko will respond just like that, “stop making troubles kids,” as if it was his grandfather scolding him.

Of course, Masahiko is definitely not scolding his grandson… that kid is definitely not his grandson, he will never fall for that again; after all, Masahiko and Chiyo…

He just thought it was funny because someone has exclusively offered him of all people eternal life, so he subconsciously replied like that.

The atmosphere became awkward. Masahiko didn’t say anything else and kept his smile, while Sasori tried not to act rashly.

“Are you a Ninja?” Sasori asked again.

“No, I’ve told you, I’m the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.” Masahiko answer again.

At that moment, Sasori started to feel that something is wrong.

For a mere civilian, Masahiko looked surprisingly calm, even though Sasori has just blocked his way outside of the village.

After he disgraced him in front of the Kazekage, Sasori wanted to scare him off. And if he managed to subdue him, it would be even better. Not only can he get more money, but Masahiko’s sculpturing skills can also be useful.

Until that moment, even though Masahiko looked suspicious, he didn’t take him seriously. After all, he only came to Sunagakure to make two puppets, but now it seems…


Suddenly a Kunai was shot out with a tricky angle. Masahiko turned sideways slightly and dodged it.

“So, he is a ninja!”

With a move of his finger, Chakra’s threads suddenly appeared, and the Kunai behind Masahiko turned back.

Masahiko chuckled, played it cool, turned his head, and grabbed the Kunai with his mouth.


Sasori suddenly widened his eyes. It wasn’t that Masahiko looked cool, but… his stupidity was shocking.

“I should have known that with such a low IQ, it would be easy to deal with him.”

“Bah!!” Masahiko spat the Kunai, looking puzzled.

“In the next life, you better remember that any weapon that a puppet master uses is poisonous,” Sasori said.

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment, then with a shock, his face turned purple, and he fell to the ground.

“This guy…” Despite that, Sasori looked solemn, fell back a few meters away, then took out two scrolls.

“What? It wasn’t convincing? Is it the way I fell?” Masahiko raised his head, smiling.

“Huh, I knew that it wouldn’t work with a passionate bgm.”
(T/N: bgm: background music.)

There was no going back now. With a quick move of Sasori’s hands, he released the seal on the two scrolls, and two puppets appeared on the field.

“Oh, you even brought these two with you.” Masahiko looked at the two puppets and felt nostalgic; it was “the father and mother.”

Sasori frowned; there are a lot of things wrong with Masahiko. He seems to be even familiar with these two puppets as his parents, and he obviously should have got poisoned.

At least in Masahiko’s mind, Sasori should be now saying, “Who on earth is this guy?” And start questioning whether he should fight him or not.

Unexpectedly, Sasori waved both hands, and the “Motherfather” rushed up.

Masahiko was a bit surprised, but he still wasn’t going to use Ninjutsu. He wanted to test the young genius’s strength first with Taijutsu.


“Dude, the heck is wrong with you? Why did you install a chainsaw on your father’s right arm?” This made Masahiko change his mind about using Taijutsu.

“Come out, Optimus Prime!”

The carriage behind Masahiko suddenly burst, and the two-meter-high Optimus Prime jumped out, and with his steel arms, he blocked the Motherfather’s attack.

“A Puppet Master? No, that’s not the case.” Sasori moved his hands together, and the Motherfather fell back, then sealed them back inside the scrolls.

Masahiko was a bit surprised. He looked at Sasori on the other side and smiled, “You don’t want these two to be injured? That’s alright.”

“Do you have any other puppets? Show me what you got.”

“You can go,” Sasori said lightly.

Masahiko got a bit disappointed, “What? You didn’t bring other puppets with you?”

He was a bit excited to see Sasori’s current strength. Either way, he wasn’t gonna lose this opportunity to use that secret technique, so he looked at the gigantic Optimus Prime and smiled.

“Optimus Prime: Busting Flying Fist!”

With a loud shout, one of Optimus Prime’s arms flew out and rushed straight to the tender face of Sasori.

Suddenly, Chakra’s threads were released out of Sasori’s fingers, and instantly were connected to the arm, making it turn and plunge directly into the sand.

“It seems that you really don’t want to leave.”

Masahiko sighed. Why are young geniuses always act overconfident?

Or that’s what he wanted to say, but Sasori suddenly took out a firecracker-like object and threw it to the sky.

“Flare?” Masahiko was dumbfounded. He never expected Sasori to do this.

“That’ right, he’s Sunagakure’s genius, and he’s currently very close to the village, in the face of an enemy with unknown strengths, it’s reasonable to do so…”

Suddenly many Chakra waves rushed toward them, and Masahiko’s mouth twitched as Optimus Prime’s arm flew back.

“Still, it seems that I still have time to teach you manners.”

Instantly, Masahiko and the two Optimus Primes surrounded Sasori forming a triangle.

“Optimus Primes Kick his ass!”

“Humph.” Sasori snorted coldly, and instantly the Motherfather appeared.

But it was only for a second, suddenly, the Motherfather were out of his control and abruptly flew away, and no matter how hard he tried to move them back, he never succeeded.

Instantly, all the arms of Optimus Prime, big and small, flew out and attacked him one after another. He barely resisted and managed to keep on standing before the four feet joined the party.

Masahiko stood by, watching, “Judging by his physical strength alone, he should be a Chunin. But if we add his puppetry skills, he’s almost a Jonin. He has almost reached the Future-Asuma’s level, and he’s still fifteen years old. He’s really talented.” Asuma became Masahiko’s unit to measure strength and money, Kakashi… isn’t quite accurate.

Sunagakure’s Shinobi were getting closer and closer, so Masahiko regrouped his Optimus Primes and disappeared instantly, leaving Sasori covered in blue and purple. Masahiko still showed mercy and didn’t hit his face… only the first time.

The first to rush over was Chiyo. Sasori’s flare was specially made by her. After seeing it, she ran over.

“Sasori, who were you fighting?”

Sasori beath the dust off his body, “It was the so-called merchant Hamura. He’s a ninja.”

Chiyo was taken aback, “So he was an enemy village spy? Where did he go?”

Although Sasori was still young, Chiyo didn’t expect him to be defeated.

“That guy was powerful, he wasn’t afraid to be poisoned, and he could control two puppets to fight by means that do not belong to the puppetry style. The most terrifying thing about him is that he could make me lose control over my puppets.”

Chiyo was startled, and she became serious. Many ninjas arrived after her, but Chiyo asked them to wait for a bit.

After listening to Sasori’s detailed description, and remembered the robot dance of “Hamura-San,” and the messy words, Chiyo felt an incredible sense of familiarity.

“Could it be Masahiko-Sama…”