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L.L.H: Chapter 225: Useless

In a well outside of Yugakure, three Shinobi jumped out.

Masahiko frowned while looking back, and the Earth Release closed the well. Although the three of them repeatedly checked the room after Masahiko destroyed the altar and found nothing, Masahiko didn’t want this place to see the sun ever again.

“It’s really possible that it’s Chusuke.” Masahiko sighed, “If he was really alive back then, unless he got caught in such a place, I would have definitely been able to perceive him.”

“Elder, where should we go now?” Jiraiya asked.

Masahiko hesitated, “Go back. The Akatsuki’s member should have left. I couldn’t perceive his Chakra.”

The three embarked the journey back to Konoha, rushing toward the village at an extremely high speed. On the way, Masahiko frowned and glanced at his new skill.

Masahiko gradually understood that the Death Controlling Possessed Blood “Ninjutsu” wasn’t only a curse but also a very vicious one. Keeping the soul forcibly bound to the body, at first thought, seems to be granting immortality. However, even the body has a lifespan, and I’m afraid, even if it’s disabled, the soul will not be liberated until the body has completely turned into ashes.

“With that being said, Hidan’s death in the original must have been quite painful…” Masahiko sighed and suddenly thought that he doesn’t actually know now if Hidan has gained immortality or if he’s actually one of the corpses below!


“After I destroyed the altar and broke the curse, I gained the ability to break the curse, but what does that mean?” Masahiko thought for a while, “Does the system want me to use it to free Chusuke?”

As he kept going forward toward Konoha, Masahiko kept thinking about what is considered a curse in Naruto World, but he came up with nothing.

“The Curse Seal? The Caged Bird Cursed Seal?” Masahiko frowned. It felt like he has obtained a useless skill, which made him feel quite unsatisfied.

“Why did I get a cursed breaking skill, instead of the curse skill itself… It would have been so cool if I have got that, I would have been able to curse people all the time, people would have called me the Sorcerer of the Uzumaki…”

Masahiko looked back and saw both Jiraiya and Orochimaru following behind him; he was still a bit unwilling to give up.

“Jiraiya, Stagnate!”

Jiraiya suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground.

“It took effect?” Masahiko was taken aback.

“Elder, you…” Jiraiya didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “What are you going?”

Orochimaru stopped and looked over curiously.

Masahiko frowned, “Jiraiya, did you feel a sudden rush of Qi that made you almost fall?”

The corner of Jiraiya’s mouth twitched, “Ah, no… I just slipped.”

Masahiko sighed long; he didn’t even have the strength to scold him.

“Augh, let’s go.”

“Trash skill, ruining my YOUTH!”


After a short period, the three reached Konoha. Jiraiya and Orochimaru went to report the mission to Hiruzen, and Masahiko was finally free.

After a long absence, he roamed around Konoha with his original appearance to let people know that he still existed. If he doesn’t show up, enemies will think that he’s dead, and everything he has done would be meaningless.

He also went to the Senju Clan, took a personal look at Uchiha Mikoto’s situation, and then chatted with Mito… to explain where the daughter situation has come from.

Today, Masahiko doesn’t have many secrets hidden from Minato except his origins and system. Even if he ended up somehow traveling through time and space, he will tell Mito.

“Second Grandpa, even after more than one hundred years, you’re still the same.”

Mito’s words made stiffened Masahiko’s face, and he decided that it was enough talking for today…

Finally, he dealt with everything, found a corner, and once again changed to Hagoromo’s identity.

“I can finally go home to see my girl! Let’s see who will stop me this time.” Masahiko murmured and went straight to Ichiraku Ramen.

Sakumo suddenly decided not to appear out of nowhere and stop him again.

And just when Masahiko walked into Ichiraku Ramen happily, a woman’s voice came, “Welcome… are you, Boss Hagoromo?”

Masahiko was taken aback, looked at the woman, hesitated for a moment, and then remembered that it should be Teuchi’s wife… but the woman is a beauty…

“Well, yes, it’s me. Do my Sara behave well?” Masahiko smiled. He can’t believe that he doubted Teuchi when he has such a young beautiful good looking woman by his side… Of course, Masahiko is not jealous or anything… probably.

The woman smiled, “Little Sara is very kind. She helped us a lot. “

Masahiko nodded, “That’s good. I’ll go up to see her.”

Sara was practicing her Chakra, and Masahiko could sense her presence on the second floor.

While walking, he whispered, “Little Sara? You’re just seven or eight years older than Sara!”

Masahiko walked up to the second floor with a few steps to find Sara sitting on the side, and besides here, a four or five-year-old girl calling her over and over “Big sister.”

“Ayame?” Masahiko smiled upon seeing such a familiar character.

“Father, you’re back?” Sara stood up.

“What now? When there aren’t any guests, they’re making you responsible for taking care of their daughter?”

Sara shook her head, “Ay-Chan is very cute. Ay-Chan, come here and greet uncle.”

“Forget it. Just let her call me grandpa. You must always force you seniority in this world.” Masahiko said firmly, then he walked toward Sara and pat her head. Sara looked surprised for a moment then she smiled at him.

As for why Sara was calling Ayame “Ay-Chan,” Masahiko didn’t ask, probably because it’s cute.

“Grandpa Hagoromo.” Her cute little voice emitted, and Masahiko responded with a kind smile.

After chattering a bit with Sara and playing with Ayame, Masahiko smirked, “Daughter, go make me a bowl of ramen to eat. Let’s see if your cooking has improved in this half month.”

Sara nodded, then smiled, “Alright!”

“Back to my peaceful life, this time, there’s really nothing to do. I will just wait for Ritian… to be born.” Laying on his chair, Masahiko vividly gave the little monster who was about to be born a name.
(T/N: Ritian: Chinese name: pronounced Ri tiàn, and it means day and night, which refers in this context to the yin and yang (The Senju and The Uchiha).)

As the days passed, Minato recovered and took the three kids to practice and take tasks, while Masahiko practiced his Gentle Fist and worked on decorating big and small Optimus Primes, waiting for the day when Mikoto gives birth.

Sara’s cooking skills got better and better, gradually her skills came very near to Teuchi’s, and Masahiko could no longer tell the difference.

Masahiko initially thought that these days will continue, and he will stay idle until June, but unexpectedly at the end of April, he learned exciting news.

“The Chunin exam’s registration?”

Frozen in his place, Masahiko suddenly pictured a massive wave of witness points in his mind…