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L.L.H: Chapter 228: The Birth’s Gift

The Chunin Exam came to an end.

Only one student was mentioned after this Exam.

The most mentioned candidate’s name for the promotion didn’t exceed Masahiko’s expectations, Hatake Kakashi, who has also brought 10 witness points.

Obito was a little unhappy with this result, but Masahiko didn’t bother to comfort him. He acted so stupidly in the Exam; he deserves it. Even if he has the strength of a Chunin, his IQ is still estimated to be 0.

“He wasted my guidance,” Masahiko muttered in his heart. For a moment, Masahiko really thought of accepting him as a disciple.

Time passed, another half a month passed, and it was the middle of May.

Mikoto’s “expected date” is getting closer, but Masahiko felt that Konoha’s atmosphere is depressed.

Nowadays, although everyone acts like every clan matters, the two largest clans have always been the Senju and the Uchiha, and that has never changed.

Although in terms of number, the two clans weren’t prosperous in recent years, together they represented a quarter of Konoha’s combat power. Therefore, they kept carrying that hostile they shared in the Warring States period until now. However, it was much restrained than before.

A few years ago, when Uchiha Mikoto married Senju Nawaki, some other clans panicked and became worried that both families would control Konoha.

Fortunately, that development didn’t go any further. After Mikoto was married, the Uchiha clan treated her indifferently, as if she was excluded from the family.

Moreover, since Nawaki and Mikoto didn’t give birth for four years, the other clans were more at ease.

But no one has expected that the old man who owns the Amazon Shop would start selling tonic pills, which would actually help the young couples give birth, which is very annoying.

If the child was born with either the Senju’s special chakra or the Uchiha’s Dojutsu, that would be fine. The two can tear each other apart to have him. But if he has both, he might really become the link between both the two clans.

Without being aware that it was Masahiko, just how many people gritted their teeth with hatred for what the owner of the Amazon Shop did… but still secretly went to him to buy the pills.

Fortunately, people in the Shinobi World are very “simple,” they won’t just spread rumors like “10 Reasons why Amazon Store’s Tonic Pills Are Fake!!” out of hatred, and even if they wanted to, they didn’t have the power of the internet to do it.

However, although such a rumor didn’t spread, Masahiko gradually realized that there was something wrong.

It was evident that more and more people come to the store in recent days, but not to buy medicines. The way their eyes glanced around looked out of the ordinary, and most of them were from small clans.

Whether it’s the Warring States period or Konoha, small families must depend on the big clans if they want to have the right to speak. Of course, the Uchiha and the Senju have always been their first choice. Therefore, the conflict between the two families has spread to the small clans, and of course, they were the most worried people about this alliance.

Although Masahiko is sometimes slow, he isn’t stupid. He later realized that these people were spying on the store to see if other Senju or Uchiha members were buying Tonic Pills.

“What the hell?” Masahiko found it difficult to understand what these people are thinking.

What does it have to do with them if the two clans decided all of a sudden to get lovey-dovey?

As the time got closer, Masahiko decided to go out for a short trip at the end of May.

He entrusted Sara to Ichiraku Ramen, then closed his store’s doors and walked out of Konoha.

He came back one hour later, with his original appearance, and walked directly through Konoha’s main gate.

However, this time he came carrying a weird thing on in his left; it was “Truck” Optimus Prime. In the right hand, he held a small kitten that was watching its surrounding environment with vigilance.

These were the gifts he prepared. He really couldn’t wait for a hundred days or one year. He decided that the moment that child is born, he will be given him or her the gift. Mikoto and Nawaki can accept it for him.

“Is it, Elder Masahiko?” The two ninjas guarding the gates asked in confusion.

Masahiko smiled, “I heard that Nawaki’s child is about to be born, so I’m here to give the child a birth gift.”

“Birth gift?” The two watched Masahiko walking away, puzzled.

In less than half an hour, the great elder of the Uzumaki Kingdom, Uzumaki Masahiko, came to give a birth gift to the expected newly born kid of Senju Nawaki and Uchiha Mikoto. This news has startled the entire village and made all of the other clans freak out.

“Should we also offer a birth gift?”

Since Masahiko did it, now all of them have to. No one will dare to skip this event.

In the Senju Station, Mito looked at the things Masahiko brought with him weirdly.

“Second Grandpa, what are these?”

“Oh, this is the birth gift I prepared for Ritian!” Masahiko gestured to Optimus Prime, and it deformed.

“If it’s a girl, I will give her this cute little kitten.”

Mito smiled bitterly, “Second Grandpa, let’s not talk about how a newly born baby would be able to play with such things and focus on the fact that you’re planning on giving him the name Ritian…”

Masahiko paused and nodded, “I know, it’s a bit ugly. How about Tianzhu?”
(T/N: Tianzhu: Heavenly Master or Lord of Heavens)

Mito looked puzzled, then she laughed, “You look really happy, Grandpa.”

Masahiko pondered again, “If it’s a girl, the name Ritian would be a bit unpleasant. What should I call her?”

Mito wanted to say, “Well, even if it’s a boy, these names aren’t that pleasant too…”

“Great Grandpa, you’re here!”
Nawaki walked in happily and said hello to Masahiko.

Masahiko glanced at him with a smile, “You should be at home taking care of Mikoto. Oh, and I brought these gifts with me too.”

Nawaki smiled embarrassedly, “My sister is taking care of Mikoto, so I don’t have to worry about it. She said that Mikoto will give birth to our baby in about a week, and she would also take care of her after that.”

Masahiko felt speechless; this kid is really unreliable.

“He’s living as a lonely dog even though he did all of that to marry Mikoto…” Masahiko murmured.

Sure enough, even Mito scolded him, “Go and take care of your wife. Do you think she won’t need you because your sister is there?”

Pushing Nawaki out before she turns yellow, Masahiko muttered, “So it’s happening in a week?”

“Meow~” Masahiko glanced at the cat.

“If it’s in one week, what I’m gonna do about this cat?”

“Second Grandpa, if it’s a boy, then this cat…” Mito slowly said.

“Um… probably it would be impossible to return the product after a week.” Masahiko sighed, “I will just give it to Sara. Girls should like cute animals like this.”