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L.L.H: Chapter 226: Tricks

Why does Masahiko think there will be a massive wave of witness points, you say?

First of all, Kakashi. He will surely be promoted to Chunin, so Masahiko will naturally get some points out of it.

Secondly, and more importantly, Obito is also going to participate.

Masahiko doesn’t remember such a thing as “Oh, Obito is gonna become a Chunin” in the original. And even if there was, he didn’t believe that it would be around this time, since Obito was, and still to this point, the “Laughing Stock” of his class.

But now, even though Masahiko didn’t teach him any kind of Ninjutsu or Taijutsu, through his sculpting training, his Chakra reserve and control got much stronger. Masahiko believes that with his strength now, he can be called a Chunin.

Therefore, when Obito showed him the “Chunin Examination Application Form,” Masahiko got excited. There’s no way the system won’t consider this a complete change or at least a major change to the story, which means 40 or 50 witness points.

Masahiko frowned while watching Obito, who looked very confident while holding the form; he acted as if he had already succeeded.

“Don’t get excited too early, knowing you, you will probably end up fighting Kakashi in the first round…” Masahiko chuckled.

“So what! I will defeat him and become a Chunin!” Obito’s eyes were bursting with self-confidence.

Masahiko felt helpless, and for the first time, he seemed like he cares about helping him with his practice.

“Okay, tell me how many of the Uchiha Clan Fire Release Ninjutsu have you mastered?”
When he asked him about this, Obito lowered his head.

“Genin can only learn Fireball Technique, and you refused to teach me, so…”

Masahiko was stunned; he didn’t expect the Uchiha clan to teach their Fire Releases at different levels.

“Yes, no clan’s techniques can be completely disclosed.” Masahiko murmured.

Masahiko didn’t ask Obito if he has mastered the Fireball technique. After so many years of practicing, if he still couldn’t use sufficiently, he can already forget about becoming a Chunin.

“Is the exam tomorrow?” Masahiko asked.

Obito nodded, making Masahiko sigh, “It’s too late to teach you other techniques.”

Masahiko felt regretful. If he just taught him two kinds of Ninjutsu, it would have been safer.

“How are you so confident when you’ve just mastered one Ninjutsu?” Masahiko said helplessly.

Obito said proudly, “I have mastered the three basic techniques, shuriken throwing, as well as Taijutsu.”

“Taijutsu…” Masahiko shook his head; Kakashi would probably win again when it comes to Taijutsu.

Thinking about this, Masahiko waved his hand and took Obito with him to the second training ground.

“Come on, let me give you some pointers, and see how strong you are right now.”

With an excited face, Obito followed, he has been Masahiko’s apprentice for so many years, and this was the first time Masahiko has asked him to practice. Although he never said it before, he actually envied Kakashi for having such a great father who always helped him with training.

“Although I don’t know how strong the master is.” Obito smiled. He didn’t say anything fearing that he might ruin his mood, so he just followed. Although he didn’t know Masahiko’s strength, he could guess that his master was at least a Jonin.

Afterward, the training ground rang out with the banging sounds of their spar.

After half an hour, he stopped panting and looked at Masahiko with a little expectation.

Masahiko smiled, “It’s okay, you’re better than I thought. In terms of Taijutsu, you’re qualified.”

Just now, it wasn’t just Taijutsu, but Masahiko deliberately gave Obito the chance to use the Substitution technique twice. His reactions were fast and didn’t get “hit.” The most crucial technique out of the basic ones is Substitution, and he got qualified.

Masahiko was actually excited again; maybe it wasn’t so hopeless for Obito to nail the promotion after all.

“Try Ninjutsu again.” Masahiko continued.

Obito nodded vigorously, then with both hands making seals, he shouted, “Fire Release: Fireball!”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “Six seals in two seconds, this speed isn’t bad.”

Masahiko sighed, then clapped his hands, “Water Release: Water Wall!”

The fire collided with the water, then evaporated and turned into a mist that rose to the sky.

“Okay, that’s enough. I kind of know how strong you are now.” Masahiko’s voice emitted, but Obito couldn’t see him behind the mist.

He knows now that Obito is strong enough to become a Chunin with good luck, but he won’t make it if he’s even a bit unlucky.

It’s only one day before the Chunin Exam, Masahiko can’t help him improve much unless he gives him so cheats.

“But that would be a bit unfair…” Masahiko secretly smiled, “But I can teach him a few tricks.”

Looking at Obito, Masahiko waved, “I will teach you some powerful Taijutsu techniques. So come at me with all of your strength.”

Obito got excited, although he was a bit tired, he rushed over immediately.

As soon as he threw a punch, Masahiko raised his hand to change its course, then Obito’s face suddenly turned purple, and exclaimed in pain.

Looking down, Masahiko’s foot was cruelly stepping on his toe.

Masahiko smiled, and after raising his feet, he watched Obito holding his feet and jumping all over the place.

“Master, you, why, how did you step on my toes…” It wasn’t easy to speak for the moment.

“This trick will come in handy in actual combat. Lifting the foot and stamping is faster than kicking, and it easier to hit the target. And no matter who, the toe will always be one of the most painful places. Especially if you about Kakashi, he always wears sandals that expose his toes, if you step on his foot…”

Obito stopped jumping and put his foot down. He could no longer feel the pain since he was obviously imagining that beautiful scene of stepping on Kakashi.

“Master, you’re amazing!” Obito said astonishingly, “Are there any other tricks?”

Masahiko paused, “I will teach you one more trick.”

Obito nodded, then he hesitated, “If you’re gonna use me to demonstrate, can you use less force?” He was still in pain.

Masahiko nodded with a smile and suddenly shot a Kunai to the sky, and Obito subconsciously looked at him flying.

Suddenly, Obito heard a bang on his forehead protector, and when he looked in front of him, he found Masahiko’s fingers already on it.

Obito was taken aback for a moment, then overjoyed.

“This trick is even more powerful. Thank you, Master. With this, I will definitely be able to become a Chunin!” Obito’s confidence increased.

Masahiko shook his head, “This trick will be useless in front of Kakashi. If you ever encountered Gai, you can try it out. Simple-minded people will easily get caught by it.”

After speaking, Masahiko waved his hand then turned to leave. His job ends here.

Obito nodded ignorantly, pondered for a moment, and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“Master, do you mean I’m simple-minded?” Obito chased after him, shouting.

“Didn’t we just test that?”

Masahiko responded lightly.