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L.L.H: Chapter 227: Candy Boy

After helping Obito a bit, the two returned to the Amazon Shop, and only then did Masahiko remember his other apprentice.

“Where’s Rin? Why didn’t she come with you?” Masahiko asked, “Impossible! Is she going on a date with Kakashi?” Then he added.

Obito shouted, “Rin wouldn’t date a guy like Kakashi!”

“Oh? Then do you think she’ll date you?”

With a longing expression, he wanted to nod, but he ended up shaking his head disappointedly.

“Master, how did you pick up your wife? Teach me.”

Masahiko was startled and almost burst into tears, “That’s the only thing that I can’t teach.”

“A handsome man like me doesn’t need much effort. She was the one who picked me up.” Masahiko said after hesitating.

However, Obito immediately believed him, and the admiration on his face made Masahiko feel a little embarrassed.

He immediately changed the subject, “You haven’t said where Rin is.”

“I couldn’t find her, so I went to her house… to tell her parents about the Chunin Exam.” Speaking of this, there were slight traces of depression on his face.

At that moment, Masahiko suddenly remembered that Obito’s parents died in the Second Shinobi World War.

And just when he wanted to say a few good words to make him excited again, Obito said, “Master, tomorrow I will make you proud and become a Chunin, just wait.”

Masahiko widened his eyes, smiled gently, then said, “Of course! Come on, kid! Go back and get ready!”


The next day, inside the Ninja Academy.

Masahiko watched Obito sighing again and again. The initially confident Obito never expected the first test to be a written one.

Masahiko didn’t appear directly in the examination room but used his Kaguya Will Mode to hide inside the walls outside.

“This guy, he didn’t know that the first test of the Chunin Exam is a written one?” Masahiko smiled bitterly.

When he saw how confident he looked yesterday, Masahiko thought that he knew about that.

“Should I help him…” Masahiko watched for more than ten minutes how Obito kept staring at the test paper while sweating all over his body. Masahiko could only helplessly think about this.

Suddenly the dragging sound of a chair emitted, and Kakashi stood up and walked to the front.

“Did you finish your answer so soon?” The examiner asked in surprise.


Masahiko smiled when he saw this, and suddenly muttered, “Nice cooperation, Rin!”

Just when Kakashi attracted the examiner’s attention, Rin secretly threw a small paper to Obito, with at least half of the answers on it.

Masahiko didn’t watch anymore; the three of them should have passed already.

Sure enough, two hours later, Masahiko watched Obito cheering happily in the store.

“Don’t get distracted. It isn’t over yet, go home and prepare for the next test. Do you know the content of the second exam this time?” Masahiko said helplessly.

He stopped jumping and curled his lips, “It’s a team battle. I hope Kakashi won’t hold me back.”

Masahiko was taken aback. He didn’t expect that there would be a team battle.

However, this made Masahiko breathe a sigh of relief. The team battle reflects the overall strength of the entire party. However, since Kakashi is there, they should be fine. He’s temporarily invincible among his peers, and it’s a bit too early for Gai to catch up to him.

Glancing at Obito, his expression of wishing that Kakashi won’t drag him down seemed to have come from the heart, making Masahiko feel a bit helpless.

“Where does this confidence come from?”

“Forget it. It’s good to have confidence. I will be here tomorrow, waiting for the good news!”

As a result, the next day, Masahiko watched with a darkened face how Obito came just a second before the test began.

After arguing with Kakashi, the teams entered the exam venue, and their opponent was Gai’s class.

“Did he help the old woman cross the road again? Why does he always end up meeting an old woman? Could it be the so-called will of the world?” Masahiko looked blank.

Fortunately, he wasn’t too late, and the battle began immediately.


Masahiko watched with a stunned expression the Fire Release: Fireball fail to release.

After being kicked by Gai, he was directly out of the game.

“Candy?” Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry; a candy that fell out of the mouth of the collapsed Obito made him understand everything.

“WHY… why are you eating candy during battle!!” Masahiko has almost exclaimed. He couldn’t even have the chance to use the trick he taught him.

After sighing, Masahiko was not in the mood to continue watching. Kakashi was almost alone dealing with three people, and Rin could only play a supporting role.

“Hata-boy, I hope you can do your best,” Masahiko whispered, turned, and left.

In the evening, Masahiko watched Obito acting grumpy in the store.

“So, you’ve wasted my time teaching you those tricks, so that you end up only out tricking yourself?”

“Master, I helped an old lady go home today…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “I didn’t ask you why you were late.”

“And that grandma rewarded me with a piece of candy.”

It was hard to even respond after this.

“Well, tomorrow is your last chance, do you understand?” Masahiko sighed and didn’t hold his hope anymore. It’s estimated that he will not get those points.

“Master, I will definitely win tomorrow!” Obito was still confident.


It was the 1st of May, and the final test of the Chunin Exam was held today.

The test this time was head-on battles. Coincidentally, Obito ended up against Gai again.

Kunai was already in Obito’s hand, ready to throw it into the sky and use Masahiko’s tactic.

But before that, Obito was ready to say a few “ruthless words.”

“It’s you again. I won’t be careless today!” Obito bitterly said.

Gai looked blank, “Have I done anything excessive to you?”

On the viewers’ platform, Masahiko has almost laughed out loud, looking at Obito’s angry expression.

“Gai definitely has amnesia; how can a person forget that he saw a half man half shark Shinobi, let alone fight him!”

“Obito, come on!” Rin shouted from the side.

Obito obviously heard it, made the most bizarre face, then turned to Rin to give her a victory sign, after which… Masahiko couldn’t bear but close his eyes.

“Boom!!” The sound of a broken bone emitted throughout the test site as Obito was struck again by Gai. Like last time, it was a one-hit KO.

“Sure enough, not expecting anything from him was the right choice.” Masahiko was speechless, and Rin, on the side, didn’t know what to do.


Chinese characters actually flashed in front of Masahiko, “Witness and Participate in the branching story of Naruto: Obito failing the Chunin Exam, reward: 3 witness points.”

Masahiko couldn’t laugh or cry, “Is this a comfort reward? 1000 is all that I need, 1000 more points, and I will become invisible…”

Masahiko didn’t leave this time but continued to watch the next battle, where Kakashi kept constantly winning under Rin’s cheers.

While Obito next to her, watching with unlovable expression and wrapped in fresh bandages…